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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Sniv 2005.04.02 - 01:24PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
He retreated a step, shielding said appendage with his hands. Aww childish Snape! "I shall have to clean you up later...with my tongue." *gasp* "Athene," Snape growled, "are you trying to blind me or are you simply incapable of gentler forms of seducti...aaaah." lol!!! ...save the most conventional and boring, she would have been sick. LOL! "Oops!" lol oops indeed! Thanks for the note about the Nundu! The conversation between the trio and Lupin was rather...well right on! I really don't know what to write anymore - I feel kinda stupid repeating myself again and again...but well this chapter was...helt vildt fedt! ;)

Author's Response: You're lovely, Sniv! They read a bit of "The Ugly Duckling" on the radio this morning in Danish, and I thought of you (because of the Danish, not the ugly duckling!)...what does "helt vildt fedt" mean? Or is that my assignment? Cheers!

LariLee 2005.04.02 - 01:05PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
Well, Dragonspeak does not want to cooperate this morning. That should've been odd button fantasy. :-) this is a wonderful chapter, Grainne! Now I wonder what trouble the trio will cause. But I guess now I know why Snape blasts the rosebushes. :-)

Author's Response: :-D I'm so pleased you picked up on the rosebush thing! (That was my secret intention for setting the wanking scene in the rose garden). Odd button fantasy...what? who? In a Snape archive? Never! ;) [As for Dragonspeak, please pet it for me; Vocalion told me about the little "Neeps & Tatties" fiasco and I haven't stopped giggling since]

LariLee 2005.04.02 - 01:04PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
forehead, forehead, forehead was terrific, but the ghosts beat that! I had never thought that an inter-house rivalry would go that far that the ghosts are fighting in the hallway. I really think Athene is a good match for Snape because she thinks so quick and seems to have a this odd fascination to

Author's Response: Ah, but it doesn't hold a candle to your "Hagrid in a Speedo"! Thanks, Lisa!

Trickie Woo 2005.04.01 - 11:18PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
I've been reading this for a month or so now and I'm finally getting around to sending you a review. I started it on another site, probably FFnet, and lost it. I was glad to find it on Occlumency recently because I enjoy the story. I loved the Room of Accord and Harmonia & Cadmus, a great way to get them back in the sack together. I'm reading a story now where the people at Hogwatrs do get revenge on Peeves. The heroine finds a potion in a book that will give a filmy substance to poltergeists so she brews it. They trick Peeves into the Great Hall where the kids are waiting with brooms and bludger bats. After a good and rough impromtu game of Quidditchhe comes flying at Neville and Neville takes a roundhouse swing with a broom and gives Peeves the coup de grace. Anyway,I'm glad she was a good bluffer and finally got to hit the sheets with Snape.

Author's Response: Thank you so much--it is lovely to hear from you! You probably saw this at Mugglenet. This [Occlumency version] is the original, uncensored version, and it will always be updated here first. I have read that story (Tea?), and I was very impressed by the heroine's solution to the problem. I almost felt sorry for Peeves...almost! It is so perfect that Neville got to finish him off.

Vocalion 2005.04.01 - 09:41PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
The first thing I should tell you is that I was all set to dine out when I saw that your chapter had posted. I opted to stay home just so I could read this and sent my family on without me. "Even though she had shared far more intimate contact with Snape, there was something about his fully-clothed touch that drove her mad. It was odd. He was the antithesis of cuddly; he didn't look like a man one would want to rub up against, yet Athene often found herself wanting to do just that, and she had never felt remotely kittenish in her life."-- "I have a tongue...er, ton of things to do!"-- "Or perhaps, like so many young women whose eyes have not been trained to recognize beauty in any form save the most conventional and boring, she would have been sick."--"Snape reluctantly withdrew, not wanting to seem like a cat that goes on licking the bowl long after the cream is gone." Those were among my favorite lines in this absolutely hilarious chapter. Again, I compliment you on your use of language. The Peeves scene and poem, well -- just everything. I laughed too many times to count. Excellent!

