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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Sniv 2005.05.09 - 05:40AM 32: Enslaving the Body, Violating the Mind Signed
200 reviews!!! Congrats Grainne!!!
Of course they had to return to the Room of Accord! lol Ms. Athene Everpants. lol! And the comment about the Head Snake - well I'll just quote it because it's worth quoting. Wonderful update - but so sad ending...Glad to see Apollo again.

Author's Response: Mange tak, Sniv! Lovely to see a familiar face, so to speak. Ms. Everpants appreciates your interest in her flying horse ;-)

Vocalion 2005.05.09 - 04:46AM 32: Enslaving the Body, Violating the Mind Signed
Fleagle! That was too beautiful a choice not to hold some special meaning. I enjoyed their return to the Room of Accord, along with his revisit through Legelimency to their first encounter. -- "My apologies, Professor Snape. I just wanted to offer my congratulations to the Head Snake." So Athene. Loved it!

Author's Response: Well, your Fleagle association is whole lot funnier than mine! I somehow missed that little moment of MacMurray's career, but now it is a must-see :-D Thank you, Vocalion.

Trickie Woo 2005.05.09 - 02:02AM 32: Enslaving the Body, Violating the Mind Signed
I enjoyed thi chapter, some parts had me laughing out loud. I can't wait util September, I hope it comes in your next update. By the way, what happens to their standing appointment in the Room of Accord while she's gone?

Author's Response: Well, it is not really a standing appointment, as it is only used as needed and as the headmaster sees fit. However, Snape probably has enough issues with himself that he could spend quite a bit of time down there on his own during the summer... ;-) If you want to see Snape really get some actual "Therapy," I highly recommend Azazello's story by that title.

Trickie Woo 2005.05.09 - 01:31AM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
I just reread most of this chapter so I would know where we left off before I start the new chapter. It was even funnier this time. I seem to remember a song by Mary Rodgers called something like Oh, could that boy foxtrot, any connection? Like you I leared what Y fronts and the inside leg are from Mr. Humphries.

Author's Response: "Are you free?" Sorry, had to do that. Dear Mr. Humphries. No, the fox trot joke was purely from the website listed, run through the mangle of my sense of humour (with a healthy dollop of Vocalion inspiration). I will have to look into the Rodgers tune. Thanks, Trickie Woo!

Sniv 2005.05.07 - 11:59AM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
Posting terror? Come now Grainne! You have absolutely no reason for having this posting terror! Din historie er den bedste!

redvelvetcanopy 2005.05.04 - 10:00PM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
Grainne--this was phenomenal and unexpected! I was thinking things would go quite differently for the pair. Two things strike me as amazing. First, that you continue to write Athene so non-Mary Sue and yet still so admirable. Perhaps it is because I too am nearing 40, but I just adore her, because of all her flaws. Secondly, your Snape is still so Snapey, waspish and self-centered. Just perfect. Took me several minutes to figure out what the hell Y-fronts were, but when I realized Flitwick's position, my lightbulb turned on. Most excellent!

Author's Response: My apologies about the underpants ;-) I will go back and add those into the notes. Thank you for your generous praise. I firmly believe that one can be immature and unreasonable at any age...as Snape seems to excel in that department, I thought that his potential partner should as well.

Teacherspet 2005.05.03 - 11:33PM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
Even though this chapter was not a cliffy, I felt a little stunned. Poor Snape. Will he ever forgive her for that stunt? Yes, he was provoking her but still.... Harry thinking she was a dementor and passing out was priceless! I also loved the nod to Snape/Greanger romances and if I had to pick out just one favorite bit it was,"You look lovely, Evercantes" "What?" "I'm not going to repeat myself" Perfect.

Author's Response: Thank you for this, Teacherspet! I am glad to hear of your reaction, as the "kernel" that began this story was the "Snape's Worst Memory" chapter in OotP, and to me, this was indeed about the worst thing that Athene could do to (or try to do to) Snape. I wanted her to push him to his limit...

