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Reviews for Mirror Mirror

Potioncat 2004.12.13 - 07:40AM 1: Prologue: The Boy Again Anonymous
In one of your earlier stories, we see things from the mother's point of view and now we see the father's. This has taken us much like Rowling herself does, from thinking someone is good or bad to the very opposite, and finally to a shade of gray.

rambkowalczyk 2004.12.12 - 12:04PM 1: Prologue: The Boy Again Anonymous
interesting idea that it was his mother not his father that was on the dark side.

LariLee 2004.12.11 - 03:05AM 1: Prologue: The Boy Again Signed
Interesting start. So the Snapes were always tailors? Tailors usually have a keen fashion sense. Seems like Severus must take after the Dark Arts mother. ;-D ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, Lisa! - Well, Mrs Snape certainly has no dress sense... But Severus? I'm not so sure. He certainly does create an effect, doesn't he :-)? S.

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