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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Sniv 2005.03.02 - 12:24PM 24: Appreciation Signed
--Oh, what she was going to do to that man when she got him alone!-- LOL uh huuu! --Then Prisant began whining, Bobken began demanding, and Dumbledore began humbly apologizing.-- Like one big circus! lol --Yellowed fangs and all, Severus was quite impressive when he was furious.-- LOL lovely image! Ok I feel this is going to be just like the last chapter! *prepares for giggle attack* And Shacklebolt noticed:"Squidsomething? Ugh...definitely kinky." LOL!!! --"Thank you, Albus. I don't know what has come over me; I just can't seem to stop snivelling."-- Ok Ok I know what I said but I had to quote this one! *celebrates* Im sitting with the most evil grin on my face atm!!! As you can see Grainne I have tried and restrained myself this time - wonderful chapter! I dunno what more I can say except Im enjoying this more than ever! lol Great job!

Author's Response: Perhaps Athene should have said, "SNIVel, SNIVel, SNIVel...." Lots of love to you, Sniv! I wish I could see your evil grin.

Vocalion 2005.03.02 - 10:58AM 24: Appreciation Signed
"Thank you, Albus. I don't know what has come over me; I just can't seem to stop snivelling." Snape's head snapped up. -- Kudos for Athene, oh, how that must have galled him! Admirable, amusing, and appropriate alliteration, as always. You handle their little mating interludes so charmingly with humor, but with a lavish dose of sensuality added, as well. --Athene had often pictured her heart as a small tin box, mostly empty, with the few loves she harbored rattling around inside. At this moment though, there was no denying that it was, in fact, alive. She felt it open like a ragged bloody flower, eagerly drinking in the sight of Snape as a true flower does sunshine. Merlin help her, she loved him. -- And I love you, Grainne, for setting a high bar for creativity.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much, Vocalion. Your comments mean a great deal to me.

LariLee 2005.03.02 - 10:28AM 24: Appreciation Signed
Grainne, as always you amaze me! Athene is the perfect match for Severus (well, with one exception). I love the way she stands up to him and the sniveling bit was priceless! I wish I had something wonderful to say besides I am enjoying this so much, but I'm enjoying this so much!

Author's Response: Thank you, LariLee! What you said was wonderful in and of itself. Athene is livid about the way Snape cocked up the proposal in that last chapter of yours, and she promises that she will give Snape a big kick in the shins on Tricia's behalf!

NightfallS 2005.02.28 - 06:55AM 16: Public Displays of Disaffection Signed
I have enjoyed reading this story. You do humor so well. So often it is forced and... well.. not funny. I like it when the humor comes more naturally from the characters and the situations. A couple of things I found most amusing in this chapter: "...' Bah! Didn't you see the smug expression on his face? I LOATHE that expression!" "The men, she thought, who routinely accuse women of being temperamental have never met Severus Snape! I was wrong--high maintenance doesn't even begin to describe him. He's in a class all by himself." High Maintenance Snape -- I love that description. Thank you for the chuckles.

Author's Response: Thank YOU for reading and letting me know what you think, NightfallS. I am so pleased that you have been enjoying the story. I think Snape would be a very difficult man to have a remotely healthy relationship with, which is why, of course, it is so much fun to try and pair him off!

cardigrl 2005.02.27 - 06:16PM 23: Snape Is Typecast Signed
No Fair!! It's not often I read something that has me laughing out loud, and so hard I have trouble continuing to read. And you really covered the gamut, here. From a potentially lethal food fight (HA!) to Snape thinking he "simply felt sad and a tad foolish" and then on with the rest, you as always do a wonderful job of balance. Not too maudlin, yet not quite so out and out farce that it stops being funny. And beautifully written, as always. Did I mention I like this story? And this bit will surely go down in fanfic legend: "Mardy Moggy's manic moss is a tricky magic moss indeed. Massive effort must be mounted to get one's mitts on a single mote of Mardy Moggy's manic moss." Snape gestured languidly at Athene, who was breathing hard in an effort not to laugh. "Not that she was much help."

Author's Response: Cheers for this! Glad I could put a smile on your face and a laugh in your belly.

cardigrl 2005.02.27 - 05:55PM 22: Athene's Confession Signed
Sorry this is late, but: Poor Athene. Here she's dreaded and worked herself up to confess, and: "You mean to say that we're in this mess because of an Unforgivable you cast years ago?" "Severus, they are called 'Unforgivables' for a reason!" Snape snorted. "But still! That is hardly...unless, of course, it was to force sexual favors?" Poor woman, what an anticlimax. But I can't help be a little apprehensive. Will it eventually occur to her to worry that he's so nasty that he doesn't even think twice about her deep dark secret. NOoooooo!

Author's Response: Reviews are never ever late, my dear! Pleased to know you are still reading. Not to worry, Athene is a tough lady. I think she realizes, deep down, that many of Snape's snarky reactions are defensive mechanisms (or indications that he is tired, bored, hungry, drunk, poorly socialized, etc.), rather than an indication of some innate evil nature. Doesn't mean she is going to put up with it all the time though!

