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Reviews for Happy Birthday, Minerva.

Alcina vom Steinsberg 2008.03.05 - 06:39AM 1: none Signed
Lovely story, and such a lovely birthday present! Didn't we all knew that Severus is a romantic underneath all those black layers? *grin*

snapesbbwlover 2005.04.25 - 12:36PM 1: none Signed
Squeeeeeeeeeee I just loved it. well done.

phoenix 2005.02.19 - 02:18AM 1: none Signed
I wish that was how my horrible days ended. Very well written and I was glad to find this after reading through your other fic. I still love the seeming ulikelihood of these two heads of house getting together, but you work it so well.

Horserider 2005.02.02 - 05:46PM 1: none Signed
I just love Snape in all his seductive roles! Thanks! :) ~HR

Squill 2004.12.02 - 01:51PM 1: none Anonymous
It flows nicely, from the descriptive beginning to the dialogue ending. And MgGonagall fits with Snape perfectly. Enjoyable fic.

droxy 2004.11.23 - 09:55PM 1: none Anonymous
so enjoyed the sytherin SS getting the pleasure of giving such a nice b-day present

Isobel L 2004.10.29 - 12:02AM 1: none Anonymous
Very nicely written - so heartwarming!

mariah 2004.10.27 - 01:28PM 1: none Anonymous
Well, that's my kind of day ender. Minerva's a luck gal. ^_~ Good fic.

Jessica 2004.10.22 - 03:07PM 1: none Anonymous
This is really very sweet!

June 2004.10.22 - 10:32AM 1: none Anonymous
Lucky lady!! Sounds like the perfect antidote for a rotten day. Gotta love that Severus for his ability to plan for all contingencies!

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