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Reviews for The Return of The Great Snapini

megganisms 2006.08.09 - 10:42AM 3: Acting Up Signed
lol! That was such a great fic. The kilt...*giggle* But really, i love how snape got hermione back :O!!! teehee. <3 great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Trickie Woo 2005.03.25 - 11:46PM 3: Acting Up Signed
I remember making tragic rhymes to the verse of that song years ago, probably in Jr. High. I see you modeled your poetry on my favorite poet. Ogden Nash. I don't know which one I like better, the hot Snape sundae or the dangling... At least I know she did get to have sex with her partially visible man on their Hogmanay date. I hope Snape found lots more ways to take house points from Hermoine.

Trickie Woo 2005.03.25 - 11:24PM 2: Acting Out of Necessity Signed
Hermione can really be a pain sometimes, for Snape alomost all the time. Now I see, Snape never got the kilt back from the Bull. I do love the banter they trade back and forth.

Trickie Woo 2005.03.25 - 11:05PM 1: Acting On Impulse Signed
It is good to see the Great Snapini back and I love the way Clancy forced him into doing it. How did he get his kilt back from the bull?

Author's Response: He didn't. The next chapter will explain. Thanks for reviewing!

Sniv 2005.02.12 - 04:47PM 3: Acting Up Signed
The lyrics are great! Wow! And the rhymes!!! *sticks tongue at Hermione* Hehe! What a truly great little fic this is!!! I really enjoyed reading it! So funny!

Author's Response: Thanks for your reviews!

Sniv 2005.02.12 - 04:30PM 2: Acting Out of Necessity Signed
That boy is very interesting...And I wonder if Snape will win? lol

Sniv 2005.02.12 - 04:19PM 1: Acting On Impulse Signed
LOL! *jumps up and down* You are up to your usual greatness in this one eh? Of course you are! This chapter shows it!

sophierom 2005.01.26 - 08:28AM 3: Acting Up Signed
This was so funny! And I'm glad that Hermione was found out. Your rhymes were fantastic...are you a comedian and/or poet in real life? :-) Thanks for this extra bit of Snape and Clancy. Best, Sophie

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! "...are you a comedian and/or poet in real life?" I'm not even a choir teacher! It's lovely that you asked that, though, so thanks again.

sophierom 2005.01.26 - 08:21AM 2: Acting Out of Necessity Signed
I loved the scene between Snape and Alexander. Touching without getting sappy. And I adored this line: "Oh, he's a little pinch of this and a little pinch of that. When we're alone in our flat, I just refer to him as the old filthy Mudblood." Hah!

Author's Response: Clancy likes to get in her little zings, but Snape ususally has it coming to him.

sophierom 2005.01.26 - 08:17AM 1: Acting On Impulse Signed
Ooh, Clancy is mean, isn't she? :-) But she knows how to get to Severus. A slytherin in her own right? This is going to be lots of fun ...

Author's Response: She's just trying to help a noble cause, and she gets tired of Snape's bad attitude.

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