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Reviews for One Only Understands the Things That One Tames

Mimmom 2006.03.26 - 10:55AM 12: Chapter 12: Epilogue Signed
Oh I loved this. I loved part 1, too and when I found this was thrilled to get to read more.

Black Spot 2005.11.30 - 09:15AM 12: Chapter 12: Epilogue Signed
Enjoyed the story very much. Read it from start to finish.

Anouska Draconius 2005.09.07 - 05:16PM 12: Chapter 12: Epilogue Signed
This story deserves far more reviews than it has. I love your play on words, calling the raven Poe, as in Edgar Allen Poe - clever! I shall definitely be reading your other stories.

Filodea 2004.04.30 - 08:26PM 6: Chapter 6 Anonymous
I've enjoyed both stories about Severus and Ariah. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Daya 2003.12.11 - 09:57AM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
I haven't seen these before, but am intrigued by the first two chapters, shall have to seek out the previous story to make some more sense of it all, but it seems a fascinating story all the same. Being of pure celtic descent myself, the mythology based upon it (forgive me if I'm wrong, the names seem celtic, as does the mythology) is beginning to lure me into reading on with this... looking forward to an update. Daya.

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