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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

dragonsong 2005.01.16 - 06:10PM 12: What Is Required? Signed
She finally SAID IT!!! *jumps for joy*

Author's Response: I assume you've found Ch. 12? Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

dragonsong 2005.01.16 - 05:56PM 11: Interference Necessary Signed
lol, meddling old Albus, he rocks!

dragonsong 2005.01.16 - 05:43PM 10: Fireworks Signed
lol, that was amusing.

dragonsong 2005.01.16 - 05:35PM 9: Finishing What Was Started Signed
lol, woah, unexpected bit of action huh?

Author's Response: But long awaited...(on Athene's part, at any rate)

dragonsong 2005.01.16 - 05:18PM 8: The First Annual Hogwarts Quidditch Clinic Signed
loo! That was brilliant!

Author's Response: Cheers! Thanks for all the lovely reviews.

dragonsong 2005.01.16 - 05:02PM 7: Forced Company Signed
lol, that was quite funny. I really like your story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Glad you are enjoying.

dragonsong 2005.01.16 - 04:41PM 5: Night Terrors Signed
lol, poor Snape. *giggles to self*

Author's Response: He is a misery guts, isn't he? Cheers for reviewing!

cardigrl 2005.01.16 - 02:30PM 17: Wager and Match Signed
Another great chapter! Sparkling dialogue, balanced out with good descriptions of the characters' reactions, motivations, and plans. It's very hard to get that balance, and you do a great job with it. And I love what you are doing with the characters--you manage to keep Snape reasonably snarky sounding without being just plain nasty (loved the comment about thinking student mistakes to be a personal insult), while the other characters can stand on their own as well.

Author's Response: Cheers for this thoughtful feedback! I am glad that you are enjoying the story, and it is especially nice to hear that the OCs I have created are holding their own against Snape!

Vocalion 2005.01.16 - 11:06AM 17: Wager and Match Signed
You did a marvelous job of describing all the Quidditch action, even with the book to help you. I found many colorful phrases to delight me, once again. Among them, "People soon left him to his soggy self." And, "She looked up into the stands and found Snape, who was looking for all the world like a drowned crow." Also enjoyed "Eat Three". You know I'm a sucker for acronyms, anagrams, anything to do with words. This chapter was a nice surprise to wake up to on a cold, dreary morning.

Author's Response: Glad the Quidditch isn't boring everyone to tears, and thanks for another kind review!

LariLee 2005.01.16 - 09:28AM 17: Wager and Match Signed
"And we are all exceedingly grateful to you, Mr. Grimley. But perhaps, in future, you could confine your donations to money and equipment, and spare us the piss and swagger of your incompetent progeny."

What a wonderful response, certain to get teachers everywhere clapping wildly! Excellent chapter. I'm remembering your advice when it comes to Quidditch and if any canon fans out there know exactly when whose match is and why, then I do feel sorry for them. They need a life. Hey, I don't have one, someone should! Graat job!


Author's Response: Thank you! I have a bit of a problem with people who donate to schools but want to micro-manage how their money is spent and excpect their children to get special treatment. As for the other, just trying to be thorough. And I'm sure you DO have a life, if some of your fics are anything to go by (wink!).

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