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Reviews for Missing

Snape Sassy Girl 2005.04.29 - 02:12PM 1: 1 Anonymous
Absolutely Marvelous!!!!!! And I think you are on to sth with this fic, because rumours said that there will be a big, no HUGE, revelation about Snape and Lilly in the next Harry Potter book. Well, anyway, this fic is great!!!! All I would like right now would be to see Harry's face were this a real situation. If you keep on writting fics, carry on like this!!!

cyranothe2nd 2005.02.07 - 11:43PM 1: 1 Anonymous
It would be really interesting to see Harry's response to this letter.

Hemlock 2005.01.05 - 03:45AM 1: 1 Anonymous
You know the funny thing? I was listening to Missing as I read this story.. and I cried through most of the ending. I have been writing a piece of my own to this song, and I have to applaud your taste! But enough about that, and on with the story at hand. I truly enjoyed this slightly different take from the usual 'James Potter is a Saint' routine. I have always thought that Lily must have had a bit of the devil in her (otherwise she would have been too saintly) and this was so very in character. The timeline worked wonderfully, and even though you know that Snape has passed on (the first paragraph makes that obvious) you can't help but hate it by the end. As well, the tense and rigid grammar used in the story, really helped to convey the fact that Snape was not comfortable writing this letter. Something he felt he had to do, no matter how much it hurt. As much of a fan of the SS/HG pairing, I have a little spot in my heart for Snape and Lily, possibly because it is so perfectly tragic. And hey, what one of us dosen't like a tear-jerker on occasion? I admit, I am terrible at reviewing, and I forget to (more often than not... New Years Resolution) but this is the first story that has driven me to review in quite some time. Of course, the lack of reviews could be the fact that I tend to get rather wordy! But Im sure you've noticed that. I do have one issue though (and feel free to discard it, creative criticism and all that) "Your Loving Godfather" at the end, it seemed a little cliche, too sappy for a letter delivered post-mortem. Then again, I dont use a beta because I find that a lot of people don't just adjust spelling and grammar, but the entire context of the story! I applaud your effort, and rest assured, it is a definite tear-jerker. If you would like to discuss anything (character or otherwise) my email addy is hemlock013@yahoo.ca and I would love to hear back from you. Adios, Hemlock

rambkowalczyk 2004.11.25 - 11:42PM 1: 1 Anonymous
Good presentation of ideas. I find it difficult to believe that "the real Snape" was faking it. But your story or letter is good.

EllieK 2004.11.05 - 12:17AM 1: 1 Signed
Wow. There is quite a bit of depth to this. You put into writing some issues I have thought about for a long time. This is a very surprising story, meaning I am surprised you were actually considering not posting it. Job well done.

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