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Reviews for A Right Bastard

aramintasnape 2005.02.28 - 03:40PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
Oh no! What a horrible mess! I can't believe it turned out like that and the claiming rebounded on them! Poor Severus, his one 'perfect day' had to be ruined! I'm not surprised you cried while writing this chapter - I was nearly crying by the time I'd finished it! And where has poor Tricia gone? Please update soon and let them sort things out *begs*

Author's Response: Thanks, araminta! It is a horrible mess. We'll catch up with Tricia on the next chapter and see how she's doing. You don't have to beg, I'm already working on the next chapter because I can't leave it like this. I'm too depressed!

Apothecaria 2005.02.28 - 03:30PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
He was so smug, I was expecting him to get his comeuppance in some way, but I didn't expect an unmitigated disaster. It's pretty I/C for him, though, because he's such emotionally damaged person. I'll be waiting with bated breath to see how he'll make up for this--assuming he can.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Apothecaria! Sometimes the only way a wound can truly heal is to reopen it. I'll always assume he can make up for it. He's got three things working for him: Tricia is forgiving. Tricia really loved him (and I don't think she stopped just because he was a complete and total jackass) and he's a Slytherin. :-)

potionmistress60 2005.02.28 - 03:23PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
Aaaaaah! How could you!?!?! You are my friend!!!! I'm taking Miss Rowling's toys and going home 'cause you are not playing nice at all! (Kissing Severus doll on the head...'yessss my preciousss, potionmistress will give you a happy storyline. Shall I get out Tonks or Rosmerta for you?') LOL!!! No wonder you cried, Lisa. That was simply evil of you. It's also an execeptionally evil cliffie. I'm hoping for some really terrific make-up sex. There will be make-up sex...won't there??? Please say yes! Please, Lisa, please? Seriously, that was quite the chapter and I loved it. I was a bit taken by surprise. It sounded like a Spock proposal. Logical. Ha! I liked the description of the binding magic and its counter. Cool!

Author's Response: Thank you, Deb! And how can you take Ms. Rowling's toys away from me! They're not really battered, just a little dirty! :-) Okay, perhaps a Severus doll is a little battered. I promise you, when I get back together (eventually) there will be makeup sex. There will be a lot of makeup sex! Logic should never come near a proposal, it's a shame we couldn't tell Severus that before.

Sniv 2005.02.28 - 01:47PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
LOL @ Albus! --All I asked for, Severus thought angrily, is for one bloody day in my life to be perfect.-- Aww poor Snpae! --If he attempted to Stupefy her now, it was highly probable she would fall and hit her head before he could reach her.-- Of course! LOL thats so Snape! --“Pa-, Tricia,"-- Ah yes great thing to have Snape say that! *sniff* You better do something to make up for this LariLee!!! Im crushed...*tries to make you feel bad so you will update soon* Its very beautiful written but omg this is so so sad! It started out so well - why whyyyy *sobs* Ahem ok Id better stop before I get carried away lol (Ive tried that in Grainne's story!) So ahem...You have to update soon mate *says this in a demanding voice* But dont forget the "For Your..." on Ash! ;-) Go you!

Author's Response: Thank you, Sniv! I will work hard to make this up to you. I promise you I will not forget For Your Pleasure! I'm glad you found so much to like -- and threaten me over! :-)

countrymouse 2005.02.28 - 12:02PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
Oh Dear.

I knew things were just going too well, too sweetly, too beautifully, to last. "The course of true love never did run smooth", indeed!

Pity Severus didn't "really" follow Dumbledore's advice! He spoke his "surface" feelings---what he tells himself every day that he is feeling---his "shield" feelings----but he didn't dig deep and share the "REAL" feelings in his heart---the ones that would have ripped his soul open and bare to her. Even with his feelings for her, he apparently doesn't trust her enough yet to trust her with that, or to trust himself giving her that. Wanted to make sure she was "safely his" first before opening himself up to be vulnerable, was he? BACKFIRED!!!