Obadiah Slope 2005.02.27 - 07:57AM 23: Snape Is Typecast Signed
Oh, Grainne! I feel so very thankful indeed to be embedded in the text of your story! *grin* My cold has been beaten away by my white blood cells, finally...and Mr Beechams-All-In-One has been put back in the kitchen cupboard. Wonderfully amusing chapter - with many 'rib-tickling' (I don't particularly like that phrase...) mental images. In particular: "The Potions master was right--apart from his coloring, Prisant did bear a strong resemblance to a Cornish pixie" and the endless alliteration that was: "Mardy Moggy's manic moss is a tricky magic moss indeed. Massive effort must be mounted to get one's mitts on a single mote of Mardy Moggy's manic moss". Ah, my broad grin stays firmly in place... Absolutely wonderful as ever, Grainne! Have a great day!

Author's Response: Welcome back to the land of the healthy, Obadiah! Glad I could make you grin.

Sniv 2005.02.24 - 07:11PM 23: Snape Is Typecast Signed
House elves? LOL - but Im a Muggle! *pouts* hehe ;)

Sniv 2005.02.23 - 09:34AM 1: Arrivals and Breakfast Signed
:-) Ok phew when I had posted the review I was affraid that I might have scared you ...But I just couldnt stop finding hilarious quotes! It was truly an amazing chapter! Anyways - glad to hear that she was not happy about that - the minute I read it I thought: Uh uh Snape youve gone too far! *gives Snape the special Sniv-reward* lol Anyways Id better get going its my birthday today so Im cleaning and well things like that -so better get back to it lol Cya!

Author's Response: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNIV! (Don't clean on your birthday, get the house-elves to do that!) Many happy returns...

Sniv 2005.02.22 - 06:25PM 23: Snape Is Typecast Signed
--They stood there in the weak morning light, facing one another down. Snape had his wand aimed at Athene's chest; Athene had hers pointed at Snape's head. As each now held an orange in his or her left hand, it looked as if they were about to engage in either a comic duel or a particularly lethal food fight..-- *rofl* Omg I can actually picture that!!! --"'My da?' Why Severus, I think you should eat your fruit. You must be feeling lightheaded. I am most certainly not your father."-- AWWW!!! LOL Poor Snape being all soft! --"READ THE BLOODY MESSAGE FROM DUMBLEDORE!"-- *rofl* Argh my stomach hurts from all the laughing and Im not even half way through!!! --"Evercantes, you ah...er...you were... Oh, sod it woman! You should have seen yourself just now."-- *cant stop laughing* --"All's fair in...matters of urgent correspondence from the headmaster, Evercantes."-- Snape is sooo I dunno - my stomach still hurts! What are you doing to me?! --(as for the life of him he couldn't remember the spell for fruit-peeling)-- Aww poor guy!!! --For Merlin's sake! Couldn't the old man say, "good news; bad news," like everybody else?-- Of course not thats why we all like him! --Snape smirked. How very Slytherin of the old man. With any luck the Aurors would be either asleep or in a state of nervous exhaustion from having their own deaths foretold over and over again.-- *rofl* Im actually feeling sorry for them now!!! --Spots of color arose on Snape's cheeks. He itched to point out to her that she had said, "descending," which distinctly meant moving from a higher point to a lower one. However, he let her sarcasm pass. After all, he would more than get his own back this evening.-- Ahahaha! Snape and Athene -I love them!!! --Snape looked at Apollo's hooves. They were rather large.-- *rofl* Argh I dont think I have a stomach anymore!!! --"Bleagh!" Snape wiped his cheek, his hand coming away wet with flying horse--was it drool or nasal secretions? It was disgusting, either way. He looked down at his rumpled attire and orange-stained hands. This would not do. He withdrew his wand and set to work, freshening up and preparing himself for the role he was soon to play.-- Argh way too funny noise for Snape and oh Im sure he enjoys it! --at least she would have the satisfaction of knowing that he was performing it with a very sore bum.-- LOL oh yeah go Athene! --Apollo let out a loud neigh and a series of snorts, and jerked his head so that the reins began to slide through Athene's fingers. He wasn't sure he liked all the moving about that was going on up there. It made the saddle dig in, and it seemed to be distracting Athene from her duties as navigator.-- Bless Apollo!!! --The sheep, much to Athene's delight, seemed to regard him as a particularly fierce, two-legged breed of dog. As Snape stalked to and fro the whole herd wheeled and banked and stampeded, desperately confused about where he wanted them to go. It was much the same effect as he had on the first years.-- *rofl* Ok I have no stomach anymore!!! I blame you Grainne!!! Ok I have probably quoted half of the story so far so Im not gonna quote anything from Snape's little performance - but I will say this: OMG Im speechless! I have never read anything more hilarious!!! Grainne - omg that rocked! Go (your) Snape!!! *nominates Snape for an Oscar* But I wonder how Athene will react to the last part where he calls her "Squidbait"...Muchas gracias for the notes on lakes, spell etc. :) And you said that feedback is welcome but not at the cost of the health...well then Im guilty because seriously my stomach is hurting! LOL...The wait was very much worth it! Go you Grainne! I simply love this chapter! *hugs the story* Id better stop typing right?

Author's Response: Sniv, you AMAZE me! I hope your poor tum has recovered, not to mention your fingers! You had me laughing just reading this...and oh, yes, Athene is NOT HAPPY about the Squidbait comment. She gets to speak her mind next chapter. As for Snape, he will take any and all shiny awards you're offering (I would pay dearly to see him tangle with Joan Rivers on the red carpet!) Glad it was worth the wait.

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