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Reviews for Dark Night of the Soul

sassy18 2006.02.19 - 07:43PM 1: one shot Signed
A really nice short , sweet and to the point story. I can see Severus suffering from growing self doubt when something good blesses him.

Leighandra 2004.12.04 - 03:40PM 1: one shot Anonymous
Oh for the sake of all the gods, Sev, Im a war goddess. Do you think I was created for sweetness, light, and prancing through the virgin forest wearing nothing but some strategically placed leaves and a wreath of flowers?" LOVED IT! You know, Ariah has never truly become Mary Sue-ish. She's powerful and beautiful because she's a goddess, but not every man falls at her feet and she can't fix everything. I like her. She's just as snarky as Snape.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it. With Ariah being a goddess, it's difficult to prevent her from becoming perfect and I've fought to give her some flaws.

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