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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Pigwidgeon 2005.03.08 - 08:43AM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
We love you, Lisa :) Heh heh, loved the exchange between Septimus and the other portrait. Severus gets his snarkiness and sharp tongue honestly, doesn't he? Wow, Montgomery? Is Tricia mad? Ok, never mind that she's probably not capable of much coherant thought right now. After much discussion among the students of all four Houses, a search began to either convince Patricia Meadows to return to Hogwarts (and to Severus Snapeís bed) or to find him another girlfriend. Several Seventh Year girls decided that the latter would be a better use of their time than the former. *snicker* I can hardly wait to see how you unravel this one!

Author's Response: Thank you, Pigwidgeon! Yes, I think snarky is the Snape family value. Trust me, it will unravel... or knit itself into a nice little package. I'm so glad you're enjoying this! I shall kiss a bunny!

SPK 2005.03.08 - 12:17AM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
Another great chapter! I love how everyone's scheming. I think this is the first time I've ever found myself liking Draco Malfoy. Severus and Tricia have got to get back together soon! S. K.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, SK! I'm so glad I could get you like Draco. I can promise you Severus and Tricia will probably get back together. Soon? I can't tell. This next chapter keeps wanting to get longer and longer (bad chapter!). :-)

snapesgal 2005.03.07 - 11:12PM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
Excellent..MORE MORE MORE>..

Author's Response: Thank you, snapesgal! I'm working on the next chapter (four pages out of the 15 average).

Mariana 2005.03.07 - 08:48PM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
Well, I certainly enjoyed this chapter. They're both dealing with it by not dealing with it. And everyone does that at some point. I liked the way this chapter was set up, specifically letting Some of the other characters take the lead for a while. Obviously, these two can't be left alone too long, or they muck things up. Great, of course!

Author's Response: Thank you, Mariana! I was worried that putting some of the minor characters forward might offend some people. But I did love the portraits, they were so much fun to write! I'm so glad you're enjoying this, it makes my day to hear it!

looneyluna 2005.03.07 - 07:21PM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
I haven't reading it yet, but I had to start writing the review now. Oh! That sneaky little Draco! Wants someone to write his family history. Sure! Uh uh! I was kind wondering how you were going to manuever Severus and Trish back together. LOVE the protraits in Dumbledore's office! Especially Septimus' comment on Trish's attributes! LMAO! OMG! Just got to the part with Beau and the dueling club....excellent development. Oh My Lord! The two schemers are together. This is going to be good. Yes, the impatient side of me that wants a BradyBunch quick resolution is panting. But I'm loving the way you weave so many elements together for a simple little thing like love.

Author's Response: Thank you, looneyluna! Draco is a Slytherin, therefore he must be sneaky. It's like a House requirement. I'm so glad you liked the portraits because I really enjoyed writing them. The resolution may not be quick, but I hope it's satisfying. Thank you so much!

Apothecaria 2005.03.07 - 07:10PM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
So the scheming has started, and the suspense continues. It makes sense that you didn't reconcile them in this chapter. They're both too stubborn to easily let by-gones be by-gones.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Apothecaria! They both have a lot to get over before they kiss and make up (and hopefully do more). But they're on their way. :-)

EllieK 2005.03.07 - 06:24PM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
Squeeeeeeeee! I'm so glad it posted! Thank you for dedicating this chapter to me. It made a lovely present! The explaination about the 13th floor really struck me as perfect!

It is so true that loss of a lover is similar to losing a loved one to death. People go through the smae stages of greif. Tricia is in the "denial" phase, I believe. Severus was a true Slytherin to the core in this chapter, but I am started to feel his inner anguish. I'm still mad at him for being such a dolt, though.

The whole scene in Dumbledore's office with the portraits was priceless. Absolutely, fab! I can't wait for more! Love you, Lisa! Keep up the magnificent work!

Author's Response: Thank you, Ellie! I hope your birthday was super!

If you want to slap Severus for being a dolt, I understand. He was remarkably stupid in misunderstanding.

And I'm so glad you like the portraits! I enjoyed writing them. Love you too, and I'll try to keep up the good work. :-)

Grainne 2005.03.07 - 04:59PM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
Pure pleasure, LariLee. It is fine with me that they aren't back together yet, because I get to sit back and enjoy all of the lovely plot twists and turns you excel at, and I get to contemplate the horrible things that are going to happen to Mr. Montgomery (right?) and the fantastic make-up se...sessions...that Severus and Tricia must (surely?) engage in. My favorite parts of this chapter were your parallel heartbroken-in-bed bed scenes and Dumbledore's little chat with the portraits. Points to you for using cockney rhyming slang! And this paragraph is priceless: ***Snape had determined a long time ago, one of the easiest ways to alleviate pain was to spread it around. He wasnít sleeping well. His slumber was interrupted continually by dreams featuring an erotic Tricia, a terrified Tricia, or a Tricia with someone else. Waking up was even worse. Too many mornings he had awakened to find himself clutching his pillow and murmuring his unending love to it while he ached with need.***

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Grainne! You're definitely right about the make-up... sessions. :-) I've always found it amazing how people can have different perceptions of the same event. I'm just so happy you're enjoying it!

Melpomene Erato 2005.03.07 - 04:46PM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
atta boy, Snape!

Author's Response: He's definitely rallying the troops! Thanks, Melpomene!

sophierom 2005.03.07 - 04:03PM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
Yeah! Another chapter. I love the contrast between Montgomery, whose scheming is motivated by ambition, and Severus, whose scheming has been motivated by love, even if he wouldn't call it that. Great chapter. Looking forward to more. Best, Sophie

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sophie! I'm convinced Montgomery would be a Slytherin if Americans used the House system. But he's not a Potions master.

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