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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Melpomene Erato 2005.01.31 - 10:35AM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
Wow! You have some really good friends. I can't believe Disability won't cover your needs. I'm so glad youc an write again.

Author's Response: I thank God for them! I'm fighting to get Disability. Even though the expert for my state testified that she could find no job in her booklet that I could be capable of doing for 8 hours a day, the judge stated I should find "a couple of part-time jobs" because if I lost one, I could always find another.
Gotta rant on that one, I was an Investigative Analyst for a Health Insurance company. I was good at my job and I made good money. Now, I'm told to get a couple of McJobs (minimum wage or "disposable jobs" with no benefits such as insurance) and get fired. I change positions frequently when at the computer; I cannot stand very long; I cannot walk very far; my hands lack the dexterity they once had; and depending on the day, my mind can be fuzzy. How many jobs are there where you can set your own hours and work off your back? I can only think of one and 40 is too old to become a prostitute. Besides, I couldn't take the standing on a corner.
But I am so happy some kind hearted people are helping me do what I enjoy! It was a act of kindness in the highest degree.

potionmistress60 2005.01.31 - 07:43AM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
Destiny Rules! LOL! Never underestimate the power of women with a score to settle. Loved the Chap., Lisa. I also love the chats and interactions with Beau and Severus. I can definately see those two becoming good friends. Marvelous job on the interview with Rumson. It was great how Trisha kept her cool, being sweet yet forceful with her comments, causing that arsehole to loose it. Looking forward to more! My thanks to the "guardian angels" as well! Random acts of kindness, such as this, benefits us all. Ok, Lisa, go "talk' away. I've got to see how this all turns out. Yeah!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Deb! Tricia isn't quite as simple, sweet and innocent as first believed, is she? The more I write Beau, the more I like him. He sort of a good ole' boy of the Wizarding world. I dearly love my angels and anything I will do from here on out, will have their wing-prints on it. ~Lisa

pinkcorsair 2005.01.31 - 04:36AM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
I was just sitting here eating my tuna sandwhich when it acured to me. Where's Bellatrix? She my favored character. I have a thing for all the Black women. A spicy vixon like her would be great in your story. I do plan to bother everyday until you update,you know. Think of me as your Sycophant Hex stocker.

Author's Response: So, it is "Updates by Intimidation"? I'm not sure if that will work or not, but feel free. I love to see my review members go up and I do enjoy talking with you. I like Belladominatrix as a character, too. But I won't be using her in the story. However, I do believe she will be in the next fic I write, which is tentatively titled "The Defense Professor's Wife". I finally got rid of one stalker in real life, so as long as you don't show up on my doorstep -- stalk away!

pinkcorsair 2005.01.31 - 01:41AM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
Butch and Al are a couple of lace pushing Puffers. I do have to agree with them, peaches are so high school. The old, the camera still on trick. Get them everytime. So what's next? When will Snape get to meet "The Brad" or "Momma Ripley"? That should be fun. Is Snape going to take her away now? He needs to give her that ring and screw her brain out. You know how to write good sex, I know know to write bad sex. I enjoy read good sex more as long as it's not the same old thing everytime...............I'm out of chapters to read now. I don't care if your sick. Stick a pincil in your mouth and type the keyboard with the eracer. Just kidding, I hope you feel better soon.~pink~

Author's Response: Well, Al is a lace pushing Hufflepuffer. Sometimes, the old tricks are the best. I'm dying to have Snape meet Hellspeth, er, Elspeth (Damn, Beau's got me doing it now), but I'm not sure when or if. However, I swear he'll meet "The Brad". I write good sex because I used my imagination from too many times of your Snape-sex. ;-D I probably won't be better for a long time, but I appreciate the sentiments. With the new software though, I'm back up to regularly writing. 1/3 the way through the next chapter. Take care!

looneyluna 2005.01.30 - 09:04PM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
I adore your chapter titles! They are always so imaginative. If your angels are reading this review, I would just like to give them a heartfelt thank you for what they did. I greatly appreciate their contribution. I adore your universe and adore your Snape. Out of all the characters in the HP universe, I find him the most difficult to write. I'm especially enjoying the banter between Beau and Severus. I won't threaten to whip your plot bunny. This time around I'll pet it and love it and call it George :).

