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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Titania 2005.02.09 - 07:32PM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
Gosh Lari! I am dumbfounded, I had no clue. I am so happy that you have received what you need, if I had known I'd have kicked in a few Gallieons! Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything else. It would be an honour for me to help keep your fantastic work available. You have my prayers for your health and a miraculous recovery, Liz (Titania)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Liz! I really appreciate it. I'm going to go now for a while and I nearly have chapter 16 finished. And that makes me feel awfully good!

Obadiah Slope 2005.02.08 - 04:24PM 15: Define Normal Signed
I enjoyed the pillow fight! Lol. I really want to know more about this claiming business! I have a feeling that this theme will carry on for a time. Hmm...I shall muse to myself, and leave it at that.

Author's Response: Thank you, Obadiah! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, "claiming" will come around again in a couple of chapters. Right now, the score is 3-2 with the quaffle on Severus' pitch. :-)

sophierom 2005.02.08 - 09:38AM 15: Define Normal Signed
Hi Lisa! I realized I hadn't reviewed the last few chapters ... I'm such a bad person. Sorry about that! Anyway, loved this chapter, as usual. The scene where Tricia claims him was very good indeed! These two are definitely meant for each other; he'll keep her from rushing into danger (or not - but at least he'll help her once she's in danger!), and she'll keep him from getting mad (or not, but at least she'll probably keep him from killing someone - or will she??? The end of the chapter was intriguing!). Hope you're doing well. So glad you were able to get the voice recognition software - for your sake, of course, but I'll be selfish and admit that it's good for us readers, too! :-) Best, Sophie

Author's Response: Thank you, Sophie! I was afraid I'd lost you, so I'm really happy to know you're still reading! The Voice Recognition Software takes getting used to, but it's sped up my writing without increasing my pain. I think Tricia and Severus complement each other and will hopefully keep on doing so... that is, unless the evil author decides to do something totally wicked. :-)

pinkcorsair 2005.02.07 - 04:47AM 15: Define Normal Signed
See, you didn't like boaring. Now you made me feel bad for writing it.:-(

Author's Response: Sorry, but I do not take responsibility for your feelings. Isn't it amazing what you can learn counseling?

pinkcorsair 2005.02.07 - 04:35AM 15: Define Normal Signed
I can do boaring!! While I feel your story is relitively stimulating, I believe the sexual encounters lost their creativety. It might be prudent for you to become more imaginative with their upcoming interludes. It would also be greatly appreciated if your updates became a weekly occurrence, if not sooner............I must also reiterate that I believe my own main character preformed admirally in his sexual duties. Better than your own would have, if under the same circumstances.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you feel I've lost my creativity. I'll update as soon as the next chapter is done.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you feel I've lost my creativity. I'll update as soon as the next chapter is done.

pinkcorsair 2005.02.07 - 04:03AM 15: Define Normal Signed
Like I told you. The farther away from a udate you get, the more perveted my reviews will become. Do you want to know about the time I Tea-bagged my sister?

Author's Response: And that's where you're making a mistake, pink. You see, then I spend all my creativity and coming up with funny answers to your perverted reviews. My chapters usually run 15 pages and I've been stuck on page 9 for a while now. Not to mention it's my turn for the TPMM "Sex Ed" Round Robin. Now if you would just write a nice boring review, I could crank out six pages really quick. So it's up to you. I need the reviews for my creativity, but not something that distracts me too much. And I really don't want hear about your sister. One of my best friends was a social worker... I probably already heard it.

pinkcorsair 2005.02.07 - 03:33AM 15: Define Normal Signed
That was a Dandelion not a daisy. And if you were paying attention, you would have noticed that that wasn't my girlfriend with a strap-on in the picture. It was Francisco, the guy who use to do the pool. What can I say, I was feel a little vulnerable that weekend.

Author's Response: A dandelion? You've lost weight, haven't you? I don't know why Francisco had breasts, but oh well. I'm sure it was a vulnerable weekend. ;-D

pinkcorsair 2005.02.07 - 02:21AM 15: Define Normal Signed
Now that I'm finished with this chapter, I just want to say, Maybe Tricia and Severus aren't meant for each other. I think, he thinks she will be a stay at home mom, raising his kids. I don't think she's willing to give up her career yet, if ever. It also still a little creepy that he's trying to backdoor her into a marriage using magic. She need to stop worrying about if he is going to leave or not, and start showing that she has some balls of her own in their relationship........Let her borrow Carol's strap-on and bend Snape over the chair and let him take it like a man. Now that's true love if he lets her do that.

Author's Response: Well, the point is that he's making a series of assumptions:
1). "She'd never claim me on her own if she knew."
2). She will quit work and cater to me.
3). She wants kids.
4). She can have kids.
5). That she's willing to stay in the dungeons in Scotland while he teaches.
These are all things a smart couple will talk about before marriage. However, I never said Snape was wise in matters of the heart. ;-D These issues could cause trouble with any couple.

Now, about that strap-on. I hate to break it to you, pink, but your girlfriend lied. It's not a sign of true love. She just wanted the pictures to sell on the Internet. I caught it on a funny picture website. Nice tattoo, btw. Not many men have the balls to have Winnie the Pooh sniffing a daisy on their butt. Kudos!

~Lisa ;-P

Sarai 2005.02.06 - 02:58PM 15: Define Normal Signed
This is an excellent story! I love how you take all the Brits and land them in America with all of our insane and crazy customs. Severus rarely seems out of character, especially when he dislikes a particular person. Thinking about it, I suppose that's the only way we really know him anyway. So I suppose the question is, when does Severus propose and when does he find out that Patricia's on to him? Isn't she even a little mad that he was claiming her and having her claim him without her knowing what was really going on? Even if she likes that he wants a lifetime with her, she's been tricked and treated so badly before that it seems odd that she'd let yet another trick go unnoticed. I dunno, but overall a very interesting and complex story.

Author's Response: Thank you, Sarai! Glad you're enjoying this. And I'm glad to think Severus is pretty much in character. I worry about that Severus will propose after The Five-Year Anniversary of Voldemort's Defeat once he has given her the ring, he will claim her for the final time. That's his plan anyway. Tricia is not angry because she is assuming as this is a pure-blood custom, she was simply unaware of, and doesn't want to point out to him that she's not up on the particulars of "Wizarding Society". But she knows now, and she has claimed him of her own free will. It hasn't crossed her mind that he has tried to trick her into a claiming. We tend to judge people by what we would do in a certain circumstance. That could be a big mistake for them both.

aramintasnape 2005.02.06 - 11:45AM 15: Define Normal Signed
Finally got time to read this! Great, as always! I wonder how things will develop now that Tricia knows about the claiming?? And now that half of it is complete! The part about Remus describing his schooldays and nightmares was very moving. Looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you, Araminta! I'm so glad you liked it. About Tricia and the 'claiming'... a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. ;-D I'm happy you liked the part about Remus. I think it would haunt him as well as Severus. Next chapter is over half-way through!

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