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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Apothecaria 2005.02.15 - 11:28AM 22: Athene's Confession Signed
Backstory is always less satisfying to write, isn't it, because it feels like the story isn't going forwards because you're going backwards. But it isn't less satisfying to read. Athene's confession makes her relationship with Snape even more plausible than ever. They both have a past in which they made dire mistakes they bitterly regret.

Author's Response: Thank you for this encouragement! (spot-on analysis of my feelings, by the way--I get obsessed with mapping out everyone's entire pasts because I need to know them, then frustrated because two-thirds of it won't ever be in the story and I just want to GET ON with the whole bloody thing.)

SeaIsleWitch 2005.02.15 - 10:51AM 19: Unwanted Attention Signed
Oh, it seems the students are in for a rude awakening! Snape is in love! Snape is in love!

Author's Response: I see you have found the original "Adult" version of this story--I wish you a very warm welcome to Occlumency! And thank you for all of your kind comments!

gahob 2005.02.14 - 04:34PM 22: Athene's Confession Signed
Hey, this story is way cool, you know? I really, really loved this chapter. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on the first few chapters - I thought it was going to be all fluff and lemons with a tiny bit of plot. SORRY !! I was wrong, very wrong, and I am enjoying more and more as it goes! GREAT JOB !!!

Author's Response: I always welcome honesty, so thank you for taking the time to send this review. I am glad that you have continued to read and found something to enjoy. Cheers! (One question--I am familiar with "lemons," but what is "fluff" exactly?)

Sniv 2005.02.14 - 01:24PM 22: Athene's Confession Signed
Wow! I really enjoyed reading yout notes...I think you did a great job, it was far from confusing it was kept on track with a hint of humour! It was very good I loved the dialog in it! They kinda share lines some times! You have no need to worry about this chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for these kind words, Sniv! The abundance of dialogue was one of the things that concerned me--nice to hear that you enjoyed it.

LariLee 2005.02.14 - 10:44AM 22: Athene's Confession Signed
I don't know what I'm enjoying the most... your Author's Notes or the story though for different reasons, of course. I felt so sorry for poor Athene, even though you kept the humor up. But it was Let's say he was doing a little soul-searching, working on his sneers and his robe-billowing, and memorizing that "intimidating the first years" speech that got me laughing loudly enough to make my dog bark. Kudos!


Author's Response: Hmm...perhaps I should do a humor piece that is all one great Author's Note with little references to the story/plot/characters at the bottom! Nah, they'd never accept that I suppose. And you KNOW he practices (I imagine that scene from Taxi Driver). Cheers to you and your pooch!

Teacherspet 2005.02.14 - 01:47AM 22: Athene's Confession Signed
Brilliant Chapter! you did an excellent job of recounting Athene's past, bringing together motive, context and timeline.I also approve of your choice to make the dark agent a nameless witch rather than, say, Lucius Malfoy. When writers try to connect all the H.P. characters repeatedly it has the effect of losing credibility and making the wizarding world very,very small. I love your attention to detail especially the little subtleties in Snape's speech and manner.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for these comments. It seems most authors have a chapter they want to run away from and this was mine. Nevertheless, I stuck around and put a great deal of work into it, so it is nice to hear that it is appreciated. Cheers!

Vocalion 2005.02.13 - 10:10PM 22: Athene's Confession Signed
Very creative and detailed backstory on Athene's past. You gave us a lot to chew on in this chapter. I alway love your colorful turns of phrase. --"Everything was covered in a coat of damp. Was it last night's mist or this morning's dew? Either way, it had soaked right up through the transfigured blanket into the seat of his trousers. He muttered the spell to dry them, doubly glad that Athene was not here to see him pointing his wand at his own arse." Well put! And not to worry, you did an excellent job of blending the humor with the angst.

Author's Response: Are you choking and gasping for water? Be honest now! But thank you for the kind words and encouragement, as always. Good news is, things can't get much angstier from here on out.

Sniv 2005.02.11 - 02:33PM 1: Arrivals and Breakfast Signed
*sits down with a cup of tea* What? Just wanna be here when an update comes! ;-)

Author's Response: You're a sweetheart Sniv. The next chapter is a wild beast and is requiring a LOT of taming (backstory/concordance issues and loads of dialogue to be edited), but it looks as if (crosses fingers) it will go into the queue this weekend. Thanks for being patient!

Obadiah Slope 2005.02.06 - 11:53AM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Phew! Life has been busy the last couple of days, so it's nice to finally take a break (I don't care, I am taking a break, no matter how much I still have to do!!) and read your story. Who knew that you would get Swahili, Machiavelli and Delia "how to boil an egg" Smith in the same chapter! A big clap all round! Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! (or, in Swahili, Asante sana!) And breaks are best when you technically can't afford to be taking them...well done you! (But don't forget about Rosie...I miss her.)

Teacherspet 2005.02.06 - 02:41AM 21: Accusations and Flight Signed
Loved the chapter and the history lesson. It almost made up for STILL not telling us what going on.

Author's Response: Next chapter should satisfy your curiosity (and the history lesson will have some relevance to Athene's story, so it wasn't just drunken silliness); thanks for the feedback and your patience!

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