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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Apothecaria 2005.03.28 - 10:27AM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
This is nice; Severus learned to be humble without turning into a pile of goo. The reasons for his inability to declare love are authentically angsty. "Aberforth and his goats," tee-hee. Though do they have Speedos in the UK? I'm not sure. And I love how you returned to the whole buttons thing, as if their reconciliation means that they are going back to the beginning, making a fresh start and leaving all the pain they've inflicted upon each other behind them.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Apothecaria! I believe they do have Speedos in the UK because my Brit-picker let that pass in chapter 2 and again here. Yes, the buttons are full circle, but Tricia's a bit feistier. :-)

aramintasnape 2005.03.27 - 12:00PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Hee! They're back together! *does happy dance* And I loved 'The Battle of the Buttons', lol!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, araminta! The bunnies paused in their eating chocolate people to dance with you. I'm glad you liked it!

MoreThanSirius 2005.03.27 - 11:40AM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Awwww!! Don't they have the sweetest friends? I mean. not everyone would go to all the trouble of kidnapping and stupifying you just to get you back together with your emotionally constipated boyfriend. (Sighs in romantic contentment...)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, MoreThanSirius! That reminds me of the difference between friends and true friends. Friends listen to you while you bitch and moan about your boyfriend. True friends fake a kidnapping and lock you away together so you can reconcile. Emotionally constipated... do you mean he's full of shit? :-) I'm so glad you liked it!
~Lisa (my favorite definition of friends versus true friends is that friends help you move and true friends help you move bodies).

Vocalion 2005.03.27 - 11:24AM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Oh, and I forgot to add that I love the way you tied the Destiny books into their escape, and Snape's admission to Tricia that he had read them.

Author's Response: Thank you again, Vocalion! If you ever want to make anyone feel good, tell them you've read their works. I keep telling my friends that. :-)

Vocalion 2005.03.27 - 11:22AM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Snape was so Slytherin, yet so caring and endearing at the same time. A hard thing to balance, but you managed to pull it off. The last scene was very well done, and I enjoyed Snape's bizarre mental images designed to delay his release. I'm surprised you didn't put the goats in Speed-o's. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Vocalion! I may use goats in Speedos somewhere along the line. :-) After all, they are running around naked. I'm sure that's Aberforth's defense. I'm so glad you like this! And thank you for all that you do for me!

Sniv 2005.03.27 - 08:19AM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Lol! Yeah...I really love this chapter...

Author's Response: Thanks, Sniv! You keep me going!

Grainne 2005.03.26 - 11:15PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
LariLee, I do not begrudge you one minute you spent with the dogs or the bunnies or whatever this past week or so if what we get in the end is this fine and this much fun. I lost track of the lines I wanted to mention about a third of the way through, so forgive me if I do not quote at you...suffice it to say this is a fabulous chapter and I will never again make jokes about stupid girly shoes, because Tricia put hers to damn good use. Snape was definitely due for a rescuing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Grainne! I am just so glad you enjoyed it! Tricia's shoes got her into it in chapter 1 and now they got her out of it. :-)

Nyx 2005.03.26 - 07:44PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Whoo hoo!! Yippee! Ok I loved this chapter. I love you too Severus! (Ok I know he loves Patricia and I am more than happy with that!) Good job I am eagerly awaiting more. You have made me a bunny junkie! I do think that Albus, his twinkle, and lemon drops are all tied together. (Maybe Albus just twinkles for lemons?)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Nyx! I'm so happy you liked it and the bunnies are dancing! I think Albus smuggles drugs in those lemon drops and that explains the twinkle. :-)

sophierom 2005.03.26 - 06:20PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Yay! They're back together. But is Patricia going to be pissed when she finds out that the whole thing was a set up? I loved the exchange between Albus and Minerva. And of course I liked the bantering between Severus and Tricia when they were trying to escape. So much fun! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, sophierom! It's funny you're asking if Patricia is going to be pissed. I would think Severus would be more upset. But you will get your answers in next chapter. :-) I'm so glad you liked the banter!

Melpomene Erato 2005.03.26 - 03:32PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Ahhhhh!.... Sweet contentment...

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Melpomene! I'm glad you liked it!

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