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Reviews for A Right Bastard

niklars 2005.04.23 - 01:48AM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
I feel like I've been waiting for this chapter longer than I've been waiting for book 6!!! You are amazing...I absolutely love this story. Your vision of Snape is the one I'm in love with :). Whatever your excuses are for the long wait, they are good enough for me! Although, on a selfish note, I hope the next update doesn't take as long :). Happiness and good health to you, my dear!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, niklars! I'm just so happy you like it! I'm already working on the next chapter and I hope it doesn't take as long either! Happiness and good health... I'd settle for one or the other. Okay, good health! And I wish the same for you!

Pigwidgeon 2005.04.22 - 10:16PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
This was worth waiting for! YAAAAA! *sing-song, a-la the Weasley's* They're enganged! They're engaged! They're engaged! BTW, any particular reason you picked Dec. 20? Just curious. Beau is such a turkey, but he's a likeable turkey. He's the type you want to smack because he's so impudent, but you are laughing so hard that you can't. His entrance into Draco's room was hysterical. Tricia gets the best of Aubrey! WHOOOOHOOOO!!! *dancedancedance* Smarmy little git needed his head handed to him. The bit with the Sorting Hat -- I was laughing so hard, I had tears rolling down my face. I had to stop reading for a few moments -- so the Sorting Hat has attitude! Hee hee hee hee hee!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Pigwidgeon! December 20th is the first Saturday after the students leave for Christmas hols. That date will change. Beau is a Turkey, but you have to love him. I'm so glad you're happy about Tricia's exchange with John Aubrey. And you like the Sorting Hat! I'm so happy about that! Thank you so much!

Mariana 2005.04.22 - 09:37PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
Lovely new chapter. I'm glad Tricia is back to being feisty. And Severus is utterly adorable. And Twinkly!Dumbledore makes an appearance. I was wondering if he'd show up. Great chapter, excellent writing, and superb plot movement. You know how good you are.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Mariana! Feisty!Tricia is back with a vengeance. :-) I'm so glad you're enjoying this. And no, I have no idea how good I am. I seriously sweat over every chapter and until I start getting reviews, I'm convinced it's terrible. So your words mean a lot to me!

Stratyllis 2005.04.22 - 06:06PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
You know what's funny? I've been reading the last few chapters of this story, but I haven't actually read the first 18 chapters. So I really haven't a clue what's going on in the plot. This was a good chapter, even though I didn't know what was going on in half of it. I'd better go read the whole thing starting with chapter one.

Author's Response: That is a very unusual way to read a story, Stratyllis! It's time to go back and start from the beginning and see if you like it. :-) I hope you do.

Melpomene Erato 2005.04.22 - 06:05PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
Hmmmm... I'll let it by this time, but no more procrastination, young lady! We want updates!

Author's Response: You called me young, Melpomene! I could kiss you! Thank you!

Vocalion 2005.04.22 - 05:07PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
I love the way Tricia stands up to Aubrey and Montgomery, and the way she lays down for Severus. :-D

Author's Response: Vocalion thank you so much, Vocalion! She stood up to Severus before, but I think she prefers to lie down to him. :-)

sophierom 2005.04.22 - 04:44PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
I was smiling as I read this entire chapter ... until the very end that is. Evil Montgomery! You have my admiration for keeping Severus as Slytherin as always. And though the sorting hat decided Tricia was a Gryffindor, I'd have to say that her interaction with Aubrey showed a real Slytherin side to her! ;-D Hope you're doing well. Thanks for the update! Best, Sophie

Author's Response: Thank you, Sophie! She does have a Slytherin side to her, but she lacks the ambition that is so necessary. After all, she didn't lose her temper and began threatening him until he threatened her family. And Slytherin!Snape is just my favorite one to write. :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

phoenix 2005.04.22 - 04:37PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
It was well worth the wait. How brief the peace is. I still love the scheming politicians, they make such great villains. I'm glad that Tricia took her friends' scheming well. I also loved her go with the sorting hat. Very well done. :) I'll wait patiently for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you, Jean! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and politicians to make the best villains. :-) I've started work on the next chapter yesterday!

apisa_b 2005.04.22 - 04:35PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
So, here's the check for the drugs!
They are engaged now, wonderful. But what else will they have to endure? Be nice to your bunnies for Tricias and Severus' sake. Enjoyed this chapter very much. - Barbara

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Barbara! It will be spent on drugs. :-) I will be very nice to the bunnies because they are very nice to me (and they were quite warm this winter). There is still a ways to go on this story and more twists and turns. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

looneyluna 2005.04.22 - 04:16PM 22: With Friends Like These Signed
Firstly, I adore sneaky Snape! He rocks! He's a god! I'm so glad Beau set Draco straight. Not all Americans are stupid. They sorted her! Of course she's Gryffindor! I just love how cantankerous the Sorting Hat got. Sigh! The proposal was pure, unadulterated bliss. Gah! Why can't the bad guys just go away. I hope Severus strings them up by the balls and hexes them! Oh wait! Maybe Carol can do that? He he! Excellent chapter as always. Here's some carrots for the fabulous bunny!

Author's Response: Thank you again, looneyluna! Sneaky Snape is my specialty I think. :-) And Beau was my little voice that speaks out when I see someone in the forms complain about all American writers. If the bad guys go away, the story will be over. And you can't hex politicians (I learned that last election). The bunnies say thank you!

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