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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

LariLee 2005.05.03 - 07:12AM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
Not a platter passed her by without paying a toll to her plate

This is one of the most perfect expressions Iíve ever heard for stuffing oneself

Athene thought she rather resembled Medusa. Which, granted, was not altogether inappropriate, considering whom she was involved with, but she had hoped to pull off something akin to elegant, rather than "fascinating but scary."

this is a wonderfully appropriate thought! The Head of Slytherin might appreciate Medusa. J

The Twelve Toxins of Christmas, an entertaining bit of drivel that featured a Potions master who went on a killing spree during the holidays.

I admit I laughed out loud at this! What a wonderful, Snapy book! Was Snape the author by any chance?

"What is this all about?" whispered Athene. "And what is Hermione's marital status to you?"

You tell him Athene! itís not like Hermione Granger is his one true love!

"And now, back from their tour of the jive halls, juke joints, ballrooms, and basements of North America, please welcome, as a special Yule Ball treat, Martha Furry's Minions!"

Everybody needs Minions! Can I have some Minions? another line that made me laugh!

The Yule Ball is going to be one thatís remembered for years. Severus needs to stay away from Hermione! And Harry needs help! A totally wonderful chapter and my thanks for to you for sharing this!


Author's Response: Thank you, LariLee! As someone who has written and read Snape/Granger, I had to get my little digs in over here at Occlumency. I hope the bushy-haired Gryffindor understands...but what does she care? They keep her verrrrrrrry busy over at Ashwinder. *winks* I have signed up for some mail-order minions, and I will add your name to the list--I figure they will be more useful than dust bunnies, which, I am sad to say, are nothing like plot bunnies. Best to you!

Sniv 2005.05.03 - 06:01AM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
Actually I found it rather...dare I say funny...DADA teacher vs. Snape lol But I like the new one - I was just wondering :)

Sniv 2005.05.03 - 05:59AM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
Forget lipstick. If she were a man, she would go for the witches who smeared their lips with bacon grease. That's why you gotta love Athene! She did not feel quite as silly now, and she could definitely walk and eat unobstructed. Ah that could have been me thinking that! lol Which, granted, was not altogether inappropriate, considering whom she was involved with, but she had hoped to pull off something akin to elegant, rather than "fascinating but scary." *chokes* (the one drawback to bacon grease being that, in order to keep applying it, you had to walk around with a rasher of bacon) Indeed! lol And what an interesting look into Snape's likes in books! lol Finally, there was something fishy about that second present. Fishy indeed - you sneaky Slytherin... A crimson overdose in good company was much more preferable than having to watch your elbows and make polite conversation about things that hadn't happened yet and probably never would. lol poor guy! Athene leaned back and looked up, straight into a pair of large, attenuated nostrils. *chokes ...again* I like how you go Athene's father and Snape's father into the picture... Great author notes - and "Athene," Snape said, once he'd resumed his rhythmic walking, "is that an actual dance step? People are giving us funny looks." this shows that when two great people like yourself and Karina 'mix up' it can only turn out hilarious in the best sense! I couldn't stop laughing! Great job to both of you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sniv! I am glad you enjoyed the ball. Karina is, indeed, a treasure, and your reviews never fail to ease my "posting terror."

Sniv 2005.04.30 - 02:27PM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
Ok I know I'm blind but when (why) did you change your summary? lol Anyways I'm looking forward to get an invitation to the Yule Ball...*taps foot impatiently*

Author's Response: Sniv, you are cordially invited to attend, "The Yule Debacle." You might want to bring an umbrella... As to the summary, I always thought the old one a bit wordy, and I became aware that it sounded very much like many other fics out there, (and that the "DADA teacher" mention turns some people away before they've even sampled). Now it may be a bit too sparse...any suggestions, anyone?

Trickie Woo 2005.04.27 - 09:45PM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
Yes, I do prefer quality to speed, but I can't help hoping you can do both. I want my poor baby to get what he wants.

Author's Response: *smiles* Glad you have Snape's back. I apologize for the delay. This week and last have been mad hectic on several levels, and I have obviously been deluded about how many hours there actually are in a day... Excuses, excuses. I will hopefully update early next week if not at the weekend. Thanks for reviewing!

Trickie Woo 2005.04.27 - 12:31AM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
By poor baby I meant Snape, not Athene. I do feel they belong together.

Author's Response: :-D I love that you called Snape "poor baby." You have your heart in the right place, I see. Thanks for this!

Trickie Woo 2005.04.27 - 12:28AM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
I hope you get your next update posted ASAP. Snape doesn't know yet how affected she is by the gift of the file and what he could bring himself to say. It's too bad she's not skilled in Occlumency or Legilmency. The poor baby is really confused and feeling let down for no reason at all and I can't wait for her appearance at the Yule Ball to straighten things out. I wonder what the gag gift was?

Author's Response: Thanks, Trickie Woo...it's a comin'. This week (and the past week for that matter) have been beasts in all sorts of ways, and you all would rather have quality than speed, right? *hopes* Athene is a good Occlumens, which is why Snape isn't good at knowing how she's feeling unless she lets him in (or jumps on top of him!) The gag gift will be revealed... Cheers!

Apothecaria 2005.04.22 - 09:28PM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
This chapter highlights what makes them such a believable match. They both have huge problems with expressing their real feelings, like when he tells her she's the first Dark Arts professor that isn't an imposter, a menace, etc. It's almost as if they can't move forwards unless they open up a bit more. Looking forwards to the Yule Ball.

Author's Response: Cheers, Apothecaria. It means a great deal to see the words "believable match" applied to this story!

Teacherspet 2005.04.21 - 01:40AM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
GGRRR, my review got lost in cyberspace, so here I go again. Loved the line 'No amount of sex could possibly produce the unique satisfaction that Snape felt when Slytherin beat Gryffindor' Apparently team superiority is chocolate for men :-) The cane was an interesting choice, for a minute I thought It would make Severus think of Malfoy and he would refuse it. I am dying to know what the other gift was, it must have been really risky to make her cut and run. Enjoying as always, thanks

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to resubmit, Teacherspet. I appreciate how annoying that can be. I think you are right, and I think that Slytherin superiority is chocolate for Snape, in particular! Glad you are curious about the other present...Snape is too.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.04.20 - 09:11PM 30: Seasonal Changes Signed
Hello there--I am going to start reviewing your lovely story on this site, instead of M-net, as this server won't kick me out every other page. That vented, let me say that your Severus is so nasty, but so canon, I feel sorry for him! Thinking of himself, note being able to tell Athene his feelings, instead thinking about keeping her in his tub.... Poor dear! Does he need a sharp dose of reality (aka abandonment) to put things into focus? I continue to love your OC, she is just fabulous!

Author's Response: A warm welcome to Occlumency! Just between you and I (and whoever else is reading this), I think of this as the *real* version of the story. I love my mod over there, but the ratings and technical difficulties have imposed limitations... That said, thank you for sticking with the story. You are a quick study, plot-wise, *winks* although it may not play out quite as expected. I am glad you like Athene...she walks a very fine Mary-Sue line some days, but I hope her specifics keep her from plunging into that abyss.

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