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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Sniv 2005.04.20 - 11:36AM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
Ok first of all I have cutted my quota of quotes down...Therefore: ... If he had been a peacock, Snape's tail feathers would have opened into a full display fan every time he overtook McGonagall in the corridors. Lol argh mental picture! He would be such a cute (but very dangerous) peacock! Snape slipped gratefully into his chambers, took one look at the two dressed-up parcels occupying his armchair, and promptly slipped back out. Lol I can just picture that - so Snape tsk tsk! It really shows Snape about this whole christmas thing... He had to get his Christmas jollies where he could. Of course lol! Because, whilst I enjoy solitude, I do not necessarily crave it when you are the alternative. (the part about being horrible is sooo touching) *pokes Snape* Come on say it you know you want toooo! Well let me refraise that: you have to! I really hope we won't have to wait for the Yule Ball too long *hint*

Author's Response: Good to hear from you, Sniv! Not too long, says I...but some things are out of my hands. Perhaps, instead of poking Snape, you should just all out and give him a good thwack! Hope you are surviving school, and please give us more of your story soon...*hopes?*

cardigrl 2005.04.19 - 09:18PM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
Awwww. Poor Snape. He just can't quite get the hang of being happy and not messing things up. Now I'm dying to know what the gag gift was. Thanks for a wonderful Christmas chapter---neither too sweet and gooey, nor all misery. Even if Snape did have to deal with your wonderfully described strange feeling of telling the truth!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad the unopened gift has caught your eye...it will be revealed shortly.

Obadiah Slope 2005.04.19 - 04:19PM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
"However, no amount of sex could possibly produce the unique satisfaction that Snape had felt when Slytherin beat Gryffindor in the final Quidditch match before the holidays. If he had been a peacock, Snape's tail feathers would have opened into a full display fan every time he overtook McGonagall in the corridors." Sex, quidditch, sex, quidditch...tough one that! I just ADORE the idea of Snape sauntering down the corridors with large luminous tail feathers protruding from his black gowns! "He could have a great deal of fun with this in staff meetings" - if only you could hear my hysterical, evil cackle - strange how random letters don't convey the full humour of the moment - that really amused me. The idea of Severus actually sitting there in a staff meeting, banging the stick on the ground to tell everyone to shut the hell up was tres funny! There was an occasion, before I was born, when my mother inadventantly ended up in some sort of odd church meeting where a woman with a broken leg, which was stretched out on a chair before her, spoke loudly about childbirth and interrupted her own speech with loud bangs from her walking stick. Somehow, that image of Severus with the stick reminds me of that tale... :-D This update has really lifted my spirits, and I have a huge grin on my face. Thanks, Grainne! Have a great day! ~ Pope Benedict XVI - oh, hang on, Obadiah Slope (sorry, got a bit carried away...)

Author's Response: Cheers, your Poopiness...erm...Popeiness...wait, better make that...Slopeiness. I can't even begin to describe how I felt when I saw that the new Pope had left me a review! (Needless to say, I was a BIT surprised to find that he was a fan of HP fanfic, but that is by the by). YOU need to write a memoir or family history or something, if the various tidbits I have gleaned form your stories & reviews are anything to go by :-D!

LariLee 2005.04.19 - 07:40AM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
This poor guy cannot catch a break! Probably because it opens his mouth. :-) I don't blame Athene from leaving, but she should have pushed his answer a bit.

Author's Response: Isn't that the problem with so many men *coughs* erm, people? Sometimes Athene forgets to be assertive when she is emotionally overwhelmed, but you have a fair point. She needs to decide exactly what it is she wants from Snape...and then use any and all means to get it :-D

Vocalion 2005.04.19 - 07:37AM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
Poor Snape. He can always find more ways to say or do the wrong thing. And what does it say about us that we all love him so much when he does? What a wonderful gift for the Slytherin Head of House - a S-S-Silencing Cane! Very creative! I loved this: "To her, he was a man. After spending years being perceived as nothing but a formidable mind, an intimidating professor, or an expendable pawn, this nod to his corporeal masculinity was a heady potion indeed." And, "Because I don't feel guilty around you, as you have done horrible things too--you have a whole file full of them on your lap, there--and yet I know that you are not a horrible person, so perhaps I am not horrible either." Now, why did he keep such a lovely sentiment as an inner thought and not tell her? Because he wouldn't be Snape if he weren't constantly fouling things up at every turn! Please don't keep us waiting too long for the Yule Ball!

Author's Response: Amen to your analysis of Snape (and all of us groupies...erm...connoiseurs)! Yule Ball chapter has been rehearsed, and is now in its makeup/hair and lighting stage. (Hermione is being a bit of a prima donna, what to do?)

Apothecaria 2005.04.03 - 09:59PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
What a happy chapter, and so well-told. The bad guy is reduced to "a sad sack of wine-soaked flesh," and Snape has gotten over his aversion to being felated. And Lupin's double-entendres are hilarious. And with the trio returning to Hogwarts, it can only get funnier.

Author's Response: Cheers, Apothecaria! I didn't realize how funny it was to have a MAN have to "get over" being fellated until I read this...most would jump at the chance, eh? I know this was "fluffier" than most chapters, but am glad it amused!

Obadiah Slope 2005.04.03 - 04:13PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
"I think you'll find that Snape has aimed his nose in a new direction of late--exposed himself to new influences, thrust himself into new schemes, poked his fingers into new pies, so to speak." Well done, Remus - subtle as ever! Lovely chapter. Things never run smoothly for those two, do they? If I didn't know you better, I'd think you took a sadistic pleasure in denying 'the couple' an easy time! ;-D

Author's Response: Sadistic pleasure, me? Nooooooo ;) Then again, isn't anyone who tries to write Snape romance a fan, in some small way, of sadistic pleasure? Cheers, Obadiah! May we all whack off the rose-heads as soon as smell them, but leave the Rosies alone! :-D

Sniv 2005.04.03 - 05:34AM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
=D *raises eyebrow* 10 points Miss Grainne!

Author's Response: Is that right? Yippee! (Now you just need to tell me how to pronounce it!)

Sniv 2005.04.02 - 04:27PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
Aw thanks Grainne :) I think in a way we are all an ugly duckling...Snape can be mine! ;) Anyways ...ahem let me know when you give up LOL! :D

Author's Response: *shyly raises hand* does it mean something like..."way cool"? *blushes and slinks away*

Teacherspet 2005.04.02 - 02:36PM 29: Dungeon Bound Signed
Glad to see our lovers happy again, here's to men with big noses who know what to do with them!

Author's Response: I will second that! "All the better to...you with, my dear."

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