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Reviews for Under the Wagner Sky

Moira of the Mountain 2010.09.06 - 06:16PM 1: none - one shot short story Signed
Found this whilst prowling the site on a lazy day - Poe would be pleased. An elegant little piece.

Aurora Greyeyes 2006.09.18 - 02:12AM 1: none - one shot short story Signed
I really like this one off, it is very moving. I have often felt this way about Death and I recommend you to read Mr. Death and the Red headed woman by Helen Eustis. It is a childens story. It reminds me of this story a wee bit and It reminds me of a most beloved potions master. Thanks

Author's Response: Sorry-- i'm only now seeing this. Thank you, and I'll keep the book recommendation in mind!

Tooi Ake 2005.12.05 - 05:46PM 1: none - one shot short story Signed
Thanks for the hanky warning. :'( This was so melancholy yet beautiful. I'm not sure how to describe what I felt when I read this, but I truly enjoyed it. I know what that kind of sky feels like.

Stellar Hawk 2005.11.28 - 05:17PM 1: none - one shot short story Signed
A hauntingly beautiful story, April. I really think this is your finest.

Midnightshadows 2005.08.31 - 07:28AM 1: none - one shot short story Signed
Thats such a beautiful tale. It protrays an innocent side to Serverus that I really enjoyed. Congrats.

queenp 2005.08.17 - 08:11PM 1: none - one shot short story Signed
*sniff sniff* that was excellent...thank you!

Odd Doll 2005.02.05 - 06:41PM 1: none - one shot short story Signed
Very Beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed

Razzberry 2004.12.13 - 12:36PM 1: none - one shot short story Signed
That was beautiful. So symbolic and rich.

I'm a lover of Poe, and I always cringe when I see people making half-assed attempts with his poetry, because no one ever gets it right. I think you did a mesmerizing job with it, though, and captured the essence of the Raven so well. Very well done. And kudos for not explaining all the symbolism within the text-- gives the dedicated reader a gift to unwrap one b eautiful layer at a time.


Author's Response: High praise indeed! Thank you! I love using symbolism in my stories, so I'm very tickled you picked up on that. Thanks again!

rambkowalczyk 2004.11.19 - 01:11PM 1: none - one shot short story Anonymous
Thanks for the hanky alert. Good story.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you all for the positive feedback! It is much appreciated. I'm still amazed at the good response "Wagner Sky" received overall. I was initially afraid to publish it for fear that it was too cheesy!

aphrodeia 2004.11.14 - 09:48PM 1: none - one shot short story Anonymous
So very beautiful... thank you.

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