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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Ceridwyn Penn 2005.01.22 - 11:25AM 13: Operation House-Drop Begins Signed
I hope that Severus learns a thing or two from Beau about taming the machismo. I hate it that he thinks Beau is weak, especially since he does seem to be aware of the dangers of underestimating people! May I say, your lemons are A+. And Merkin - heh.

Author's Response: Thanks, Ceridwyn! I think Beau is pretty comfortable in his self-image and Severus might learn from that if he's paying attention. I just had to do a Merkin, thanks to TPMM. ;-D

Titania 2005.01.22 - 11:17AM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
Oh but damn! Great first chapter. I like Patricia, she's not Mary Sue (yay-I've tried writing SS/OC and I always end up with a Mary Sue) Snape seems well Snapey in all the right places which is great and he's a god in the bedroom. Very erotic writing my dear I am quite impressed and now am off to chapter two! Live long and prosper, Titania

Author's Response: Thank you, Titania! I'm glad to hear she's not Mary Sueish. And I dearly love the Snapey Snape too much to lose him completely, even five years after the war. LL&P,

pinkcorsair 2005.01.22 - 03:53AM 6: Put Your Wand in the Box or the Chapter Where Plot Elements are Added--Finally Signed
So her jeans were so tight, she was showing a little camel-toe, was she. Is Danny her roomate? Or does he alway just barge in, when he wants. Every girl need a gay friend. Someone they can complain to about their boyfriends, without the fear that they'll try and steal him for themsevles. Men don't have gay girl friends. We always think we can convert them back to liking men, with just one good lay. It doesn't matter if this is true or not, because most men don't have one good lay in them.............. I'm starting to have some problem with your main character. Tricia is starting to look too perfect. She doesn't have any faults. Being too trusting and too loyal are not faults, neither is haveing a butthole for an ex. A fault is something like "I hate old people and once a month I feel the need to kick a dog." Try not to make her too perfect. or she won't feel real.

Author's Response: Oh, Pink, Pink, Pink... do you really think a guy who dresses like it's the Victorian days Homecoming festival can stand the thought of his woman in jeans? I'm going to drop her into a bathing suit just to see what he does.

You're probably right about the lesbian-straight man thing. And hopefully, most men don't have a good lay in them, but leave it in someone else. ;-D

Finally, *whew* Tricia is naive and has no self-confidence as a woman. She's also got this stupid idea that everything is her fault (I'd suggest counseling, but she won't go). Think she should have PMS? She will have a major fault later, the inability to forgive easily. Comes with too much loyalty. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

~Lisa ;-D

pinkcorsair 2005.01.22 - 02:58AM 6: Put Your Wand in the Box or the Chapter Where Plot Elements are Added--Finally Signed
So Severus is starting to get the Baby itch. He see Tricia hips has something other than just something to hold on to. You wrote about their stop in Customs? What next? Are you going to have them stop by the D.M.V? And why are they in a armpitt of the south like Roanoke? And why is there a wizard school there? Wizard school should be in New Egland or the West Coast. Places were three diget I.Q's are the norm. Her parents have a bookstore in the south. No wonder they don't have any money. They might as well have a bathing suit shop at the north pole.....................I know it sound like I'm putting down the south, That's because I am. I just spent four hellhole months in Virginia. I got so tired of hearing people say "Gual dern" and "Dog gone" that I almost went insane. I was actually missing the Southern Cal morons that always say "Dude" all the time...........................I'm only half way through this chapter, so I'll quit now and go read the rest. I'm trying to make this story last.

Author's Response: Don't hold back, Pink! Tell me how you really feel! And don't gush so much!

Roanoke is site of the oldest American colony. The original Roanoke simply vanished. No bodies found. Sounds like a good magical place to me.

The South, at least in Kentucky, does have a lack of bookstores, except for the chains. Rather depressing.

And what do you mean you "almost went insane"? *snickering*

Grainne 2005.01.21 - 03:41PM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
Oops, that was supposed to be "Snape smut poetry" not "Snape mut poetry"--although the latter has some promise I'm sure. I am enjoying very much, I promise you that--am drawing it out 1 or 2 chappies a day (for maximum pleasure!)

Author's Response: The Snape mut poetry is over at the Sirius-Severus board. ;-D I couldn't resist that one. Please, take your time, chapter 14 is going slowly, but it's going. And I'm not going to touch maximum pleasure... nope, not gonna. not at all.

Grainne 2005.01.21 - 12:33PM 4: Why Southern Women Don't Drink (and Why British Men Think They Should) Signed
"Oh, yes, this man was Ogdens finest in masculine, buttoned form." I'll toast to that! (only I'll have to use yoghurt at the moment, as it's all I've got, and it is a bit early...even for a Friday.) SexGodSnape is unfamiliar to me (outside of all the great Snape mut poetry out there), but you do him wonderfully, and he is fast becoming quite addictive...

Author's Response: Thank you, Grainne! I'm hooked on SexGod!Snape or else Slytherin!Snape. I'm just so pleased you're still reading and still liking it.

sophierom 2005.01.21 - 11:14AM 10: A London Werewolf in America (You Know I Had to Use That as a Title Eventually) Signed
I loved the parallel between Severus and Patricia's 18-year-old choices. Best, Sophie

Author's Response: Thanks, Sophie! 18 is a dangerous age.

pinkcorsair 2005.01.20 - 08:18PM 5: Who Is Lynne Fields and Why is Severus Saying Such Bad Things About Her? Signed
I take it Beau and his wife are the black sheep of the Ripley family. Kinda like Tonks and her Mom. Only in America could a rich man force his destitute wife, to make support payments...........What is it about you and peaches. Peaches have showed in ever chapter so far. No one actually smell like peaches, nor do they want too. Peashes have a very flat smell to them. Try citrus or cherry next time............... Romance Novels, that is low. It's like soft porn for women.

Author's Response: Well, more on Beau and Carol later. And several countries have 'equitable' divorce laws that go by paper, not real assets. Many soon-to-be-ex-spouses hide assets under family names. Have you never heard of peach shampoo and body wash? And since when do you have a problem with porn? LOL! But I can imagine the cherry imagry now. ;-D Love you, pink.

Miri Tiazan 2005.01.20 - 05:25PM 13: Operation House-Drop Begins Signed
Severus and Patricia are both so insecure. Aw. Good couple chapters. Update soon?

Author's Response: Thanks, Miri! I'm so glad you're still enjoying this. Update about a week away. Working on Operation house-drop now.

Grainne 2005.01.20 - 03:55PM 3: The Chapter That is Character Heavy But Lemon Light Signed
...and not-so-subtle humor. Still chuckling over Draco well-endowed in all the wrong places, busibody DIY decorator Albus, and "Did you just come to… smell my room?" Cheers!

Author's Response: Cheers back to you, Grainne! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Draco got exactly what he wanted. You ever hear that old curse: "May all your wishes come true?"

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