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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Lynnie 2006.02.06 - 09:05PM 26: Out Of the Cauldron and into the Flame Signed
Oh my god I love this story so much I can't possibly wait until the next update.Although, I've never heard of a southern woman with no tolerance for alcohol, It's the bestest story ever!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Lynnie! I'm so happy you're enjoying this. I've known a couple of Southern women who had no tolerance, which of course, meant that everyone tried to give them alcohol. :-)

countrymouse 2006.01.26 - 08:16PM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
Well??? There will be more, right???

Larilee, you are a masterful wordsmith, and I've been hooked on this tale from its beginnings. But surely, you won't leave it here? You are not the sort of author to be guilty of literarius interruptus, so...???

Waiting (impatiently), with love,


Author's Response: Thank you, countrymouse! There will be more, I'm just having some difficulties with the next chapter and real life has been real nasty lately. No wonder I prefer my cyber world. :-) I am working on it though.

amycnorm98 2006.01.23 - 11:25AM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
so, I'm trying to decide if a physical threat or brownies is the best motivation to get you to update this fic...hmm, the possibilities ;)

Author's Response: Brownies, definitely brownies! I am working on it! But I've trashed part of the chapter 4 times now. I will keep working on it! Thanks!

seventonks 2006.01.23 - 06:42AM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
YAY!!!! i'm soo glad!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad that you're glad!

potionmistress60 2005.12.17 - 11:31AM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
Woo! Hoo! *Deb's joining in the midst of joyous people.* But I knew you wouldn't write Trisha off. ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you, Deb! I couldn't permanently hurt Tricia, Severus wouldn't let me. :-)

potionmistress60 2005.12.17 - 11:09AM 26: Out Of the Cauldron and into the Flame Signed
You are sooo cruel Miss LariLee. What am I going to do with you? Evil, cruel LariLee with her evil, cruel cliffhangers. I think your title should be Queen of Cliffies! LOL!

Author's Response: Thank you, potionmistress60! I know the cliff hangers were effective now. :-)

potionmistress60 2005.12.17 - 10:34AM 25: Expected Enemies and Unexpected Allies Signed
Doing some catch up with my morning coffee and hand dipped chocolate turtles. Breakfast of champions..eh? Anyway...I love the "cat fight" between the women. Meow!! LOL! A very good chapter indeed. Your little twists and turns are wonderful. But I must complain about the evil cliffie. Well, off to refill my cup and grab just one...more...chocolate tidbit. When I get back, I'm going to immerse myself in chapter 26. Talk to you later!

Author's Response: Thank you, Deb! Chocolate is the best way to start out the morning. If you hate evil cliff hangers... well, I probably will hear about it. :-)

Subversa 2005.12.02 - 08:07AM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
Oh, thank goodness. I am so glad it worked! Loved Draco's visit to his father, love Draco, actually, you are drawing him very well. I can't believe I'm at the end of what you've written thus far; I have rationed myself severely! This Snape of yours is entirely edible, and I must have MORE. Okay, the whole ritual of the giving of the potion, how he put it into her mouth from his, omigod, it's so beautiful. More, please, I swear I'll be good.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Subversa! You have made me so very happy!

Subversa 2005.12.01 - 04:49AM 25: Expected Enemies and Unexpected Allies Signed

Damn, girl. You just keep on pulling out all the stops, don't you?

:::bows reverently to the Queen of the Alternate Universe::: May I be an accolyte? I could carry your train.

Please tell me it's not as heavy as the Hogwarts Express.

Author's Response: Thank you, Subversa! I am accepting applications for minions. Head patting is a must. :-)

Subversa 2005.11.25 - 08:52AM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
Oh, the Sorting Hat magic was brilliant! John Aubrey is far more dangerous than his cousin, I think. Severus has finally gotten his head screwed on straight, and I am thankfully tucking away my silver hammer!

Author's Response: Thank you, Subversa! You're right on the money -- a smart politician is always the more dangerous, unless they're totally stupid and in office. :-) If you want to bring your silver hammer over here, I do have a number of repair jobs.

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