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Reviews for 'Twas the Month Before Christmas

er121876 2009.12.02 - 07:59AM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Signed
Lucky, lucky Ginny! Very well-written, though I can't really see how Snape in a Santa costume is a turn-on lol. He's fine the way he is ;)

Maddy Riddle 2006.04.08 - 09:09PM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Signed
I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks, Maddy! :)

aramintasnape 2005.01.11 - 03:59PM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Signed
Okay, we had the same idea for this challenge, with Santa Snape! Oops! Luckily the two stories are completely different apart from that! I liked this - the Snape/Ginny interaction was well done and quite touching. I didn't think the story was 'silly', BTW; obviously there were elements in it that were, but the part about Ginny grieving for the twins and Snape trying his best to be sympathetic was nicely portrayed. I did laugh at your description of Snape as 'the skinniest Santa ever'! And a nice fun ending for the two!!

Author's Response: Lol, I've noticed a veritable flood of "Santa Snape" fics this holiday season. I was quite glad i got this one in early and avoided the rush! I'm glad you enjoyed the touching bits in amonst the silliness1 Thanks for the review! :)

Razzberry 2005.01.01 - 11:33PM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Signed
That was hysterical! I enjoyed it immensely. And I have to say that I'm absolutely jealous of your ability to work in the quotes'n'things-- mine always end up looking so out of place, but you get them in so seamlessly.

I hope you had half as much fun writing this as I had reading it.


Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had big fun trying to work everything in and I'm glad you think they are fairly seamless. There were a couple that I thought were a bit clunky. Thanks for the kind review! :)

VindictiveSnake 2004.12.17 - 06:18PM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Anonymous
Possitively sinful, one good reason to pose as SantiFart.

Author's Response: Why thank you...I think. *snort* :)

null 2004.12.14 - 01:18PM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Signed
Hi, it's DADA_Mistress. No, I don't know why my name was changed to "null." Anyway, this was soooo cute! I like how he wanted to help Ginny. That was a nice twist at the end there too. A great Christmas story! :D

Author's Response: Null...*giggle* Thank you, my darling Mistress! :) I wanna sit on Santa's lap too! Lol

notsosaintly 2004.12.11 - 05:29PM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Signed
*picking self up off floor* Oh gods, Pook, that was soo bleeding f**ing funny....Merry Bloody Christmas indeed. My kids think their mother has lost a screw, laughing insanely at her laptop. I am wiping away the tears.....now on to the other fic!!

Author's Response: *giggle* I'm thrilled it made you laugh, even if the kiddies think thier Mum has gone barking mad! Thank you, my sassy wench! :)

Laudomia 2004.11.26 - 04:00PM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Anonymous
Nicely written. You incorporated the challenge phrases so naturally they fit right in. I'm not sure about Ginny and Snape together, but this is an after-the-war fic, so things might change. Clearly, it's going to be one of Snape's most memorable holidays.

Author's Response: Lol Memorable indeed! Thank you. :)

Vocalion 2004.11.26 - 11:22AM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Anonymous
I like your humor, and how cleverly you filfilled all of the challenge requirements, especially how you used the last line. Excellent pacing and dialogue too. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had big fun writing it! :)

dungeondame 2004.11.25 - 10:52PM 1: 'Twas the Month Before Christmas Anonymous
Good job! You worked the requirements in very well and created a funny story. I would like to try a challenge sometime, but I may be running too short on time to try this one. Do you have any advice for me?

Author's Response: I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask for advice on challenge fics. This is only the second one I ever wrote. It's a bit like a verbal jigsaw puzzle! Thank you for the review! :)

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