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Reviews for A Right Bastard

PlaidPooka 2005.06.08 - 03:40AM 18: When Good Proposals Go Bad Signed
I knew it would be bad when it came, but I dared to hope it wouldn't be this bad. I am a complete wussy you know; if I didn't trust you to fix it, I'd stop reading. Poor sod. If he has the slightest understanding of what love is, he'd know he was in the midst of it.

Author's Response: Thank you, PlaidPooka! hopefully, you believe it's worked out just fine. I hope. :-)

PlaidPooka 2005.06.08 - 03:21AM 17: Honor and Remembrance Signed
You're a kind vixen, at least. You always give me some chuckles after you make me cry! Silly Severus. I hope he doesn't get into trouble putting off until tomorrow what could be done today. Wonderful chapter, as per usual! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, PlaidPooka! I'm so happy you're still enjoying it!

PlaidPooka 2005.06.08 - 03:00AM 16: Dwelling on Dreams Signed
I've been wondering when Angie would show up. Now I only wonder if Albus was intentionally meddling when he hired his mural painter. *grin* But I also wonder if Angie even knew The Brad and Tricia were going out. It's fairly a safe bet that The Brad never mentioned to Angie that he'd just eloped with her best friend. Seems sad that Tricia blamed her, when her biggest fault was being stupid about whom she found attractive. Ah, well. I shall have to read on to get all my questions answered. That's the problem with reading such a well-written story, as each question is answered, you discover three new ones! :) Oh, and sense I'm full of new wonderings, Severus' dream and his parting thought make me wonder if nasty ole Lucius will be making an appearance in this tale, outside of Azkaban that is.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, PlaidPooka! Albus meddle? Our Albus? :-) I think by now you have your question about Angie answered. The Lucius question will have to wait. Cue ominous music.

PlaidPooka 2005.06.08 - 02:31AM 15: Define Normal Signed
I just adore your author notes! *sigh* Plot bunnies do tend to fuck like rabid weasels, don't they? I've got a particularly rabid one for a naughty little farce and I need to do something about it. If I could just get OWF tucked away. Luckily for me, this tale of yours not only is an excellent and enchanting distraction from my own work, I can count it as research with the delightful lemons you sprinkle throughout it. There is only one sour note (pun definitely intended) I fear things have been going far too well between your Severus and your delightful Tricia. I'm afraid you are about to throw some dreadful misunderstanding at them. I suppose it can't all be picket fences and happy dogs, but I can dream! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, PlaidPooka! Plot bunnies fuck like rabbits and they're all on fertility potions! The nasty little buggers.

PlaidPooka 2005.06.08 - 01:59AM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
Whoever those folks were that banded together to get your Dragonspeak, bless their hearts. A talented storyteller is a precious thing, and while I wish your hands will improve, I am thankful that, while there are caring people in the world, your voice will be heard. This story is often a bit rough for me to read. The power of popular opinion in America, and how easily it is led by the those who own the media, even to the extent of going against our constitutional rights, is the greatest shame of a country that I used to be proud of. Don't get me wrong, I love my country, but I'm not lately very proud of it. We need a few more Tricia Meadows, if you ask me! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, PlaidPooka! I had not originally intended to lampoon or lambast American politics so fully, but once I got started it became almost a character in itself. And let's face it, if Patricia Meadows were real and a Muggle, she would probably be in Guantánamo Bay. Actually, one of these days I'll probably be there myself. :-)

PlaidPooka 2005.06.08 - 01:30AM 13: Operation House-Drop Begins Signed
Feed the Plot Bunnies! :D I'm glad that Beau got the drop of Severus, though I like to think he had a bit of luck to help him. It simply will not do if Severus isn't at some point made to realize that love doesn't make one weak. Brilliant lemons, as always. *sigh* You make me feel like quite a piker. I need to brush up on my lemon writing. Hmm...perhaps some research would be appropriate... :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Plaid! Remember though, Beau was also an Olympic duelist for America in 1996. And I'm sure your fiancé would agree that research is appropriate in all matters, but most especially, in lemons. :-)

PlaidPooka 2005.06.08 - 12:50AM 12: Plots, Schemes, Manipulations and Hexes or Just Another Californian Day Signed
Hmmm...are you sure Akiko has nothing to do with a certain karaoke bar I am aquainted with? Sorry, I'm afraid I adore teasing. Severus would hate me. I'm glad to see Severus and Carol starting to get along. They have much in common, I think. I expect it's a good thing Carol got to that Andrews man before Severus did, or his temper may have clouded his Slytherin sneakiness. Great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, PlaidPooka! I really don't know any karaoke bars, if you see her there, I could use with some pain-relief potions. :-) you've made a good point about Severus in his temper. I'm so happy you've enjoyed this!

PlaidPooka 2005.06.08 - 12:19AM 11: A Kitten’s Claws are Just as Sharp Signed
I think I missed reviewing a couple chapters. I had to print them up to read over dinner and to give my eyes a break from reading on the computer. However, I shall try to make it up to tou, as I am a firm supporter against the mistreatment of plot bunnies. I believe plot bunnies should be fed often and well. Now, I still hope Severus will kill that Quidditch blighter and now I rather hope he'll kill the blighter's grandmother as well. But then, I am a bloodthirsty little thing in certain circumstances. All murderous urges aside, I believe the nastier members of the Ripley family have no idea of the danger they are courting. I love a manly, possesive, protective Snape! He is absolutely delicious! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, PlaidPooka! And it's okay to miss reviewing a couple of chapters as long as you don't make a habit of it. :-) My plot bunnies love you! I would rather he killed the Ripley family (excluding Beau, Carol and their kids, of course), but things may work out yet without murder. Maybe.

fiducia 2005.06.07 - 09:47PM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
SO Loving this story. THANK YOU for it from the bottom of my heart!

Author's Response: I am so glad to hear that, fiducia! You've made me very happy! Thank you!

PlaidPooka 2005.06.07 - 09:32PM 8: Do Peaches and Lemons Really Go Together? Signed
*Happy sigh* I still hope he kills the bastard! That family has no idea what they are getting into by dragging Severus into the fray. Not that he wouldn't have jumped in of his own accord.

Author's Response: Thanks, PlaidPooka! I think Elspeth Ripley has made a tactical error and I don't think she's used to doing that. I really hope The Brad gets what is coming to him.

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