I will now have to re-read your entire story to see what backgound you've given Severus here---I can't remember if in your story Severus' father was mentioned as being abusive to Severus' mother and himself or not (I read so much fanfic, they all get mixed up together). But, if you did, (or if that just hasn't been brought up yet), I want to just hit Severus over the head for not saying to her at some point something to the effect that the last time he told anyone he loved them it was to his battered mother as she lay dying in his arms and he was begging her not to die and leave him---something like that to help Tricia see that Severus is every bit as damaged, and every bit as much in need of having his demons exorcised and his past wounds healed, as she is.

How on earth will you pull this fat out of the fire? A desperate search all over the US for Tricia, to beg her to forgive him? An attack on Tricia that Severus saves her from? Oh, I do so hope you've already got the next chapter laid out and waiting for us! Please hurry!

Love your story! Feed those bunnies! Tell them I have 3 crock-pots waiting for rabbit stew if they don't get to work FAST!

Love, Countrymouse

Author's Response: Thank you so much, countrymouse!

I don't think Severus understood Dumbledore's advice. Nor does he understand what he feels. I'll have to delve into that more in the next two chapters.

There will be time for Severus to confess things to her later on. And to explain himself and hopefully throw himself on her mercy, kiss her feet, and beg forgiveness. Okay, those probably won't happen but even I can hope!

I promise the resolution should be something that hasn't been seen before... or if it's been done before, I haven't read it.

The plot bunnies are afraid!

Thank you again!

Yabo 2005.02.28 - 10:32AM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
I think it's great. It's refreshing to see something more true to life. Just as long as they get back together of course. =) I love this pairing, they are great together. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you, Yabo! I'm so glad you're enjoying this and they will be back together... eventually. I promise.

Melpomene Erato 2005.02.28 - 09:44AM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
Well, I can't say you didn't warn us... but YOU MUST FIX THIS RIGHT AWAY! Obliviate her if you have to!

Author's Response: Thank you, Melpomene! It will be fixed, but not right away. And you can't Obliviate someone if you can't find them. But I will fix it!

MoreThanSirius 2005.02.28 - 09:23AM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
OH, nooooo!!! He didn't... She couldn't... (sobs incoherently. Stomps about looking for evil, angsty plot bunny. Must make him pay. Now what did I do with that recipe for rabbit stew?)

Author's Response: Thank you, MoreThanSirius! You will not find the plot bunny, he ran off with the Hells Angels (pity them). I know the quickest way to make a rabbit stew is to tell him he looks fat and that his wife is cheating on him. :-) I needed a joke, sorry.

sophierom 2005.02.28 - 08:27AM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
Oh wow. Oh wow. That's all I can say. Poor Tricia. Poor Severus. Poor everybody. Poor me, because I have to wait for an update now! You're an evil woman, do you know that? :-) Great chapter. Very moving. I'm curious to see how this will be resolved. Given Tricia's past experience with abuse ... it seems as if Severus is right: how can she forgive him?

Author's Response: Thank you, Sophie. I will hang my head in shame, knowing I am an evil woman with evil plot bunnies. It will be resolved, I can promise that. And I can't say anything else. I'll get back to writing now so everyone doesn't have to suffer for long.

looneyluna 2005.02.28 - 06:49AM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
Just let me say that I'm not a patient reader or writer for that matter. I always feel like angst is manufactured. There are some stories where authors force angst on the reader and the reader feels as though they woken up with dirty socks in their mouth. (Actually, I'm just now waking up, and I haven't brushed my teeth yet.) Even though you hinted at what was coming next, I never saw it coming with such a vivid intesity. Severus approaching the proposal with such calculated logic was spot on. Trisha's tragic past was indeed tragic. So young. Her life ruined by youthful motivations. I had forgotten about the portkey to his quarters. She's pissed. You did an excellent job with this transition in the story. Is this the point that you were talking about where the story is only half way done? (Please say no. I'm praying for a quick, Brady-Bunch resolution.) Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you, looneyluna! Where to start? The story is about halfway done. The resolution for this arc will not be quick, but hopefully, it will be satisfying. And she is beyond pissed; she is heartbroken.

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