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Reviews for I Got It Bad For The Git, And That Ain't Good

morgaine_dulac 2008.06.26 - 04:22AM 1: The Git Signed
So true, all of it. Sigh...

december 2007.06.11 - 05:18PM 1: The Git Signed
"I met him in a childrenís novel He makes me beg, he makes me grovel"?!! This really made me LOL! Very funny! Thanks so much for posting this. I hope to read more of your stuff!

witte heks 2006.03.27 - 03:47AM 1: The Git Signed
This poem is spot on! It made me laugh out loud. I also seem to be spending a lot of time drooling and fantasizing about extra curricular activities with our beloved Potions Master.

Author's Response: There is nothing like a good laugh. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

SeaIsleWitch 2005.02.15 - 11:10PM 1: The Git Signed
One of the most comical things I've ever read! Snapealicious!

Author's Response: Welcome to Occlumency, SeaIsleWitch! I bet I know who told you to come over here ;) I am very glad that you enjoyed this tiny poem. Thank you!!!

pinkcorsair 2005.01.23 - 08:32PM 1: The Git Signed
This poem makes it official, You are a complete Snape-head. No one other than our reluctant dark Hero will do. It a shame he only lives in your dream and not in a castle in Scotland. The closest you could probably get in some greasy headed creep that work in a meth lab................Very nice, it made me wish I was the big bat myself.

Author's Response: I can't help but laugh! This is Occlumency, afterall! This entire site is dedicated to Snape! It is a shame that Severus is not real, but if he WAS real, he would not be my type. Good lord, Pink... a greasy headed creep in a meth lab? *cringes* Yikes! Single gals like me need something to fanasize ahout! What is better than a man who does not exist? That we, we can neither be disappointed nor disillussioned when he DOES turn out to be a complete farce (or a freak who works in a meth lab).

Hm... you wouldn't by any chance be into role playing, would you? I have a black wig and warm bottle of massage oil with your name on it! (I laughing my ass off, spewing diet Dr. Pepper on keyboard due to the fact that I am friggin' hilarious.)

Be glad you are not the bat. A real woman would run hell if she saw Snape coming. He does make a wonderful character to write about, though. Take care, Pink.


aramintasnape 2005.01.15 - 07:38AM 1: The Git Signed
Hadn't seen this one before! Wonderful!!

Author's Response: Hey, Thanks! Sometimes, these things just pop into my head and I must write them down. I know I am not the only one with naughty thoughts of Snape running through my head!

Grainne 2005.01.11 - 10:07AM 1: The Git Signed
You can't see me, but I am raising my cuppa tea in your honour. You and Vocalion should do a traveling "Snape-smut poetry slam" roadshow. "I met him in a children's novel"--that is a fabulous and funny line, seeing the very..ahem..un-PG rated things you two get up to next!

Author's Response: High praise coming from you, Grainne! Thank you for having a read! I have a very serious problem and Vocalion supports my madness on a regular basis, poor thing. I raise my cup of coffee and clink your teacup!


Wolf Moonshadow 2004.12.08 - 11:47PM 1: The Git Signed
"Comely fellow he is not, I donít care, I think heís hot" Well Iíd say that just about sums it all up! With thoughts of Snape shifting through my dreams: Oh what a way to end the day! This little poem of yours was just too perfect for words, so Iíll shut up now before I drool anymore. ;->

Author's Response: I must give credit to Vocalion, who inspired me with her poem "My Snape Escape" and encouraged me to post my naugty little poems. It really makes my day to get such a lovely review! Thank you so much!

P.S. I will post a little poem in this response as soon as I am finished with my final exams which are in about 5 days...

Melvacaea 2004.11.23 - 12:59PM 1: The Git Signed
Excellent! This made me laugh out loud! I'm loving this! It's bold, daring, and outspoken! Well done, EllieK!

Author's Response: Thank you! I have too many nasty little thoughts running through my head. Can you tell that I love Severus?

Severus Snape under the covers
I am but one of many lovers
Ladies swoon for the evil prat
Redemption in bed for the dungeon bat

Vocalion 2004.11.08 - 03:42PM 1: The Git Anonymous
You are a wicked woman, and I hope the Potions Master gives you just what you deserve. Very, very funny poem. Pleasant dreams!

Author's Response: Yes, I know I am very cleverus.

Snape, Snape isn't it just my luck
And sad I'll never get a...

Author's Response: Severus Snape in all his glory Boy, oh Boy, I feel like a whory?

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