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Reviews for Vengeance, Indeed

Amesmerized 2007.06.11 - 04:54AM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
Hello! Poor Murdoch and Severus... LOL. I loved this story, but I found quite weird to read him calling her "Mistress" all the time... probably 'cause English isn't my mother tongue... Oh well, other than that, great story!

Trickie Woo 2005.07.01 - 01:02AM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
How about some more stories about how he extracts his vengance? I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Lutheyl 2005.04.05 - 07:06PM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
Great story! I wonder if there is a sequel?

Author's Response: Hi, thanks! No, probably not a sequel, at this point. I have been working on a longer story that is quite a bit of work, and I just haven't had the time or interest to divert to a second chapter. Thanks for the support though! I may come back to it one of these days.

aramintasnape 2005.01.11 - 04:21PM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
This is your first fic?? Great job! And I'd love to see some more chapters!

Author's Response: It is and thank you!

potionmistress60 2005.01.06 - 10:19AM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
Ok! I demand a continuation! Don't leave us frustrated and longing. Besides, Severus still has to read "Si Signorina". LOL! Good job with the seducing.

Author's Response: Thanks! Now that the holidays have passed, I finally have more time to work on this. I don't believe he'll actually read the poetry to her anytime soon, but in case you wondered, it's a collection of naughty sonnets.

Blackwych 2004.12.29 - 04:41PM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you.

Trillian241 2004.12.18 - 01:28AM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed

Author's Response: thanks!!

tabitharasa 2004.12.16 - 03:43PM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
Very nicely done, especially for a first fic. Like the humor, "the Potions Master's Muse," your OFC, and, of course, the way you write your crafty, shexy Snape! Thanks for a fun read! (Oh, and another installment would be lovely, please-and-thank-you!)

Author's Response: It's really nice that you're asking for chapter 2, makes me feel very good! Thanks for the review.

smoke 2004.12.16 - 10:13AM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
Excellent job for a first fic, and I do like your OFC. It did take me three tries to finish reading, however, (through no fault of the writing!) as the "Snape is bullied by Dumbledore to take students on a field trip with the new female teacher" is a bit worn. You put some new twists in it, though, like Dumbledore's encouraging Snape to nurture a replacement so he could have the DADA job, instead of offering a straight bribe. A couple of typos I noticed that you might want to know about: I supposed Ill not have to worry about wear to put my coins,

Author's Response: Thanks for the proofread and the compliment!

Niamh 2004.12.15 - 08:30PM 1: Infernal Meddling Signed
Add a seccond chapter, please. It is one of the few fics that does not romanticise or ruin snape.

Author's Response: I'll have to humbly disagree and say that there are many fics with a Snape that is a good deal less romantic and better-crafted than mine, but I certainly appreciate the compliment! Thank you.

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