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Reviews for A Right Bastard

ggnome 2004.12.19 - 09:54PM 11: A Kitten’s Claws are Just as Sharp Signed
This is such a fantastic story! Hope the muse remains with you.

Author's Response: Thank you, ggnome! I don't think she's going anywhere. I only wish she'd put down the knife. ;-D

looneyluna 2004.12.19 - 06:42PM 11: A Kitten’s Claws are Just as Sharp Signed
I adore possessive Snape and insecure Trish! That's why I love your story. That...and I'm a sucker for a really good, touch of angst romance. As far as begging for reviews... I'm an author in another fandom. I've written one, desperately in need of beta work, Harry Potter PWP. It's discouraging when you, as the author, can see the hits. You can watch the hits go higher and higher, yet nobody takes the time to review. It's idiotic. People are getting FREE entertainment! The least they could do is leave feedback. I only wish I was more than one person. I would stuff your plot bunny full and make some bunny stew with him/her ;)

Author's Response: I'm so happy you're enjoying this, looneyluna! ;-D You've made me very happy. And my plot bunny loves you. The Muse, however, is still... psychotic. I've learned that leaving a review is integral to most fanfic writers. And even though I don't on some sites because of the little boxes and "press this button" crap, SH has made it so easy. *sigh*, but I love every review I get even if I kill, er, threaten... er, make that tickle, yes, even if I have to tickle the plot bunnies. I shouldn't have drank the cough syrup from the bottle. ;-D

Vocalion 2004.12.19 - 06:22PM 11: A Kitten’s Claws are Just as Sharp Signed
Is Ligare even possible? I'm afraid I wouldn't have enough on top for Snape to work with! So, when Alcatraz closed as a Muggle penal colony, it became a wizarding prison? That's a clever touch. My own thoughts on reviews: I only leave reviews for stories I enjoy. Whether the author begs for them or not is irrelevant. Ratings: I never rate a story, I only review it. If it were up to me, those irksome little stars would be abolished once and for all. Now, I will get off my soapbox before you Scourgify me.

Author's Response: Trust me, Ligare is possible and quite enjoyable. ;-D Alcatraz was always a wizard prison, Muggles were inmates for a short time. If you tour Alcatraz today, you'll only see the shell, not the real prison. It's all magic. The plot bunnies live because of you and the Muse is munching her anti-psychotic pills. No, sorry, those are M&Ms. I hope she doesn't eat the green ones. Stay on your soapbox! I'm not fond of the stars because I've seen 3 categories only--4 stars; 4 and 1/2 stars and 5 stars. Very few five star works unless they have only one or two reviews. Which means stories that are so bad they make your teeth hurt and you backspace away from it are never given the stars they really deserve (like 3) because one or two people gave it all ten stars when reviewing. Sorry, is your soapbox getting crowded? I'll get down. ~Lisa ;-D

Jinxy 2004.12.19 - 05:58PM 11: A Kitten’s Claws are Just as Sharp Anonymous
Overall this story is just lovely. The American chapters are enlightening as to what could be and to see Snape so deeply in love with Trica, and not quite aware of it is fantastic. I'm stuck at home recovering from surgery and checking on this fic is a daily ritual for me. Thanks!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Jinxy! I'm hoping your surgery went well and you're recovering nicely. Now, I feel more motivated than ever to start Chapter 12 (tentatively titled: "Operation House-Drop". I just feel so good now. ;-D I'm going to pet my dog then work harder for you.


potionmistress60 2004.12.17 - 12:15PM 10: A London Werewolf in America (You Know I Had to Use That as a Title Eventually) Anonymous
My, my, my, Miss Lisa aren't you the Slytherin one. ;) Ok...totter off to your writing table and get on with it. Cliffies drive me CRAZY! Oh, BTW I like the "claiming" angle. Can't wait to see how our dear master works that out. Love ya girlfriend (but not the way Hooch does.) LOL!

Author's Response: No, Deb. I've even cheated and I'm still a Ravenclaw. It's not fair! The willingness to cheat should put me in Slytherin!