Author's Response: Thank you, Luna! I think everyone should thank my angels, without them I was looking at giving up my computer for a while. Or as my doctor put it, ďuntil you feel better, and I have no clue when it would be because we donít know whatís wrong with you.Ē Well, at least he didnít send me to a psychiatrist. Not yet anyway.
I am so happy you like my Snape. I think heís the most fascinating character to write.
Iím actually enjoying Beau an awful lot. I can see him becoming a friend to Severus; someone whoís not afraid to tell him the truth.
in my plot bunny thanks you. Just for you, Iíll love it and squeeze it in call it George.

Mariana 2005.01.30 - 03:16PM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
I'm so glad that you got what you needed. You're a talented writer, and many, many people recognize that. Another superb chapter, of course. Your characterization continues to be both creative and plausible. Your chapters always delight me, and make my day when I see your name on the front page.

Author's Response: Thank you, Mariana! I so appreciate your kind words! I'm going to watch the plot bunnies dance they are so happy too!
~Lisa ;-D

Apothecaria 2005.01.30 - 02:44PM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
This update was worth the wait. All the plotting and scheming--it's very Slytherin. For all his anger and dismay at the circumstances, Severus must feel right at home; certainly not out of his depth. Sorry to hear of your health problems. I have repetitive stress injury in my wrists from a combination of typing and the opening of many thousands of child-proof prescription drug vials (occupationally-related; I work in a drug store). So I also find I can't participate in fan-fic land as much as I would like for health reasons. And I admire the huge amount of typing you've done thus far in this highly involved story.

Author's Response: Thank you, Apothecaria! I think Severus does have a certain appreciation for the tactics involved, even if it leaves him out. Poor guy doesn't get what fighting in America means yet, but he will eventually.

I'm sorry to hear about your wrists, RSI is going to become much more common with computers becoming predominate. I used to type 100+ gwam (I capped out the tests on words I used predominately on my job) and losing that ability... well, silly as it sounds, I was proud of it. I'm glad you took the time to review with your wrists being the way they are and I'm so glad you're liking the story! That makes it worthwhile for me. And my angels who got me the software make that possible.


Vocalion 2005.01.30 - 12:04PM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
Ta-dah! It posted, and it's a very exciting, fast-paced chapter. I love the way Snape put Butch and Al in their places -- and he didn't even need a pineapple for back-up! Beau is even starting to grow on me, and the exchanges between Tricia, Rumson, and Reilly were written (or spoken) very well. Keep the chapters coming, Lisa! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Though I wonder what would have happened if Al wasn't a former student? And that pineapple might have been in moral jeopardy if Al wasn't an ex-student! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks to my angels, the next chapter is 1/3 of the way done. For some reason I cannot write without getting reviews for my prior chapter.

aramintasnape 2005.01.30 - 11:58AM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
Wow! If Snape had been there in the studio I dread to think what he would have done! I was wondering if 'Scott Merkin' would make an appearance and I did chuckle when he turned up! Also when 'Al' turned out to be a former Hogwarts student. And I'm still loving all the interaction between Severus and Beau! Looking forward to more updates now you've got your software sorted.

Author's Response: I think Tricia was perfectly right to not tell him where the studio was, considering this was all planned. I guess Slytherin rubs off after a while. :-) Merkin will probably show up again, watch for him. Al and Butch were quite enjoyable to write. I actually based them off a couple of guys I knew. Don't tell them, I don't want them to sue me. The more I write Beau, the more I really like him even if he is a Ripley. Now that I'm getting feedback, I'll go back to work on Chapter 15.


pinkcorsair 2005.01.30 - 05:02AM 13: Operation House-Drop Begins Signed
Shaving my leg doesn't make me feel exotic, just gay.That's why I always wax. I can't stand those little bumps. Lotion i use for something completely different.

Author's Response: You know, a lot of bicylists shave. I won't ask about the lotion... or all the muscles in your wrist. ;-D

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