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Reviews for Squidbait Returns

Sniv 2005.05.17 - 12:59PM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
What kind of witch would she be if she forgot about the stone dropped into the pond and went chasing, instead, after the ripples it produced? *Sniff* Ok I'm being overly sentimental but the whole story with Athene and what she has been doing really touched me. She truly deserves what she now has. And she 'gave in' and freed Apollo I'm so glad she did that. The trip across the lake was even more touching - Squitbait Returns indeed! Flummoxed by a basic Left Breast Defense. Tsk. Tsk. Lol! I shall definitely be remembering that one! Seems to come in handy… "Now, now, Albus," soothed Dilys, "why not do both? A Pensieve to ease the burdens of the past, and the painting to ease the quarrels of the present. It would be a perfect combination of gifts, from what I've seen and heard of those two." Indeed! Good ole Dumbledore I wonder if he'll win the bet. I’m glad to see that even Dumbledore admits that they’ll need that painting lol
I dunno what to say... I know all good things end but…- knowing this wonderful and (extremely) funny story has ended leaves an empty hole...I have enjoyed coming on Occlumency and noticed that 'Squitbait' had been update with another fantastic chapter. Grainne, I don't know what to tell you...I have not been with you from the beginning but I have truly enjoyed this story. Athene is a wonderful character which only a wonderful person would have been able to create! This was one of the first Snape/OFC stories I read and you (and Athene) are a perfect example on how well such a story can be. You show that it's actually much more fun to have 'your way' with Snape ;-) Lol look at me I just keep typing hoping I can keep you just a tiny bit longer...But you don't deserve that - I shall leave you, Athene Squitbait Everpants, Apollo (that lovely beast), Snape ([insert suitable word here]), Fairven, Elva, Harmonia, Cadmus and Dumbledore! Cheers, muchas gracias, danke schön and most of all mange tak, Grainne! It's been a - Ok I'm gonna put a cork in it now! Ok just one last question; what are you planning to do now? ...(Poor Karina, Lisa, Ellie etc. I'll be pesting them even more now lol) Bad Sniv!

Author's Response: Sniv, I'm sure I've said it before, but you are a sweetheart. This review made me get all snivelly myself. Thank you for your constant encouragement, lovely feedback, and the occasional Danish lesson. As for what's next, the simple answer is... READ! I have a whole list of fics I've been wanting/meaning to read/catch up on, as well as a big stack of books that have nothing whatsoever to do with HP sitting on my nightstand. I will give in to the writing urge if it strikes, but for the moment I am on "author's vacation," and it feels damn nice.

Vocalion 2005.05.17 - 12:08PM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
A toast to Grainne with champagne! And how I wish we were on the same coast so we could share a bottle. Well done! "What kind of witch would she be if she forgot about the stone dropped into the pond and went chasing, instead, after the ripples it produced?" -- Very, very nice! "Still grim and greasy, I see, Athene thought tenderly." Yes! And so, "Squidbait" has reached its end, yet original works wait 'round the bend. I shall be at the front to head the queue, as you autograph your book, woo hoo! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you, Vocalion! (I tried drinking half the bottle and then sending you the rest, but the post office wouldn't accept it for some odd reason...) Your poem is sweet (and very optimistic), and it means a great deal to me. Cheers!

Melvacaea 2005.05.17 - 10:39AM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
I've enjoyed every chapter. This has been an excellent story, the best strange brand of humor, action, romance, and angst that anyone could hope for. I find that those mixes are the best and this has certainly turned out that way. I salute you! -Mel

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Mel. This is wonderful to hear. I know that there are better humour, action, romance & angst fics out there, but I am glad that you appreciated the blend. Cheers!

Trickie Woo 2005.05.17 - 12:13AM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
I'm so glad that Apollo didn't die, that she set him free, it says a lot about her character. It seems that he's a 'mare's stallion'. I'm sorry to see this story end. I'll just have to let my imagination decide whether they will go on 'living in sin' and let Albus lose his wager, or whether Albus will win his bet and their 'standing appointment' will be coveniently kept in their own home. I have enjoyed this story tremendously and will be waiting for your next one.

Author's Response: Thanks, Trickie Woo. I like to leave a bit up to the imagination...I hope yours has fun with it! I did kill Apollo off in an earlier version of this chapter, as I tend to (in my own writing) shy away from perfectly happy endings, but I'm glad that I got talked out of it.

