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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Vocalion 2005.02.05 - 11:38AM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Just popping in so I could be the one to leave you your official 100th review. I shall bake you a virtual pineapple upside down cake and drink a toast to you with Diet Dr. Pepper. Long live Squidbait! And as for the flying horse, keep him flying!

Author's Response: You are a treasure of a lady. All I have right now is a spoonful of canteloupe juice or the cold dregs from a coffee, but I raise them both to your Diet Dr. Pepper! It is nice to enter the triple digits as I first began, with a review from you! Thanks, Vocalion. Squidbait salutes you!

Sniv 2005.02.05 - 10:56AM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Big gold star? Wow LOL Seriously I found the whole a/n quite interesting...so I really liked it and enjoyed reading it ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you, Sniv; you're a gem!

EllieK 2005.02.05 - 03:37AM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Grainne, your dialogue is magnificent! I cannot quote all my favorite passages because it would be like rewriting you chapter. But, here is one example of "Snape thought" that struch me as spectacular:
Besides, he should probably refrain from kissing her again until he found out what her big secret was. Oh, hell! That wasn't true--he'd probably still kiss no matter what she'd done, but he should abstain at any rate, just to prove to himself that he could. Unless she had told Lily Evans about his attack, or had a torrid affair with Sirius Black, or written fan mail to Harry Potter...

The plot is becoming rich and I cannot wait to learn about Athene's past and Snape's subsequent reaction. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be on the run with Severus and a flying horse! You can color me green (with envy).

Author's Response: Hmm..Snape likes green, it is one of his favorite colors...is this a clever ploy to steal him away? Thank you so much for this, EllieK!

Sniv 2005.02.04 - 03:19PM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Thanks for the lovely author notes! I enjoyed reading those! And I wonder what she has done since she has to flee... Thanks for updating! :-)

Author's Response: And thank you for this! You get the big gold star for reading those notes; I agonized a bit over what to include & how to do it, all the while thinking "no one is even going to read them." I'm happy to be proved wrong.

LariLee 2005.02.04 - 01:57PM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
You have me so curious as to what Athene has done. But I adore their wordplay. She is definitely smart enough to keep up with him! And keep him in his proper place. :-) I'm always happy when I see you've updated.

Author's Response: Rest assured, Athene will stop all her fiddle-faddle and spill the beans in the next chapter! I am now having fun imagining what Snape's "proper place" is (would that be your basement?) Thanks for this!

Grey_Eminence 2005.02.04 - 01:54PM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Love the whole story... What is that woman hiding? I enjoyed this chapter, especially Snape wondeing about being secretly castrated for a while... And him weighing the options, and ... Hey! Did I say I love this story? :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and leaving this review! Athene will reveal most, if not all, in the next chapter. Cheers!

Vocalion 2005.02.04 - 01:49PM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Call me strange (and many have) but I find Author's Notes equally as fascinating as the chapter they illuminate, especially when the author provides her own unique commentary after the presentation of the historical facts. "I've never seen you drink before," he said. "Well, if close your eyes, you won't now." -- That was among my favorites lines. And, thanks for giving us more of Apollo! If at all possible, I will try to work "Tafadhali nanasi" into my story.

Author's Response: STRANGE! Ahem...I mean, Vocalion, your words are much appreciated. I'm happy the notes didn't bore to tears, happier for all the help you gave me, and happiest that we may not have seen the end of pineapple in many languages. I've got my priorities in order, no? Asante sana!

Sniv 2005.02.03 - 08:02AM 1: Arrivals and Breakfast Signed
*jumps up and down* Gah about the rumours...hmmmm! *puts thinking-cap on*

LariLee 2005.02.02 - 05:08PM 20: An Unexpected Addiction Signed
Can I be tickled lavender?
And if not...well, bones could always be mended. His pride was entirely another matter. This was so Snape-ish, I immediately laughed.
Don't you know that evil cliff hangers drive me crazy! Argh! :: whimpering:: You will update soon, won't you?

Author's Response: You sure as hell can! (I'm actually not fond of pink myself--not the author--but the color; however "tickled brown" sounds kinda...erm...well). I will be sending Ch. 21 into queue soon as I can--was intending to post them as a pair but I got hung up on some fact-checking (just can't get out of the research habit!) Cheers!

Vocalion 2005.02.02 - 03:29PM 20: An Unexpected Addiction Signed
Tickled pink, would be my reaction, to answer the question posed in your A/N's. "If I wanted color about my face I would have joined the Highland Magical Theatre rather than become a Potions master, Evercantes." -- You must have know I would admire that line! I can just picture them in their matching tartan togs. Oh dear, what does Dumbledore need to tell them? Please don't keep us waiting.

Author's Response: Well, if you must know, I did think of you after I'd written it! As in, "but then again, the Great Snapini would fit right in to the HMT...who am I to deny the man a little face-painting?" Ah well. I'm pleased to hear your reaction! The next chapter is mostly done, but still being picked over--I will post as soon as the inner demons and the history police have been satisfied!

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