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Reviews for A Right Bastard

Grainne 2005.05.08 - 10:25PM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
"The finest campaigns of imps and wizards," eh? And what of the plottings of LariLee? I say they are fantabulous...you have a fine head for schemes and storylines. So many wonderful hints of events to come...and so many characters metaphorically rubbing their hands together and cackling, evilly or merrily as the case may be...Snape is not the only sly one on the block! My compliments to you and your bunnies, and to Karina, for the song. I think my favorite line (in an "Oh, the irony!" sort of way) was "You are a politician! Pull yourself together! You’ve got a chance to make real changes and to set policies that will keep America on top of the world."

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Grainne! I appreciate your kind words and I'm so glad you're enjoying this! It's funny you should mention that line because when I think of being on top, I think somebody's getting screwed. :-) Please pardon the crudity.

Melpomene Erato 2005.05.07 - 03:06PM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
It's good to see you writing again! Thanks for such a thick, juicy chapter full of events and information!

Author's Response: Thank you, Melpomene! I'm so glad you liked it!

looneyluna 2005.05.07 - 01:26PM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
Gah! Larilee! You've got to hurry and update soon. Of course Trish knew Severus was the architect behind her abduction! I would hate to think she didn't. Thank you so very much for creating a beautiful and intelligent OC. I LOVE her! I hate politics and politicians. Your story only confirms my conviction. Those smarmy bastards better leave Trish and Severus alone!

Author's Response: Thanks, looneyluna! I will update as soon as possible. I'm just so happy you're enjoying this, in which you believe, I'm not fond of politics either? :-)

aramintasnape 2005.05.07 - 12:50PM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
So much intrigue! Can't wait to see where all the different plot strands are going. And I love the song ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, araminta! Karina is wonderful with songs! Actually, I think she's wonderful with anything she does. I'm glad your liking this!

Sniv 2005.05.07 - 11:09AM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
Oh so the bunnies are good? That means we don't have to leave reviews? ...ok I won't.... Gah ok I can't! I have to leave a review - and who knows maybe the bunnies will so excited that they'll do a little happy dance? lol So Tricia knew about Snape's plan - hehe wonderful! Septimus muttered something about riding rough but not hearing complaints. Albus chose to ignore it. Oh so would I lol!!! The scene with Snape and Dumbledore is both funny and very touching - I like all Dumbledore's thoughts about Snape! And the insecurity Snape shows... He left a very satisfied headmaster behind. Oh Auntie Grizelda...mhm!

Author's Response: The bunnies are never that good, Sniv! I don't know if you ever heard a song by The Monkees called "Your Auntie Grizelda" but if you ever get a chance, you'll like it because it's just crazy. I'm so happy you like this! The scene with Snape and Dumbledore worried me.

sophierom 2005.05.07 - 10:10AM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
Ah, there's so much about this chapter to love. Albus as a pre-marriage counselor ... how wonderful! I continued to be worried by those evil American politicans and amused by Severus's ups and downs (poor man; who'd have thought making a relationship work would be harder than spying?). And the song ... ah, if I could have a sliver of the ability to write humor that you and Karina have, I would be a happy woman indeed! Hmm, that sentence was awkward, but hopefully you understand my meaning! ;-D

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sophie! I am worried by the evil American politicians too, they... oh, did you just mean the ones in this story? If you think Severus is having ups and downs now, just wait until the wedding decisions are being made. You know have rooms can get before their wedding and they're usually happy, emotionally healthy men. :-) the song was all Karina! I'm hoping to work more of it in in later chapters. Thank you so much!

Pigwidgeon 2005.05.07 - 08:03AM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
*“If your instincts are telling you to forbid her from taking action,” Beau shrugged, “let me know. I’d like a ringside seat to that fight.”* Bwaahaahaahaahaa!!! Indeed, wouldn't we all? The end of that scene was very powerful -- Beau *can* be serious,very serious. Okay now, I wonder what this is about a prophacy? The plot thickens even more. Oh boy, Elsbeth Riply scares me even more than Montgomery. Montgomery can be rather dense, and he's too pbvious. She's a lot trickier. I think our couple can thwart Montgomery and Aubrey with no problem (then again, oyu could have some tricks up your sleeve). But she's scarey! So glad to get my ARB fix!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Pigwidgeon! Beau has been married for 10 years. He's learned a lot. :-) I wish I could answer questions about the prophecy, but I can't. :-) Elspeth Ripley is scary and desperate. Two things that do not go together well.

macabre31 2005.05.07 - 03:14AM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
Okay, what's this about a prophecy? Did I miss something? Loved the fact that Patricia knew Severus was behind the kidnapping, but didn't let him know she knew. I'm a little worried about that potion; I really hope it doesn't work out for Montgomery. What a jerk! Okay, just wanted to say I love this story, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, macabre31! Ah, a prophecy... no, you didn't miss anything. There will be more about the prophecy that Dumbledore is trying to adhere to. He's trying to stack the deck before he leaves. I'm so glad you're enjoying this! Thank you for reviewing!

Stratyllis 2005.05.07 - 02:07AM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
This chapter was really great. It was so great that I forgot that I am stuck in Iowa. It was so great that I forgot that I am hungry. It was so great that I didn't even really notice the lack of lemons. Hmmm, what is that dude's mom up to? I hope she won't hurt Trish!

Author's Response: Poor Stratyllis! Stuck in Iowa, hungry and lemon-less! Can I get worse? Elspeth Ripley is Bradley and Beau Ripley's grandmother who raised them after the death of their parents. If she thought it would be advantageous to hurt Tricia, she would. Thank you for reviewing! And I hope you get out of Iowa and get some food soon! I'm hoping for lemons in the next chapter. :-)

Trickie Woo 2005.05.06 - 09:50PM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
I hope the pair of them flaunt their engagement in front of the SOB politician. maybe that will finally get rid of him. I have a feeling the potion they are talking about will backfire and either make her even more bonded to Snape, or Mongoery will get it by mistake when he is with Deidre. I'm much more intigued by whatever Elspeth has up her sleeve. Why would she think getting Brad into politics would restore the status of the Ripley name, politics would only besmirch it more. I enjoy the developing friendship between Snape & Beau, that is also the best way to bring carol around to seeing Snape in a better light.

Author's Response: Thank you, Trickie Woo! They won't need to flaunt. :-) and I assure you no one will get the potion by mistake. Elspeth definitely has more than her arm up her sleeve. It's a shame when politics will raise the family name. I'm glad you're enjoying this!

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