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Reviews for A Right Bastard

looneyluna 2005.04.22 - 04:09PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
Ohhhh! Yeah baby! I'm going to reread this right now. But I wanted to be the first to review!

Author's Response: Thank you, looneyluna! I hope you still enjoy it!

ozarkmoon 2005.04.20 - 11:49PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Wow. This story was very well done and the folks seem spot-on in character. It is a pleasure to read a tale like this, with all the twists and turns before reaching a nice ending.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, ozarkmoon! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, but the ending is still a ways away! Hopefully, it will have more twists and turns!

redvelvetcanopy 2005.04.19 - 09:26AM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
Whew, thank goodness we are back to the right place in this relationship. I was becoming unstable and drinking too much. The manner in which you brought them back together was brilliant, and I think Tricia's insistence that he was under the influence played well to her insecurities and need to protect herself. Then, his ploy with the Veratiserum was just the thing to turn in around. Please post the next soon....please, please, please!

Author's Response: Thank you, rvc! Things are the way they should be! I'm sorry about your instability and drinking too much, but that's the way I write so I can't complain. :-) The next chapter is in queue so it shouldn't be too much longer and I just started writing Chapter 23. We still have a ways to go on this story!

redvelvetcanopy 2005.04.19 - 09:24AM 20: Operation: Destiny Signed
Very cool, the whole lot of them deserve the honor of being Slytherin for a day for being so sneaky.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, it definitely took a Slytherin to come up with this. :-)

redvelvetcanopy 2005.04.19 - 09:23AM 19: Alone Again, Unnaturally Signed
This is sheer torture. If that slime Montgomery gets anywhere with her, I will stop reading this, because I will decide she is a fool.

Author's Response: Keep reading, please! I can't tell you what will happen until the next chapter posts... the one I'm writing now, not the one in queue. But please stick with me, rvc!

redvelvetcanopy 2005.04.19 - 09:23AM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
Aargh! I knew there would be a wrench in the works at some point! Okay, from either side: I think Snape is being a huge dunderhead for not realizing HE IS IN LOVE WITH HER? And, she is a fool for not being happy enough with a guy who can give her multiples everytime they hook up to marry him!! Who cares about love if you have that!? Okay, I have to read on, that is all I have time to say!

Author's Response: Thank you, rvc! He was being a dunderhead and he should've just lied to her until he realized he was in love with her! But she doesn't want to marry a man who doesn't love her, because he leave her. :-) I'm glad you're still enjoying!

redvelvetcanopy 2005.04.18 - 12:46PM 17: Honor and Remembrance Signed
Even though it is angsty to think about, I love stories that delve into the first war and what happened. I thought your take on things in Hogsmeade was excellent. Poor Charlie! Percy, eh, oh well, didn't like him much anyway. I am terrible I know. Love the ball scene. I am chomping at the bit to get to the Greecey parts.

Author's Response: Thanks, rvc! I never liked Percy much either so I don't think you're terrible. :-) I'm glad you liked the ball and you may change her mind about the Greek trip. :-)

redvelvetcanopy 2005.04.17 - 04:12PM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
Okay, I read several chapters before reviewing--I am hoping you won't hate me forever for that. This continues to be fabulous and satisfying. I loved her goading the jerk into threatening her on live TV. She and Carol are a formidible pair indeed. I am so looking forward to reading more of this. I know I came in late in the game, but I love reading big stories all at once. Thank you for working with all your problems to continue to write for those of us who lack the talent ourselves. And thanks to those who helped you out when you needed it. I would love to help too, if you ever needed it. I owe you something, besides gratitude, for your talent!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, redvelvetcanopy! I am grateful for every review I get, but I don't hate anybody if they get so caught up in the story that they don't review. :-) Don't let it happen again!
you haven't come in late, I think this story is about halfway through (the bunnies keep giving me more ideas). Thank you so much for your offer of help! Knowing that somebody up there likes my story makes me very, very happy! Thank you!

Sniv 2005.04.16 - 02:53PM 21: Destiny Rules Signed
*yawns* I know you are busy mate just wanted to let you know that I'm waiting! Ahem no preassure ;)

Author's Response: Might I offer you a cup of tea while you're waiting, Sniv? :-) I think it should be ready to send to my beautiful Beta tonight.

apisa_b 2005.04.15 - 01:07PM 12: Plots, Schemes, Manipulations and Hexes or Just Another Californian Day Signed
Eventually, an Austrian master, Wolfgang Von Straussen joined in
LOL Thank you so much having my -very- small home country sending a Potions Master to the lycantrophy conference. I'm so proud, although I clearly can envision George Rumson tell von Straussen to greet all his colleagues 'down under'.....
Lisa, I can't tell how much I enjoy this story. I like the way you write. I like WHAT you write (Hail to the bunnnies, BTW). Snape is absolutely in character, your OCs are adorable. And thank you for not pairing Hermione with Ron (shudders), but with Remus. The whole claiming-thing is a great plot device.
Well just stopped midway through this great story to tell you, how much I like it. Will move on to the next chap now - thank goodness I still have a few to read .... Barbara

Author's Response: Thank you so much Barbara! I've only seen pictures of Austria, but it is such a beautiful country! I'm so glad you're enjoying this! Thank you!

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