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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

eruesler 2005.01.10 - 11:06PM 15: Base Instincts Signed
love it...fun, sexy keep writing

Author's Response: Thank you once for reading, and twice for the review!

Vocalion 2005.01.10 - 03:02PM 15: Base Instincts Signed
A very fine chapter, with a splendid opening paragraph. "At some point, though, he crept into her subconscious, commingling with the culinary dreams in shocking and delightful ways." Apparently, I am not the only one who has such dreams! "Instead, he stood and surveyed the room with his intense black eyes, committing every detail to memory." Imagine Snape being the one to do that instead of Athene!

Author's Response: Thank you...and sweet dreams!

Sniv 2005.01.10 - 02:59PM 15: Base Instincts Signed
Ah that chapter made me feel good lol...Great chapter and there is still some uncertainty - which I find natural since their past is kinda ...well. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, it's all about uncertainty with them; I am glad you feel this works.

LariLee 2005.01.10 - 01:22PM 15: Base Instincts Signed
I'm just enjoying this so much! Barmy side of the bed, indeed!

Author's Response: Cheers! Can you tell that that is where I wake up frequently?

sophierom 2005.01.08 - 02:20PM 2: Remembrances Signed
Oh but I really like the backstory!

Author's Response: And thank you again for pressing on! As you and others have pointed out, I should quit apologizing for the backstory. Henceforth, I am NOT SORRY for it and there will be a quiz on it at the end...just kidding. Cheers!

sophierom 2005.01.08 - 02:11PM 1: Arrivals and Breakfast Signed
Intriguing beginning! Definitely like Athene. Off to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Obadiah Slope 2005.01.07 - 04:35PM 14: Intimate Acts Signed
I loved seeing, or rather reading, Severus' insecurities. I believe in canon that he does have them, and it's nice that you embrace them - did that sound pretentious?? Lol. Anyway, it was romantic, and their intimate act wasn't perfect, which was refreshing. Can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: Not prententious. Very nice indeed. Thank you for all of your reviews!

Obadiah Slope 2005.01.07 - 04:26PM 12: What Is Required? Signed
"I merely wanted somewhere to take a nap, in case things got too tedious." How can he even SAY that an expect anyone to believe him?? Lol. The man is a myriad of complexities! Nice chapter, I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Yah, that was a pretty pathetic last-ditch attempt to keep control of the situation...but he had to try, poor man. Ooh, and I love "myriad of complexities" (can one review a review?) Thanks for this one!

EllieK 2005.01.07 - 11:17AM 12: What Is Required? Signed
Well, you didn't scare me away! LOL!

I could not help but giggle when I realised what they "required". Have mercy, someone needs to bed that man! I can damn near feel the sexual tension between them. I enjoyed the build up, the thighs touching, the doubts...nicely done.

Author's Response: Hurrah! And many thanks.

EllieK 2005.01.06 - 04:47PM 3: Burning Up Signed
This was such a fun chapter! I know that isn't very constructive, but it is nevertheless true. I particularly enjoyed the exchange at the end.

Author's Response: Thank you...I didn't mean to scare anyone away with my little sermon in response to your last review...we can't be deep ALL the time, or life would be tedious indeed! And feedback of any kind IS appreciated!

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