Trickie Woo 2005.05.03 - 12:56PM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
That's pure Snape,buying Potions-based fiction so he can write detailed letters to the authors about what they got wrong in the potions they put in their novels. What an inspired toast, it's just perfect, sort of the opposite of when a bell tinkles an angel gets his wings. The woman in top hat and tails must have been carrying all the instuments for a full size orchesta or even better Major Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band. I love the way Snape counts rythym. Is it 8/8, 4/4, or 8/wall? Myself, I always found 6/8, 9/8.12/8, anything with multiples easier because there were always places to cover my mistakes when dancing. Oh dear, what away for the Yule Ball to end, just as Snape was learning to do a turn with his dancing partner. I looked up the Woodlands Jr. School, it's in such a lovely area, near Chartwell, Sissinghurst, and Knole. Do you live in that area? I love Kent and I am most familiar with the area east of Canterbury, we have some dear friends in Ash. We are hoping that we can get over again next year and visit our friends in Ash as well as those in Yorkshire, Suffolk, and Shropshire. We've never been to Cornwall so we are looking at taking a tour there, and I'd also like to see the places where the filmed the location sites for the Potter films.

Author's Response: 8/wall, I think :-D! I do not live in Kent. I heard of that website from a friend when we were discussing technology & education. Little did I know, then, that they had a section on Christmas jokes--I am quite obviously a sucker for bad cracker jokes. I am most familiar with Yorkshire and environs, although some of my family have traveled quite a bit in Cornwall, and I have heard nothing but rave reviews!

Obadiah Slope 2005.05.03 - 12:55PM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
*cue the odd advert where the entire population of London appear to be dancing around a sofa* "Hurry, the Furniture Village Sale starts 9am Boxing Day!" I will always remember popping out to my favourite clothes shop on Boxing Day, thinking that I would be there before everyone else (as I got there at 9), only to find that people had actually camped out overnight. Whoever said that English people were dull and sensible should come and visit the-land-of-the-people-who-elected-Thatcher sometime. I have to admit that I found the whole dancing scene very, very amusing. ""Athene," Snape said, once he'd resumed his rhythmic walking, "is that an actual dance step? People are giving us funny looks."" I just love that imagery...the idea of Snape jumping around a dance floor makes me cry with laughter. ""FINE! You really want know what it was? It was a pair of CLEAN Y-FRONTS!" she shouted. "In case anyone ever did this again." Athene pointed her wand at Snape."" Very amusing scene, but - ouch, that would hurt, and I'm not quite sure who the most. I very much look foward to seeing how this resolves itself. As usual, I can't wait for an update. :-D You know, I've had a shite shite day today, and I really hoped this story would be updated to cheer me up. You can imagine my infinite pleasure when something actually went right today. Wonderful chapter, Grainne, have a great day.

Author's Response: HA!!! This review had me dribbling coffee, Obadiah. Just for the record, I have never thought of English people as dull, and don't even get me started on Thatcher and certain other elected *cough cough hack* officials. Glad I could provide a bit of cheer, and please have a better day tomorrow--perhaps a one-shite day, rather than a two-shite day ;-)

Vocalion 2005.05.03 - 12:48PM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
Where to begin? The quotes I've pasted to illustrate all that is splendid about this chapter would run the length of the page, so I'd better not list them all. The first thing I must point out are the delicious and sly Athene vs. Hermione moments. And the bit with Harry mistaking Athene for a dementor was priceless. Here come the quotes, but realize there are too many favorites for me to list, so these are just random gems: "Athene put all niceties aside and began stuffing herself like a goose bred for its liver." --"What is a crocodile's favorite Christmas party game?" he said. "Exploding Snape!" she yelled, then immediately clapped her hands over her mouth." -- "Athene crowned herself with a large sombrero decorated with tomatoes, chilies, and winking lights. Seasonally, if not geographically, appropriate, she thought. And what's more, Snape will positively hate it when I make him model it for me later."-- "Erm...yes. It is called the...the Fen Dancer's Fancy. Very useful if Dugbogs are about--saves your ankles." And these fabulous fragments: "A mince spy!" -- "a tassel worthy of a church bell-pull", --"Witches' Assignation Wear." -- "attenuated nostrils" -- "a Portkey to Azkaban" -- "beard a' flapping". This chapter was well worth the wait!

Author's Response: You know I had to get in a few digs at Miss Granger over here at Occlumency, where I will hopefully be safe from rabid "shippers." ;-D Thank you for your keen eye *winks* and your even keener wit, which is always an inspiration. Miss Jeanette doffs her top hat & twirls her bass in your general direction.

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