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Reviews for A Right Bastard

PlaidPooka 2005.06.07 - 09:06PM 7: The Muggliest Muggle or You Don’t Really Want to Think of Your In-Laws Having Sex Signed
Poor sod. He's head over heels in love already and he doesn't even know what it is. I almost feel sorry for him. *grin* Love the tale of her parents! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, PlaidPooka! I'm so glad you're enjoying this!

PlaidPooka 2005.06.07 - 08:34PM 6: Put Your Wand in the Box or the Chapter Where Plot Elements are Added--Finally Signed
"Well, if it does not work, I shall simply Obliviate them and try it again." What I like the best about your Severus, is that you allow him to be human and yet still deliciously Slytherin. I can't help but hope that he will kill that rotter ex of Tricia's. He Slytherin enough to do it, and clever enough to do it in such a way as to keep out of Azkaban. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, PlaidPooka! As long as he doesn't lose his temper, he should be okay. But he does have a temper and it tends to screw up things for him.

PlaidPooka 2005.06.07 - 08:03PM 5: Who Is Lynne Fields and Why is Severus Saying Such Bad Things About Her? Signed
I can't imagine that Tricia has done anything that will put Severus off for long. Hell, the girl was afraid to tell him she wrote sassy fiction, after all! Love this story, darlin'! You've managed to bring an American to Hogwarts without invoking Mary Sue! Quite an accomplishment indeed! :)

Author's Response: PlaidPooka, that is the highest praise I've had yet. Thank you so much!

PlaidPooka 2005.06.07 - 06:54PM 4: Why Southern Women Don't Drink (and Why British Men Think They Should) Signed
Tricia deffinitly is Severus' perfect Christmas gift, if the stubborn git can learn not to frighten her away! But the plot is thickening, so I must hurry to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Plaid! There are definitely enough plots constantly thickening. It's like Jell-O brand pudding. :-)

PlaidPooka 2005.06.07 - 06:16PM 3: The Chapter That is Character Heavy But Lemon Light Signed
Youe Severus is so reluctantly sweet that it makes me giggle. He's already so protective of her! :)

Author's Response: I think there's a great ability in Severus to learn to love. At least in this story. :-)

PlaidPooka 2005.06.07 - 05:57PM 2: Needed: A Plan. A Plot. A Scheme. A Ploy. A Ruse. Signed
You know, there are those in the HP fandom who think Snape would turn his nose up at a woman who is as open and honest as your Tricia, but I think you have the right of it. A woman with no artiface is a woman one can trust, and Severus has had so few people in his life he could trust like that. I think he'd be drawn in like a bee to honey if he found such a woman and she was interested in him. I also like how enchanted your Severus is that she likes him without all the extra acoutrements he has assumed he would need to find a mate. (The Order of Merlin, etc.) It's as if you have given to poor sod the perfect Christmas present, and I am enjoying it as well as he is! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, PlaidPooka! I think he would want a spouse he could trust (especially after Diane Warren) and I think that would be one of the most important things. I am so happy you're enjoying this!

PlaidPooka 2005.06.07 - 05:27PM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
I've been meaning to catch up with this story for ages! Now that I'm procrastinating finishing my own fic up, it seemed like the perfect time. *giggle* You know I'm normally a canon reader and I read very few OC fics. That said, I'm completely drawn in by your Tricia. I think your sneaky, mind-snooping Severus is rather taken with her as well. Lovely opening to what promises to be a very engaging fic! :)

Author's Response: I am so glad to see you here, PlaidPooka! But please don't tell anyone you're here or they will hurt me if you don't finish Overcome With Feeling. I hope you enjoy this and my OC does not disappoint you (or Severus). :-)

SeaIsleWitch 2005.05.31 - 10:16AM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
LariLee, I'm sorry for not reviewing the last few chapters--it's very unlike me! I actually printed them so I could read them while performing my Mommy duties! LOL! The other mothers thought I was fanning myself because of the temperature...but little did THEY know! “If that is what The Colonies can produce, than I am glad we are on friendly terms with them,” Great line! I love the portraits having a toast with Dumbledore! “I do believe this is the last one I shall deal with,” Albus concurred How sad! I think I know where this one is going...and I believe book six will be the end of Dumbledore also...sniff. It would be her legacy, Elspeth had decided, to return the Ripley family to the status it once enjoyed. She would see the flaws bred out of the line. Horrible old woman! Who does she think she is, Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter? Angelina, once known as Angie, painting under the name of Lina Oh, you've thought of everything now, haven't you? Resolving those long ago hurts...so Tricia's marriage will be truly blessed! Well done, LariLee. I just love your stories!

Author's Response: Thank you, SeaIsleWitch! It's okay if you skip a couple of reviews as long as you're enjoying it. You could've offered to share with the other mommies. :-) Dumbledore is retiring, I just could not kill him off. I like him too much, at least in this story. There are people who try very hard to be important and then there are people who just are. Those that try so hard are always going to be jealous of the other group. And you can tell where Elspeth falls in. I am so happy you're enjoying this!

Obadiah Slope 2005.05.29 - 04:53PM 23: Happy Engagement or Is That a Secret? Signed
I'm back! I've missed this story! Apologies that it's taken this long to review, but exams are fairly draining. What a nice update to come back to, though... I adore all the plot-lines that are developing, what with scheming politicians, scheming would-be politicians and a dumb-arse Brad. Enjoying this very much. Possibly the best line was: "You are a politician! Pull yourself together! You’ve got a chance to make real changes and to set policies that will keep America on top of the world." Ha! I could imagine that being said to a certain current US President. I don't know if you know of a programme called "Dead Ringers", but they'd have a field day with a line that! Loving it! All the Brits say: "Boooo!" Britannia still rules in our hearts...well,in the hearts of those deluded fellows who hop around wearing football shirts and drinking pints of larger, at any rate... I look forward to an update!

Author's Response: You're back, Obadiah! I'm so happy to hear from you again! And any resemblance between any of my dirty politicians and the current president is strictly coincidental. Yeah, right, coincidental. :-) but you know whenever anyone is on top, somebody's on the bottom getting screwed. Sorry, I could not resist.

SeaIsleWitch 2005.05.26 - 11:50PM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
How horrible! It went from bad to worse to point of no return! He does LOVE her, he just doesn't understand that it IS love he feels for her. Nobody ever loved him before...right? So he doesn't know what it is. Oh how are you going to get this resolved? They HAVE to end up together! Don't let me down now...remember the make-up sex is NOTHING compared to back-together-forever sex!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, SeaIsleWitch! Oh wow, I am just so blown away that you like this so much! And you've got it exactly! He doesn't know what love is even when he's in love because he's never felt this way before. But believe me when I say it is their Destiny. :-) I hope you enjoy the next couple of chapters as much as you have so far!

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