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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Trickie Woo 2005.03.22 - 02:14AM 20: Operation: Destiny Signed
I've been reading Pink's reviews again, he sure reminds me of a friend of mine in Florida. I guess my husband and i were mistaken when we though the guy was one of a kind.

Author's Response: In all this time I thought pink was unique. I'm going to have to ask for my money back. :-)

Trickie Woo 2005.03.21 - 11:41PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
I'd congratulate Snape and the rest of the Hogwarts staff for his good qualities. Bisexuality seems to me to be promiscuous and dangerous behavior that would have been learned by observing Lucius. Monogamus heterosexual and homosexual behavior must have been foreign to Draco. Let's just hope he practices safe sex.

Author's Response: Draco is definitely promiscuous, though I'm not sure he would be any less promiscuous if he were either heterosexual or homosexual. And there's no proof that Lucius was ever promiscuous. :-) I've often wondered what wizards do for safe sex or if it's a problem in the Wizarding world. In another story I have one Ashwinder, I produced a potion that prevents disease and pregnancy. Perhaps I should bring it over here. :-)

Trickie Woo 2005.03.21 - 11:32PM 20: Operation: Destiny Signed
I read this Sat. night and I was having so much trouble focusing my eyes be cause the print was so small I had to wait until now to post a review. I contacted Syncophant Hex and found out how to enlarge the print. Obviously I've been reading too much fanfic lately. Anyway I'm on pins and needles now waiting for the next chapter to see the outcome of Operation Destiny and see how you will get them back together. Please update ASAP.

Author's Response: Thank you, Trickie Woo! I'm glad you found out how to enlarge the print and there is no such thing as too much fanfiction. :-) I'm about a third of the way through the next chapter and I'm working on it tonight! They are together now, though still not together.

EllieK 2005.03.21 - 11:28PM 20: Operation: Destiny Signed
Took me long enough, didn't it? Ahhhh, the plotting and scheming; they all have a little Slytherin in them. I know Tricia misses having a little in her ;) I think you have done an excellent job of painting the slimy politicians. Montgomery hasn't a chance in Hades with Tricia.

Okay, you know that I am near death with anticipation of the reunion, but all this plotting and scheming and the introduction of Angelina is really exciting. I have been waiting to meet Angie for ages! I love how you incorporate all of your backstories into the plot progression. Is there hope for Tricia and Angie to get back together as well? I surely hope so.

I read this chapter when it posted, but I have been er...distracted? from reviewing lately ;) As always, this story and your writing are top notch, darling. I know you are busy, but I really want an update. I have chocolate cake for the plot bunnies!

Author's Response: Ellie? You're not dead! I was starting to worry. Even without Severus, Montgomery doesn't have a hope in hell with Tricia. :-)

I am writing the reunion now. But I'm so glad you picked up on Angie! I've been waiting and waiting to bring her into the plot. In order for Trish an Angie to get back together, they have to find out the truth. Because only the truth will set them free!

you've been distracted? What has been distracting you? :-) I'll always update for chocolate cake, never mind the damn bunnies.

~Lisa (who is so glad to hear from you!)

pinkcorsair 2005.03.21 - 05:10PM 20: Operation: Destiny Signed
Your right, I am frustrated. I can completely sympathize with how your Severus feels. The one he desperately needs is thousands of miles away and all he want is to have her in his arms and feel her heartbeat close to his. In short, we both need to get laid by the women of our dreams. Hopefully you will relieve his suffering before too long.

Author's Response: As long as I don't have to relieve yours. :-) Is she thousands of miles away? I rather thought she was closer. A plane ticket, a Greyhound bus, or a 14 hour car trip could alleviate your suffering. Nine weeks and counting?

pinkcorsair 2005.03.20 - 11:36PM 20: Operation: Destiny Signed
If Aubrey is really smart enough to be the brains behind Montgomery, he should dump that old fool and try to get Tricia to run for office. She could make a even better boss...........Ok, if it's going to take a while for Severus and Tricia to get back together again, I will need Lemons from someone else. Beau&Carol, Hermione&Lupin, Draco&Hagrid, Dumbledore&McGonagall two house elves in a closet, just have someone screw someone!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, pink! Tricia would never survive in the political world. I will try my best get lemons in the next chapter, I promise. But I can guarantee you that Draco/Hagrid and Dumbledore/anybody will not happen in any of my stories. Ever. :-) You sound so frustrated.

Trickie Woo 2005.03.20 - 01:26PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
I used the wrong word when I wrote parentage. I meant nurture rather than nature. Particularly with Lucius as a father, Draco never saw a monogamous heterosexual or homosexual loving relationship. I'm sure he never saw kindness,love, or unselfishness in Malfoy Manor either. They were rotten parents and the blame should be put totally on Lucius, Narcissa was a nonentity.

Author's Response: I think I understand what you're saying, Trickie Woo, but I don't see Draco's bisexuality or his non-monogamous activities as being something that should require "blame". I won't deny that I suspect the Malfoys were terrible parents (spoiling him rotten and teaching him their prejudices), but if we blame the sexuality on them, who do we congratulate for his good qualities?

aramintasnape 2005.03.20 - 12:09PM 20: Operation: Destiny Signed
Aaargh! I really hope all this plotting works and that they'll get back together in the next chapter. The part about the peach cobbler made me chuckle ;) Poor Severus!

Author's Response: Thank you, araminta! The next chapter may be marked lemon alert. :-) I'm so glad you liked the part about peach cobbler! You're the first person to mention it so you get the plot bunny of your choice! I will ship it to you. :-)

Obadiah Slope 2005.03.20 - 09:28AM 20: Operation: Destiny Signed
Fab chapter, and I think everyone's waiting impatiently for them to get back together, characters and readers included! We wouldn't want them to have an easy ride, though ;-D ... Just a question: is bollixed, as it's spelt, a word? I know of bollocks, bollocksed, etc. *Shrugs* Anyway, great chapter, and have a great day!

Author's Response: Thank you, Obadiah! I have been told all of the above spellings are correct. I don't know, :-) I might have to give up using that word. I hope your day is great also!

Trickie Woo 2005.03.20 - 12:53AM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
Snape reminds me of Scarlett O'Hara, all that plotting with Draco. Scarlett would surely be a Slytherin, remember the plot she hatched with the green drapes. I did like Bob Makcie's version of it with the curtain rod still in better than the one in the movie. I just realized who is an ultimate Slytherin, Bart Simpson! Couldn't you jest see Snape's Potions class with Bart in it. I'm really looking forward to seeing them back together. I hope you write an epilogue set in the distant future when their kids are out of Hogwarts and maybe they have grandkids. I've been thinking Patricia could teach English Comp. at Hogwarts since the teachers are always assigning essays. If they knew how to write properly with good grammar, spelling & punctuation it would make it less stressful grading papers and Snape would have more time to spend with her.

Author's Response: "Went with the Wind"... "oh, this old thing? I saw it in a window and I just couldn't resist."
I must admit, I haven't been thinking of their children being grown yet... I'm still thinking about the sequel to this one when it's finished. Can you imagine an American teaching English comp at a British boarding school? I would be strung and quartered. But Snape already mentioned that hiring someone to teach English would save them a fortune in red ink. Him especially. :-) I think Bart would be the next Dork Lard.er Dark Lord. But I bet he had a cooler tattoo!
~Lisa, who is being back the evil plot bunny who is saying "eat my shorts"

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