Teacherspet 2005.05.16 - 10:59PM 33: The Return of Squidbait Signed
Congratulations on a story well told. I enjoyed every chapter. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you--I am glad to have provided some entertainment.

cardigrl 2005.05.14 - 12:28PM 32: Enslaving the Body, Violating the Mind Signed
Well, certainly a satisfying chapter. Somehow, though, it feel like there's a chapter missing between the inspired brilliance of chapter 31 and this more subdued 32. I get the impression that you don't want to be "dragging things out", and you do a great job of implying in what happened during the gap. But I would have loved another chapter with a little detail. For example: When Snape said, "Dumbledore has some funny idea about it creating a connection between us," Snape interrupted, searching Athene's face intently. "Is that true? Is that why you used to follow me around? Is that the only reason you were interested in me?" I have a terrible time getting into AD's head, but I'm curious what exactly he DID say. Surely he would have known that Snape would interpret his reported comments as Snape did here. It's rather pathetic, really, but given the history there (and AD's comments to Minerva), Snape's conclusion from that statement seems quite predictable. And that surely was counterproductive in a major way. On another note, I just love the way you use the "everyday", somewhat petty issues to make these characters somehow more real and genuine (or at least as real as anything can be in a Harry Potter story). The part about moving in Athene's desk without asking is a wonderful example. In every institution I've seen, her having it brought in without talking to him would either be a major faux pas or power play (weird and a commentary on human nature, but there you are), and his annoyance would be guaranteed (in one of my previous places of employment, something like that would have been grounds for a major war, actually). Her obliviousness to the implications is just one of her little flaws that makes her likeable rather than an irritating little miss perfect. --g-- It reminds me of your sex scene in the room of requirement, which remains one of the best I've read, in large part because of your little details about it not being perfect. Anyway, enought of my blathering. Kudos to you.

Author's Response: Thanks for these thoughts! CH. 31 was definitely meant to be the "climax," but I do understand your point. As to Dumbledore, he brought up the connection theory because he was trying to guilt trip Snape about how he'd treated Athene. I actually didn't think that the headmaster would expect Snape to have such an irrational reaction at this point in the relationship, and Snape did not react this way straight off. By the time he is speaking to Athene, he's had some time to think--I sort of figured he'd had it niggling away at him. I am glad that the "desk war" rang true (although I hope you weren't ever in the middle of one!). I do appreciate hearing from you--cheers!

redvelvetcanopy 2005.05.13 - 10:41PM 32: Enslaving the Body, Violating the Mind Signed
Wow, I am so glad he finally admitted to everyone that HE LOVES HER! Though he shan't say it too often, he says. I loved the disillusioned sex--think I've done that a few times myself.... Her absence will definitely move him in different directions. I continue to adore this story!

Author's Response: You've had Disillusioned sex? Oh my! Oh, wait...you wrote that with a lowercase "d." Cheers!

Apothecaria 2005.05.09 - 10:20PM 32: Enslaving the Body, Violating the Mind Signed
Thank you for bringing back the Room of Accord. Prima donna that Snape is, he can't seem to admit to anything except under duress. And I'm sure he'd never admit how much he owes to this room. And...great chapter title.

Author's Response: And thank you for helping Snape with his little wand problem! *winks* As for the title, I am glad you like it; I was a bit worried that people might be expecting lots of kinky sex. Cheers!

LariLee 2005.05.09 - 08:10PM 32: Enslaving the Body, Violating the Mind Signed
A wonderful chapter! I think they're going to move into the Room of Accord. :-) Actually, they probably need to move into the Room of Accord! I'm sorry she's going off for the summer and I hope she comes back in one piece! But it is hilarious that they're both so competitive. Great chapter!

Author's Response: That is a very funny idea, LariLee! I'm afraid that Harmonia and Cadmus might need a bit of help themselves (not to mention an art restorer) if Snape and Athene took up permanent residence. Thank you!

Apothecaria 2005.05.09 - 06:22PM 31: The Yule Debacle Signed
Another very funny chapter, from bacon grease for lip gloss to The Twelve Toxins of Christmas, both Snapey, and alliterative. Dumbledore's reaction time was awfully fast for a 150-year-old guy; he must be keeping especially close watch on those two. And did you really learn about men's underwear from television?

Author's Response: Erm...isn't that the usual...erm, I mean, no! Of course not. (I actually learned by helping with the family laundry as a child--eww.) Yes, I believe Albus got a bit nervous when he saw Snape trying to steamroller Athene on the dance floor.

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