So you're blaming insanity on evil cliffies? ;-D I might try that defense. I'm glad you like the claiming aspect. I think our dear Potions master would do well to research the entire aspect of an unknowing claiming before he continues... or perhaps I should investigate that angle?

I'd tell you I love you, but mustn't let the flying instructor get jealous. ;-D


potionmistress60 2004.12.17 - 10:50AM 9: The Obligatory General Angst Chapter or Roses vs. Carnations Signed
I'm finally getting caught up on your recent chapters. As always...very delightful. When you brought out the dog, I was thinking "Here we go, another Sirius Problem." (wink) LOL! Glad Hagrid decided to babysit. I love your Albus. I see a lot of folks ranting on Albus, but I love him and his cryptic ways. Great job with your characters and storyline! I'm off to read some more. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! You know, Perdita could be one of Sirius' descendants. ;-D (Couldn't resist that one). Albus has a lot of tricks and lemon drops up those sleeves of his. I'm so happy you're enjoying it. ~Lisa

EllieK 2004.12.15 - 11:54PM 10: A London Werewolf in America (You Know I Had to Use That as a Title Eventually) Signed
Delicious! D'lovely! Delightful! Oh wait, I'm not Vocalion, I'm EllieK! LOL! Hehe...you are evil to leave me hanging like that, but I forgive you!

"Lumos indeed..." I giggle every time I think of that line! I adored the image of Severus bludgeoning the bejeezuz out of Jameson. Now, if only he could get hold of "The Brad"...Snape is so bad and you write him so well. Steamy shower scene (pun intended). Finally the reason for her marriage is revealed. No wonder she takes responsibility and takes "the potion". Keep up the good work, Lisa! MORE, MORE, MORE!!! ### Liz

Author's Response: Thank you, EllieK! I'm not evil, just wicked. ;-D I'm happy to have your forgiveness, though.

Severus does hold a grudge as well as a bludger bat. ;-D I'm sure he and Bradley will meet one day. I'm just so happy you've enjoyed this chapter I'm doing a happy chair dance.


Miri Tiazan 2004.12.15 - 06:34PM 10: A London Werewolf in America (You Know I Had to Use That as a Title Eventually) Signed
Arrest Remus? What could such an inoffensive werewolf have done to merit such attention? And now I have to wait...

Author's Response: I'm sorry, Miri. I almost feel bad for leaving it there. ;-D Almost. Next chapter is in progress and will answer that question. I promise you. Thank you for reading and reviewing!


Obadiah Slope 2004.12.15 - 12:16PM 10: A London Werewolf in America (You Know I Had to Use That as a Title Eventually) Signed
Evil, evil author! Leaving us with a mean cliffhanger! Well, it has the desired effect, I suppose, I really want to read more! Wonderful blonde joke retort, wonderful lemon, and a wonderful line “You hit him with the Bludger seventeen times, Severus!” Ha ha! Well done, Severus! Bludgeon the bugger! (Just how many exclamation marks did I put in this review?! Seven??)

Author's Response: Thank you, Obadiah! I prefer to think of myself as "wicked" and "misunderstood" instead of evil. ;-D But that shoe does fit, I'll admit. I'm so happy you found so much enjoyable in this chapter! Chapter 11 is on the way. And I never count exclamation points in others' reviews. But I see eight, however, one was mine. ;-D


Estrilda 2004.12.15 - 07:02AM 10: A London Werewolf in America (You Know I Had to Use That as a Title Eventually) Signed
Thank you so much for not losing the snarky manipulative self centered bastard who began the story. He seemed to be getting a bit sweet with your OFC and I was afraid that his inner Slytherin was going to die without a battle. I am so glad you have written in a bit of angst and egocentric soul seaching. Happy endings are great, but they are so much sweeter if they don't come easy.

Author's Response: Thank you, Estrilda! I don't think his Inner!Slytherin is going to go away any time soon, though his conscience may be making an appearance now and again. ;-D And I do love Snarky!Manipulative!Snape too much to let him go... dare I say?... soft? But the fight is just beginning and the happy ending (if there is one) is still aways away. Thanks for reading and reviewing! Your opinion really means a lot to me.


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