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Reviews for A Rush of Blood to the Head

roni0811 2012.10.15 - 11:51PM 3: Sex and Candy Signed
happy that severus had ha true happiness... cute/ lovable plot..

tangerine dream 2008.10.17 - 02:35AM 3: Sex and Candy Signed
What a way to start the day! (for both Severus & me!) Lots of wonderfully fun and erotic sex!

firefly124 2007.09.16 - 11:53AM 3: Sex and Candy Signed
This was a treat!

Ziz 2006.10.14 - 05:29PM 2: Simply Irresistible Signed
This is the most wonderfully odd and humorous story I've ever read. It keeps Snape as in character as a story with a plotline like this can, which makes it wonderful. :) Thank you for writing this!

EvilBanshee 2006.09.13 - 02:50AM 2: Simply Irresistible Signed
Haha this is just too amusing...bemused virgin. lol I dunno why,but Snape's snarling and"Oh-I'm-so-evil-and-sarcastic"attitude made really made him seem like a sheep in a wolf's skin in here. And Imagining "disheveled"Snape made me LOL. ^^

Author's Response: "Sheep in wolf's skin" is a perfect image for this fic. Thanks! :)

EvilBanshee 2006.09.13 - 02:23AM 1: Like a Virgin Signed
Haha...old bat. I love him tough ^_^ This really made me smile.

Author's Response: Glad it made you smile! Thanks! :)

Drinking chocolate 2006.09.13 - 01:22AM 3: Sex and Candy Signed
This story makes me so happy. I want Snape to get lots and lots and lots of sex.

Author's Response: Lol, I never could resist giving Severus presents. Thanks! :)

MollysSister 2006.08.11 - 12:12PM 3: Sex and Candy Signed
Hey I had never read this story before you mentioned it today on Potter Place chatter. This really was a smut fest! woo hoooooo!!! Well done. I especially like the begining parts where there was lots of pouncing on a unsuspecting Snape. Too funny!!

Author's Response: *giggle* I liked the pouncing bits as well. Thanks! :)

Anouska Draconius 2006.03.03 - 02:34PM 3: Sex and Candy Signed
Awww what a lovely ending. There isn't much Snape/Hooch fanfic out there which is unfortunate as I like the pairing. Glad our Sev didn't end up tied to Sybil's bed by one of her shawls *grin*

Author's Response: Lol! Oh dear! That would make an excellent plot bunny. Poor Severus is being held captive by Sybill, who has tied him to the bed with her shawls, and some more deserving partner comes to the rescue! *giggle* I like Hooch/Severus fics as well, and there are precious few. Glad that you liked this one! Thanks! :)

Erik_Xavier 2005.08.20 - 09:36PM 1: Like a Virgin Signed
Very Good! Very Hot! Sometimes sex scenes get a little clunky. Its so sad poor Sevvie had to wait so long, I'm glad he's getting a lot of action now.

Author's Response: I admit, I hadn't been writing naughty bits very long when I wrote this one. I like this fic, it makes me giggle, but my smut writing skills have thankfully grown a bit since I did this. Thanks for the kind review! :)

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