Author's Response: Didn't Marie Antoinette say, "Let them eat fanfic"? :-D Given how much I like a good meal, this is a huge compliment; I only hope that they brought you cake, and that my penname is not mud in your household! The "young women" line was, of course, inspired by my "young Snape and the clueless female clones" encounter the other week. I am so pleased that I made you laugh, Vocalion, and thank you for such fabulous feedback!

Obadiah Slope 2005.03.23 - 04:34PM 28: The Snape-Evercantes Accord Signed
"Athene, who had been stroking Fawkes, was so startled that she almost poked the phoenix in the eye." I had to begin with that. It just - really tickled me! Rotfl. I don't even know why, it's just so amusing... :-D And this: "Snape's face--all harsh planes, deep furrows, and that great crag of a nose--longing to touch it" was gorgeous; an absolutely wonderful way to describe Snape's nose. There is something rather tactile about noses, I always find...oh dear, I wonder what that says about me... I am so glad Athene and Snape are reunited - and that Athene has admitted that she loves him. Now, when is Severus going to get there...either vocally or mentally...and admit how we all hope he feels? I'm not convinced that "he hadn't had the chance to see if he liked sleeping with anyone else on a regular basis" is a good enough response (as fun as that response may be!). Wonderful, Grainne! Absolutely marvelous! (Oh, and I had completely forgotten that I'd posted on Mugglenet. How the hell do you post reviews? Am I just computer illiterate, or is my computer being mean again??) Have a great day!

Author's Response: It says, Obadiah, that there is a very good reason why you find yourself drawn to Snape and certain other men with prominant conks! Nothing to be ashamed of at all...let's all greet one another as the Maori do, by touching noses! I will email you with the review info, and as for my day...well, let's just say it started out iffy and proceeded straight to utter !#%@@!!! But this has cheered me up enormously, so THANK YOU!

cardigrl 2005.03.23 - 02:29AM 28: The Snape-Evercantes Accord Signed
Wonderful, and the Room of Accord seems very much in keeping with canon Hogwarts. You also really have SS acting just as obnoxiously and over the top as I would have expected. After all, as Harmonia said, "You are a piece of work; I'm surprised I haven't seen you in here before." Perfect line!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, cardigirl!

LariLee 2005.03.22 - 02:59PM 28: The Snape-Evercantes Accord Signed
I love the Room of Accord! It makes me wonder what other rooms Hogwarts might host. I can't even pick out my favorite parts on this chapter because they're all my favorite parts! And I've read it through twice now. I think I'll just read a third time and enjoy it again!

Author's Response: You're a gem, LariLee. Very kind of you to say such things, and I am honored to be entertaining you...repeatedly;) I'll bet you could come up with some very interesting rooms, indeed!

Apothecaria 2005.03.22 - 12:48PM 28: The Snape-Evercantes Accord Signed
What a clever, canon-consistent (I think) resolution to the dilemma you created for yourself in the previous chapter. Since I read it, I was wondering how you were going to get them to work it out. Snape`s usual reaction to such an invasion of his privacy would be to banish the offending person, flinging a jar of cockroaches at their retreating form. So the Room of Accord is a perfect solution. They can both concede to all sorts of things and keep their pride intact, using the excuse of needing to escape from the room. And for them, admiting to loving the other person is a huge concession. The last line is perfect.

Author's Response: I really appreciate hearing that this chapter worked! You are right, I can't see canon Snape (especially as he is when enraged, as at the end of PoA or in his "worst memory" scene) agreeing to calmly sit and discuss things without some powerful motivation. He likes to keep control; when he loses control, I think it is an even further embarrassment for him. Thank you so much for this!

Teacherspet 2005.03.22 - 04:07AM 28: The Snape-Evercantes Accord Signed
Oh my God, Snape's whole defense was "YOU LOOKED FIRST??" The man has clearly lost his mind when it comes to her. Great chapter I think these two are a fan fic classic.

Author's Response: You must excuse Snape, as he was extremely angry/mortified.... ;) (I drew on his behaviour at the end of PoA). As for your latter comment--thank you! That is very nice to hear, indeed.

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