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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Nursegirl 2005.03.29 - 02:42AM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
A friend recommended this to me to get me started reading fanfiction. I am so glad she did. Why did Tricia quit sleeping with her husband three years before their divorce? I've got quite a few more chapters to go, but I'm enjoying this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Nursegirl! Might I ask you your friend is? She'll get 10% off her next read for referring you. :-) Several things changed in Tricia's life before her divorce, and you learn more about them in later chapters. I'm glad you're enjoying this!

LordSnape 2005.03.29 - 12:50AM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
You know you love when I take you like a animal. You love nothing more than to ride your Slytherin stallion. You could never get enough of my wand.

Author's Response: Thank you, Lord Snape, but it's more of a Shetland pony than a Slytherins stallion. :-)

LordSnape 2005.03.28 - 11:11PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
I know for a fact that you weren't faking. You nearly drown me several time while I was down there. Your taste never lies.

Author's Response: Sweetie, I was throwing water at you, trying to get you the hell off of me. I thought you died!

LordSnape 2005.03.28 - 10:53PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Down stairs? Is that what you call it when I use my tongue? Your thighs might have been press tightly to my ears, but I could still hear you.

Author's Response: No, if you remember, I called that irritating. I guess it is true. Guys really can't tell when you're faking.

LordSnape 2005.03.28 - 10:29PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
My only problem is I didn't bring sufficient ear protection. Your screams durring climax are almost deafining. After six or seven of your orgasms I have a terrible ringing in my ears.

Author's Response: I must've been really loud as you were down stairs at the time. :-)
~Lisa (who is wearing her "Don't start with me, you will not win" T-shirt)

LordSnape 2005.03.28 - 10:13PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
You wish to tempt woman. Lets see how will you will be with all 9 inches of my Slytherin snake deep inside you. You will beg for release as I fill you fuller than you have ever been before.

Author's Response: That wouldn't be too difficult considering your last visit. I did pick up on some of that Viagra. Maybe it will help your... problem.

pinkcorsair 2005.03.28 - 10:04PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
No on Narcissa not getting laid? Oh come on, I really need some bad girl sex from you................Possibly on the butt-sex? YES! I wonder what wizards use for lube.

Author's Response: I'm sorry, pink, but Narcissa won't come in until the end and it has nothing to do with sex. If you are a girl, perhaps I could give you some bad girl sex, but for now...

LordSnape 2005.03.28 - 09:56PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Do not mock me woman! I could easily make you my willing slave. Maybe I should give you something to occupy that smart month of yours.

Author's Response: My pardon, LordSnape. I do not mean to mock you so easily. In fact, I wasn't trying to mock you. But I shall be up for a few more hours, if you want to drop by. :-)

LordSnape 2005.03.28 - 06:25PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
My god woman, do you know me at all. I am one of the greatest Slytherin that has ever lived. Do you really think I would be so daft as to not tell Tricia I loved her when preposing marriage? I'd say it even if I didn't believe it myself. I would also never sulk like a love sick school. I would have immediately gone after, no matter what my physical condition. I sure a nice long ride on my Slytherin love muscle and all would be forgiven.

Author's Response: LordSnape, thank you for reading my fiction. Please go look up fiction in the dictionary. Try page 394. Then looked up delusion. :-) Thanks for the review!

pinkcorsair 2005.03.28 - 05:37PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Together again at last. I so happy my boy Severus is getting laid again. I have a lot of question, though. Will he try to give her the ring again before she leaves Hogwarts? Will she go back to working for Montgomery? Will he go to DC with her to make sure Montgomery keeps his hands to himself? Are they going to figure out who the kidnapper really were? Is Narcissa going to final get out of ST Mongo's and get laid? Now that he said "I love you," will Tricia finally let him do anal?................................One part of this chapter did scare me. I was affraid he would tell her about what he did as a Death Eater. That scares me because I'm affriad I will lose all sympathy for him. If he told her he had raped and murdered innocent people, I would just want him dead or in prison for the rest of his life. Those crimes can never be forgiven. I wouldn't want him anywhere near Tricia again. Hopefully all he did was torture people for information, I can live with that.

Author's Response: Thank you, pink! It's nice that somebody's getting it. :-) I can answer only your last two questions -- no and possibly. The rest will be answered in next chapter. She did not press him on his past, taking his willingness to take veritaserum as proof that he loved her.

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