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Reviews for A Right Bastard

pinkcorsair 2005.01.30 - 04:18AM 13: Operation House-Drop Begins Signed
Please Severus, mow the lawn. Please Severus, change the baby. Please Severus, shave my legs. She got his wrapped around her finger and doesn't even know it............... I think I know what you have planned for Rumson. I won't mention it, in case it's true and other readers see this review...................Snape taking her to Malfoy's villa is he? Maybe Narcissa can show up with some pollyjoice potion and one of Tricia's hairs. A perfect way to take revenge on Snape. She might try to kill him, but Snape bedroom skill distract her. She end's up knock up in stead. The potion wares off just as Tricia enters the room. What do think? Not quite what you had in mine.

Author's Response: Ah, having your legs shaved can be somewhat erotic. Especially rubbing that lotion in afterword.

Sorry, darling, Narcissa is in St. Mungo's pretending to be insane to be kept out of Azkaban.

Chapter 14 is pending validation. Hopefully, it should be up soon.

Not what I had planned in the slightest, but good ideas all around. But remember, my forte is fluff, not intrigue. I'm not smart enough for that. ;-D But thanks for reviewing! I was having withdrawals waiting for the chapter to post.


Grainne 2005.01.27 - 04:30PM 10: A London Werewolf in America (You Know I Had to Use That as a Title Eventually) Signed
Just me--clapping--& letting you know I appreciate the Quidditch match, shower scene, and the whole back & forth at the end there. I am glad that Snape has not forgotten his title! [I see his conference badge *HELLO, MY NAME IS: Right Bastard*]

Author's Response: As long as you're still enjoying it, Grainne, I am happy! He won't forget hs title any time soon. ;-D

Grainne 2005.01.27 - 04:02PM 9: The Obligatory General Angst Chapter or Roses vs. Carnations Signed
*In the meantime, he would show her any good aspect of his personality that he could findÖ and possibly a few that were made up on the spot.* Go, go Severus go! I have this mental picture of him turning out his pockets and searching impatiently through his pensieve for "good aspects." A big gold star to Patricia for cheering up Hagrid, and 10 for you, your beta, your muses & your bunnies (share nicely!)

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you, Grainne! I shall share stars all around! Yes, I agree, Severus believes he'll have to dig deep. And Hagrid needed cheering up. I like Hagrid!

pinkcorsair 2005.01.27 - 05:13AM 12: Plots, Schemes, Manipulations and Hexes or Just Another Californian Day Signed
George Bush + Donald Rumfield= George Rumson? I guess you wrote her little speach sometime before Nov 2 of last year. At they got one thing right. A debate isn't enough. You need to find something that will really put his nuts in a vice.................You know there nothing wrong with writing sex scenes with other people in them. It doesn't always have to be Snape and Meadows. Carol and Beau could have gone at it. Just stick the kid in the crib and play a game of good cop, bad cop.

Author's Response: No, Rumson was the villain in "The American President" and I loved the name. And George is common enough yet I remembered it easily. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! And believe me, more than his nuts will be in the vice.
What if Caol and Beau played "Destiny and Roger" instead? ;-D

Lana Manckir 2005.01.26 - 08:18PM 13: Operation House-Drop Begins Signed
Beautiful chapter as usual and now you left me with many questions about her past and that DE attack. And will she find out what claiming means before he proposes? Ok now all you have to do is update ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you, Lana! Tricia is not quite as simple as she seems, in fact, she's rather complex. About the claiming, Carol knows, and of course if your best friend knows something, you'll know it eventually. :-) Working on the next chapter now!

Grainne 2005.01.26 - 02:05PM 8: Do Peaches and Lemons Really Go Together? Signed
Mmm, yummy. And I know you don't (ahem) get into politics...so thank Merlin that George Rumson is only a fictional character, entirely a figment, and no one in their right mind would ever let such a man...erm...oh dear. Where was I? Oh, yes, yummy. I continue to adore Snape's inner dialogue (and I'm rather fond of the external dialogue as well) "Do you dare to claim me?" Indeed! Mummy, I want THAT one!

Author's Response: Nope, I don't get into politics at all. ;-D And I tried the "He followed me home, can I keep him?" argument before. Severus is now in my basement, setting up a potions lab. He was a bit miff those lovely square boxes couldn't be used as a workspace, but we do need a washer and dryer. Thanks, Grainne!

Grainne 2005.01.26 - 01:37PM 7: The Muggliest Muggle or You Donít Really Want to Think of Your In-Laws Having Sex Signed
So happy to see a cameo by the pineapple! That fruit sure gets around...it should be granted ambassador status. Poor Severus is doing so well with the parentals...give that man a good stiff drink (or a glass of lemonade!)

Author's Response: I do so love the pineapple! He's trying so hard, the things a man will do for his woman defy explanation. Thanks, Grainne!

sophierom 2005.01.26 - 10:13AM 11: A Kittenís Claws are Just as Sharp Signed
You do such a great job with the mix of approaches - love, passion, politics, mystery ... and yet you keep them all centered around your two main characters. I'm so impressed!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sophie! I'm glad you're enjoying this!
~Lisa who hasn't had her morning Pepsi yet so can't dance with the plot bunnies, but will as soon as she wakes up.

pinkcorsair 2005.01.25 - 10:51PM 11: A Kittenís Claws are Just as Sharp Signed
I wanted to see a hex or two thrown while those Aurors were at the door. The little twerp should have at least left with a limp. The gang gather around and comming up with a plan, very Scooby Doo-ish. I really wouldn't say this chapter had lemons, more like a lemon drop. I guess I shouldn't expect anything too kinky until after he give her that damn ring. I'll want some sort of structual damage to the room after that.

Author's Response: Darling, you just don't hex cops when a cop is standing next to you. And I promise you some damage when he gives her the ring (after he takes her away which is after the 5 year anniversary).
~Lisa, Lemon Drop Kid

pinkcorsair 2005.01.25 - 05:57AM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
Hopefully Harry Potter doesn't deteriorate to the point where it has its own version of Trekies. I might as well glue some pointed ears on and go try to pick up some Kingon chick.

Author's Response: Try stuffing a cucumber down your flight suit. I hear that works well.
Can you picture the conventions in 50 years when EVERYONE comes as Dumbledore?

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