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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Grainne 2005.01.20 - 03:39PM 2: Needed: A Plan. A Plot. A Scheme. A Ploy. A Ruse. Signed
Well, I think I have just found the prefect accompaniment to afternoon tea...a chapter or two of LariLee. I loved reading the account of the war from Snape's POV--especially the bit about the Voldemort wallet-that-wasn't and the post-war raid on the greenhouse! And with this one line "Truth could be a lovely thing to play with" you have captured the man's attitude/personality. This story is turning out to be intelligent, creamy (wink), and full of delicious subtle humor.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Grainne! I'm so happy you're enjoying this! I enjoy your work so much, it makes me very happy to think I might be giving you something interesting to read in return.

Obadiah Slope 2005.01.20 - 06:32AM 13: Operation House-Drop Begins Signed
Loved your poem - well, A. Plot Bunny's poem; it was most informative! Ah, Rumson, everyone needs a nasty politician. Can't wait to read more of him!

Author's Response: Obadiah, honey, we need to get rid of nasty politicians. ;-D I'm glad you're still with me and still enjoying! Thank you!

pinkcorsair 2005.01.20 - 01:07AM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed

Author's Response: MEANIE!

pinkcorsair 2005.01.20 - 12:47AM 4: Why Southern Women Don't Drink (and Why British Men Think They Should) Signed
No threeway? NO THREEWAY? NNNNOOOO BLOODY 333333333WAY. Why have I been reading this for the last two days? How much more can they do together. Some back door action and that's about it. You have do a threeway. They can't just jump from normal sex to animals without something in between. If the girl, girl, guy thing is hanging you up, just bring in another bloke. Tricia can be the meat in a Snape, Potter sandwitch.

Author's Response: I think this month's PlayWizard magazine is featuring that. However, no three-ways, no bestiality, no really kinky stuff. And I really don't see Snape as the sharing kind. ;-D Nice fantasy though, except for that bit about Potter.

pinkcorsair 2005.01.20 - 12:12AM 4: Why Southern Women Don't Drink (and Why British Men Think They Should) Signed
I don't care what that girls name is, Severus should marry her! She tied him up, gave him a great Hummer (and swallowed), then fell asleep. And he didn't have to buy her a condo or a sports car first................Even beat up, this Babette sounds hot. If you don't want to use Hermione in a threesome, just use her. What would piss Ripley off more than both his ex-wives moaning some other guy's name, at the same time...........I will forgive what you said about my Narcissa. I know it only jealousy. Your mad that you only got sloppy seconds from Lucius and a fist full of knuts on your nightstand.

Author's Response: Actually, Narcissa left the knuts (how do you think I know about her tattoos?) and Lucius got me a condo and a Nimbus 2500, not to mention a cash settlement. Also, he left me his pimp cane. I hate to break it to you, but neither Severus nor Tricia will be in a three-way. I would consider Narcissa with Crabbe and Goyle and I wouldn't even dissolve her teeth. How's that?

pinkcorsair 2005.01.19 - 09:48PM 3: The Chapter That is Character Heavy But Lemon Light Signed
OH under her hips. When I think sex on the floor, I natually assume doggy. I guess I've watched too much porn. narcissa wasn't being stupid. She simply had to make a choice. The safest choice was to take the mark.

Author's Response: Well, pink, it looks like I taught you something then. And the Dark Mark on one cheek was bad enough but the heart with "I love Voldy" on the other cheek was really damning. ;-D

lasaire 2005.01.19 - 09:44PM 12: Plots, Schemes, Manipulations and Hexes or Just Another Californian Day Signed
Ah, I loved the bit about Carol and her friend casting those hexes. Good job. I think Carol and Severus are a bit too alike to get along well right away, but with time they'll become at least allies in a common cause. Excellent fic thus far. I don't know if you've ever been to Savannah (it sounds obvious that you're from the South) but your description of the upperclass there is pretty accurate. I went to college in Savannah, and back at the time Mary was growing up, the population of upperclass whites was a fairly small, insular community. Very little middle class in the city, and a large number of black people below the poverty line. The civil rights movement would have affected the city greatly, and I'm sure her parents remembered the era before it. Her debut into society would have been marked by her debutante ball, happening when she was 18...it would be a fairly large event, like Confirmation into the catholic church. Basically a large party in which all the suitable bachelors would be invited and introduced to her. One further tidbit, I'm not sure what 'Abe' means as a last name, it's fairly uncommon, and you'd have to see the characters to be sure of the last name. Akiko comes from 'aki'-autumn and '-ko' child, which is a common ending for girls names. Adding -ko to the end of a noun to create a girl's name is almost like the tendency of feminine names in English to end in -a or -y. (Abby, Ginny, Molly, Andrea, Alicia, Patricia etc.)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, lasaire! I'm actually from Kentucky so it's not quite Southern for me, but the college I went to actually still had these sorts ten years later with their balls, etc. And I really appreciate the meaning of Akiko's name. I pulled from a list because I liked the sound and meant to return to find out the meaning... and never did. I'm just happy you're enjoying this. And I don't think Carol and Severus will ever be close friends for the reason you mentioned, but I do think they'll be friends in time.

pinkcorsair 2005.01.19 - 09:22PM 3: The Chapter That is Character Heavy But Lemon Light Signed
Narcissa was forced into it by her Dickhead husband. Tricia should sympathize with that. She deservse a second chance............ You don't need throw pillows to have sex on a rug. Just don't let the woman on top.

Author's Response: You really think Narcissa is that stupid? And I can't tell you anything more about her because she will be back. Tricia can't do a darned thing about the laws of another country. She's going to have a hard enough time with the laws of America. And put the pillows under the woman's hips.

pinkcorsair 2005.01.19 - 08:32PM 3: The Chapter That is Character Heavy But Lemon Light Signed
At first I thought you were going to put Hermione together with Draco. "YUCK" with a capital "YUCK" Remus isn't that much better. I would prefer Hermione to stay single, so that there is a chance for a threeway.(I want to know just how much skill the Potion Master has got) Draco with old veinny Gramma Boobs. Disgusting, but I'd want to touch them to. I would probably try to get one in my mouth during a headstand.,,,,,,,, Why do you have my lovely Narcissa in the Booby hatch? Hopeful Lucius is six feet closer to Hell, and not bothering my beautiful goddess anymore. See what you can do about springing her.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,When did Dumbledore become Martha Stewart? Throw pillows, you got to be kidding me. No man not still living with his Mom has throw pillows. Furinture doesn't require pets of their own..............I'll read on from here and find out who the Smuck in the Leaky Cauldron is. "THREEWAY" Think about it.

Author's Response: LMAO (and I hate typing that!). I promise you here and now, Pink, should I ever write a three-way, I'll include you. Narcissa is only in St. Mungo's to avoid Azkaban. Sorry about that but your blonde goddess was an accessory. Just because she hid her Dark Mark on her ass didn't mean she was innocent. And throw pillows are great when you're making love (or screwing like kneazles in heat) on the oriental carpet in front of the fire.
~Lisa (must go wash my mind with the thought of Tittie!Draco, Snape and Hermione all together).

Grainne 2005.01.19 - 03:48PM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
Oho, what a fabulous scene of first impressions! That Tricia is a right corker, I like her already, stupid girly shoes and all. And then...and THEN....oh my! I particlularly liked what Snape was thinking about to keep from coming too soon and Tricia's Eureka moment. And, of course, the button countdown was a classic.

Author's Response: Thank you, Grainne! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ;-D I think Hagrid in a speed-o would look a bit like a fuzzy sumo wrestler. And I'm pleased that a writer I respect finds this a good story!

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