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Reviews for Highly Improbable

mkwiant 2012.10.09 - 11:25AM 38: I'll String Along With You Signed
What a lovely story!

mkwiant 2012.10.08 - 01:09AM 23: Bella Notte Signed
ROTFLMAO! Funniest chapter yet... nuts.. lol

mkwiant 2012.10.07 - 10:24PM 14: Almost Like Being In Love Signed
why didn't they apparate?! lol

mkwiant 2012.10.07 - 10:18PM 14: Almost Like Being In Love Signed
What a fun story!

mkwiant 2012.10.07 - 08:53PM 6: A Note Of Disappointment Signed
One word.. FUN.. How fun is this!?! I love the beginning. I love the history, and I can't wait to see where you take this!

Jong_Kahn 2011.06.16 - 03:42AM 38: I'll String Along With You Signed
Vocalion, this was a terrific story. I'm so glad I've newly discovered DeviantART, and that picture of Snape in his kilt. Because of that, I found this story, which is a new favorite of mine. I can tell you're a real musician, and you're a decent poet, besides. This story was a real pleasure to read, and I look forward to the others at this site. Bless you!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! :-)

Jong_Kahn 2011.06.16 - 02:24AM 35: Help Me, Rhonda! Signed
I listened to Judy Garland singing "If Love Were All", and broke into tears. I hope Severus grows up from the pain he's giving Clancy, that's all. Painful, excellent chapter. Thank you.

Jong_Kahn 2011.06.16 - 01:07AM 31: Murder, She Says! Signed
I have to thank you for your interesting and (sometimes) unusual choices of musical numbers. I'm familiar with most of the ones so far, but I had to go to YouTube to hear The New Leviathan Oriental Fox Trot Orchestra play their rendition of “Since Rebecca Came Back from Mecca”. I enjoy Klezmer music, so was delighted to find something I hadn't heard before. Good chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, I like to think Clancy inherited her quirky taste in music from her Aunt Hilly. (But actually, I collect old sheet music and "Since Rebecca Came Back from Mecca" is one of the jewels in my collection.)

Jong_Kahn 2011.06.16 - 12:36AM 30: The Jarvey Jive Signed
“If we both asked him nicely, do you think we could get him to stay there?” Remember the original "Dick Van Dyke Show"? Rob's fellow writer 'Buddy Rogers' was played by old vaudevillian Morey Amsterdam. This was exactly the kind of line he'd use on Mel. I couldn't help but hear Morey's intonation while I read some of these punchlines. Too funny! Poor Severus--I do hope he quits being a blockhead soon--for our sakes as much as Clancy's (and his own)!

Author's Response: How right you are! It was precisely Mr. Amsterdam's style of putdown humor that I had in mind when I wrote those scenes.:-)

Jong_Kahn 2011.06.15 - 08:10PM 20: A Fine Romance! Signed
That dog pissing on Severus' leg was Sirius, was it not? Good chapter--I liked the cleared playing field: now everything is out in the open and fair.

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