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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part I: The Parvenu vs. The Potions Master

fleetzz 2010.09.10 - 01:09PM 10: 8. Sic Simper Sorex Signed
This chapter made me laugh out loud. Great job.

SnarkyCharms 2007.11.13 - 11:32PM 3: 3a Memories and Meetings Signed
"This is Professor Hyacinth Sprout," Dumbledore said. "Our Herbology professor..."
Isn't Sprout's first name Pamona?

HandPFeather 2007.05.10 - 07:04PM 20: 15. Mort-de-Kai Signed
Thoroughly enjoyed this story and am looking forward to the rest! I got this rec from TPMM and it was worth every second of my time!

flutterby 2005.09.30 - 11:14AM 4: 3b Memories and Meetings Anonymous
you do know that basilisk come from roster eggs laid on the full moon and hatched by a toad.

medea callous 2005.09.30 - 08:01AM 13: 10b. The Past Casts Shadows Signed
Well up to the last couple of chapters I've really enjoyed this; I feel it's the best fic detailing the plans of Voldemort and the interactions between DEs, and there are many things to praise about it; but I'm tired of all the vampire stuff. Is this a HP fic or a vampire fic? I think you're a very good writer, but if the stuff with the vampires ends up continuing to be a major plot thread, I won't be continuing.

slave2snape 2005.03.28 - 02:18PM 3: 3a Memories and Meetings Signed
"man has a snarl and a sneering voice that would make the likes of Christopher Lee or Alan Rickman green with envy".....that was priceless! Really enjoying the story thus far, you've some great ideas...The Dark Cauldron games sounds like something my own boys would like!

Author's Response: Agh! Sorry I haven't responded sooner -- life has been a bit nuts. Thanks! Yes, we have a few Alan Rickman in-jokes, and that is one of my favorites. You will see more Dark Cauldron in Part II in as-yet unposted chapters.

cardis 2005.01.11 - 09:07PM 20: 15. Mort-de-Kai Anonymous
Sorry for the lines in the review. Don't know how that happened! Let me try again? This is really a review for the last 2 chapters--running a little late. The gist of the review: Deveroux is really a nasty piece of work. Don't know where you are going with that? She is the epitome of someone who can dish it out but can't take it, which is most repulsive. Probably the most telling was her reaction to Snape coming up with something else to pull on her after she went after him in his class. At that point, she whined about going to AD and getting SS confined for life. Not really a winner there, is she? In a twisted way, it is also pretty telling that so long as they could sit back and laugh at Snape, the Gryffindors were quite happy to see the "grudge match" continue. It was only really they finally realized that SS might be more than a repulsive little punching bag and somebody else might lose something that they call a halt to it. Little creeps.

Author's Response: Heh, I wonder if I succeeded a littlle too well in making Aurellia non-Mary Sue. She is a whiner -- at first, and she can be annoying. She also doesn't know when to quit. Wasn't quite expecting this type of strong reaction against her, but after the mort-de-kai, it's not unwarranted, in hindsight. Glad you pointed that out about the Gryffindors!

cardis 2005.01.11 - 08:50PM 20: 15. Mort-de-Kai Anonymous
This is really a review for the last 2 chapters--running a little late. Anyway: Wow, you are working hard to make Deveroux a nasty piece of work---not really sure where you are going with this. What struck me the most in part 19 was the reactions each had to the other's actions. Snape enlisted Malfoy and played another trick. Deveroux whined: >>"Dumbledore is going to hear about this!" she hissed. "And if he has any sense at all he'll confine that childish troll-headed fool to his dungeon for life."<< Not exactly a winner, is she? Then after telling AD she would cool it, she baits, ridicules, and belittles SS in front of an entire class. Apparently while whining to herself that SS "tormented" her. She's one of the most despicable OCs I've read in quite some time. Almost wished she hadn't survived---she'd make a great DE. Oh, and who was the big mouth who filled her in on the shrieking shack? Was that Lupin being his "nice" usual self?

Silverthreads 2005.01.11 - 11:35AM 20: 15. Mort-de-Kai Signed
I really don't like that woman. Although she is nice to Neville, she is clearly no saner that Snape. He may be dangerous, but she is simply immature. Much too immature for the power she has. I think it's her gloating and the fact that she lets herself be played by the students and publically humiliates Snape that annoy me the most. As I recall, his most vicious attacks were not public. I am not at all sympathetic to her.

LariLee 2005.01.11 - 03:05AM 20: 15. Mort-de-Kai Signed
I can't believe Hermione didn't pick up on the elf reference. Whew! Okay, I'm sorry it's over, but is she okay? How long will we have to wait for part 2?

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