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Reviews for A Right Bastard

potionmistress60 2006.07.10 - 08:34AM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
Whew! My goodness girl, you had me on the edge of my seat! But I knew that you just couldn't dispose of Tricia so easily. Severus wouldn't allow it... nor would your faithful readers. LOL! Thanks for entertaining us with such a wonderful story. - Deb

gejsza44 2006.07.02 - 01:31PM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
I would like to thank you for that wonderful story :). I got used to Snape being sly, devious, and mischievous and I did not imagine that it might be so riveting and spellbinding to see him loving, caring and devoted. I have to admit it was a bit shocking at the beginning but I realized that, in fact, I longed to see such depiction of him and I really enjoyed it. Than you for this story, keep writing 

Aldara 2006.06.30 - 06:11PM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
Darn it, I was reading a WIP? Well, I guess I can live with it if there's going to be an update sometime soon... ;) Tricia is a great character, btw, I really like her. And your story, of course!

Aldara 2006.06.29 - 03:10PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
Ohmegosh. Now that was a turn of events. Uh-oh, Severus will have to make up for that *big* time. I've wanted to meniton that a couple of times before but forgot... You've called Dumbledore "omnipotent", which means all-powerful, a couple of times now, but I'm pretty sure what you mean is "omniscient" (all-knowing). Hope it's all right to mention that in a review...

Aldara 2006.06.28 - 01:38PM 6: Put Your Wand in the Box or the Chapter Where Plot Elements are Added--Finally Signed
Well, if it does not work, I shall simply Obliviate them and try it again. *roflol* I really like your story!

countrymouse 2006.06.20 - 08:19PM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
Dearest Larilee:

Please? Pretty please? Won't you write more of this wonderful tale? And if the problem is a recalcitrant muse, just tell her (or him, if it's a male muse--IS there such a thing as a male muse? hmmmm...) anyway---tell the muse that we, the fans, will come AFTER her (or him) if they don't immediately get off their butt and help you with whatever you need to go on with the tale! Those torch-wielding fans aren't out there for nothing! (smile)

We're pulling for you! Send us something, soon, ok? Pretty please?



Wiccan 2006.06.19 - 01:07AM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
Delightful...wonderful...fantastic (only in the most complimentary way). Really, you should feel very proud to have achieved such a wonderful story with such great new characters. I read fanfic to be entertained and take me away from the reality of my life. You have more than exceded my hopes. You gave me two whole days of living with and caring for others...even if they aren't technically live friends, I now feel as if they are. Thank you.

Wiccan 2006.06.18 - 09:47PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
Oh my gawd! I haven't even read the chapter yet but had to leave a review for the disclaimer!...I rarely laugh out loud...I also am disabled, in pain and at most look for a story to 'carry me away'. I do believe the neighbors may actually call 911 after hearing the strange noises eminating from my open windows tonight! Aw, thank you, I needed that. Peeves' limerick had me in stitches too! The story is still captivating and oh, so well written. I shall continue with great glee. May your plot bunnies continue to screw like rabbits and if I could afford it, I would send Viagra to mix in their food.

Wiccan 2006.06.18 - 01:12AM 10: A London Werewolf in America (You Know I Had to Use That as a Title Eventually) Signed
Alright, alright...I give up! I have just joined this site and like to play voyeur and read long completed stories. Your Disclaimers are more entertaining than some fics I have read and give me insight into your wicked sense of hunor. Therefore, because you seem more 'human' than some authors, I felt the need to review. Once (I don't remember which chapter), you said 'he had went'...either 'he went'..,or 'he had gone' is correct. Never 'he had went'! That is the ONLY thing I have seen in this fic that gave me a small 'stutter'... When I placed this on my browser favorites...I simply labeled it 'good'. It is a lovely story and I have throughly enjoyed it so far and look forward to the rest. I think yoiu have Snape's desire for love, his guilt and his paranoia down pat and am enjoying his machinations so very much. Wonderful story...you have entranced me.

Guinevere Greenleaf 2006.06.11 - 01:52AM 5: Who Is Lynne Fields and Why is Severus Saying Such Bad Things About Her? Signed
Enjoynig your story immensley! Are there really men out there like Severus? Not in my experience (married 20 years to a cold, unresponsive git; now divorced and alone)

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