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Reviews for Desert Rose

SataiDelenn 2007.07.26 - 06:58PM 3: Part 3 Signed
A/N: All right, this was a writing exercise for me, and my focus this time was plot twists and dropping subtle hints. Please answer honestly: when was the first point when you knew that 1. Rosalina was a Death Eater and 2. that she was an animagus?

I knew she was an animagus before I knew she was a death eater. The moment you wrote there was a rattlesnake in the castle, I knew it was her. However, I had no idea until she removed the bracelets, that she was a DE.

Nice work! I do hope you update soon! I'm intrigued to see where this goes!

Sylver 2006.04.19 - 03:44PM 1: Part 1 Signed
This was a WONDERFUL little ficklet and I tell you, I had one of those feelings about Rosalina but it was something you just could not put my finger on. Then there was when she said she hadnt seen the Dark Mark illuminated in the sky for a long time. She had never been to Europe and only a Death Eater or someone who had been to Europe would have ever seen the dark Mark in the sky. I tell you, I would love to see if you continue it and I know I was calling Miss Rosalina everything in the book. In case anyone was wondering her last name de los Santos means of the Saints, if I am correct. So her Name translates into Beautiful Rose of the Saints. Another intresting thing and also Madre de Dios translates into Mother of God.I really like this and it caught me off guard. I knew something was up and I picked up on some clues, but never figured her for a Death Eater. Again absolutely Wonderful!!

seventonks 2006.01.30 - 05:48PM 3: Part 3 Signed
i guessed that she was an animagus when i read about the dry leaves sound and the tattoo. i had no clue that she was a death eater though. fairly nice work

KarenDetroit 2005.09.22 - 12:49PM 3: Part 3 Signed
The hints were broad enough (I am even beginning to see Rowlings' hints nowadays). I sincerely hope you aren't going to leave this situation unresolved like this. An excellently developing story needs a conclusion, of some sort.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments. Actually, yes, the story is at its end here.


KarenDetroit 2005.09.22 - 12:49PM 3: Part 3 Signed
The hints were broad enough (I am even beginning to see Rowlings' hints nowadays). I sincerely hope you aren't going to leave this situation unresolved like this. An excellently developing story needs a conclusion, of some sort.

Author's Response: Thank you

smoke 2005.09.19 - 03:05PM 1: Part 1 Signed
Wow! Quite the OFC. And poor "Sevvie," he just can't seem to win. Although he at least had a little fun this time. Already knew the ending, so can't comment on when I knew what. Enjoyed the ride, however.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed, though pffft. I have to say that a part of me cringes every time I get the review notification on this one because it means someone else has read it, and really, all I see in it are the flaws.

Thanks for the comments!


akinaria 2005.09.18 - 01:03PM 3: Part 3 Signed
I first knew Rosalina was Death Eater when a woman turned up late to the DEath Eater meeting. There was no other option but for it to her. I knew she was an animagus as soon as a snake was mentioned. There was not enough complexity to the story to disguise these facts. To make them less obvious I would suggest interweaving other storylines, so that the reader does not know to which storyline the new factor belongs. It needs an ending by the way. Some cliffhanger endings work well but this just stops before there is any resolution. The story is simply unfinished. I like the premise and enjoyed the story. I would have liked an ending though. Akinaria xx

Author's Response: You worked it out about the same time most of my readers did, then. I had a few who picked it up with the early clues, but those were really about the places where I intended most of the readership to recognize what was happening. Of course, I'd argue that there are plenty of female death eaters it could have been, and a lot of readers honed in on that point; I'd really intended people to make the connection between Rosalina being so conveniently ill and the DE meeting, but that's what? A few paragraphs difference. I hit fairly close to the mark I was intending, so I'm happy with it overall.

As for the ending, I'm not sure what more resolution you'd like-- she's dead, he's alive, his secret remains a secret. There's nothing else to write about.

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you took the time to answer, despite not being impressed with the story.


Tar 2005.08.12 - 03:17AM 3: Part 3 Signed
Wow! Beautiful. Exciting, fast-paced, and IC. Good OOC as well, something usually difficult to accomplish. The lemons were well-written and I just loved the interaction between the two of them leading up to the first time. Both of their POVs were interesting, and the scattered details about their teaching methods were all very fun. Her being an animagus completely surprised me (I figured she had a snake for a pet the first time the rustling came up... I mean, I figured it out when she disappeared and he heard rattling, but not before), but I knew she was a Death Eater the minute Snape mentioned a female he didn't know arrived late, and I remembered the sneaking around Dumbledore's office. All through the she-discovers-Dark-Mark scene, I was urgently willing Snape not to tell her where his true loyalties are. I suppose that kinda ruined the scene from an artistic point of view, though... But... to label this as completed... wtf? Is she dead or not? Does he love her or not? And what really bugged me is that Dumbledore says he trusts her. Even after HbP, I maintain that Dumbledore does not hand out trust where it is not merited. Bloody hell... man. You've got me all worked up. This was one good story.

Author's Response: Ah, no story is ever complete, and all are contained within a few words. The fic ended, though the story, of course, continues with those who were affected. Thank you for the comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed.

SiriuslySevered 2005.06.21 - 02:15AM 3: Part 3 Signed
BRILLIANT! I honestly never saw her major deception until the end. I had had suspicions when you first mentioned a snake on her wrist, but I hadn't thought she was a Death Eater! And now that I've seen where you pointed out the clicking of her heels... Everything just comes together so well. Beyond fantastic, really.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Sniv 2005.06.06 - 02:18PM 3: Part 3 Signed
Eh well I had a bad feeling about her all the way ...first of all Snape was very attracted to her and she to him and then her tatoo and the 'noise' ...and the DE meeting and...well so many nicely put hints! Very good story! A shame it had to end but so must all good things =)

Author's Response: Thank you! I've foudn it interesting to see where people have picked up on it, and I've been very pleased with the results. I was hoping it would be something that one could figure out if one was an astute reader, but I did want to stretch it out as well. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and kudos for being so perceptive!


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