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Reviews for A Right Bastard

hot_stuff11 2013.05.28 - 03:10PM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
I have read this story so many times and never reviewed it. Well, here is your review: I love everything about this! I love your OC; I love her fetish, and I love the way Snape treats her. A couple little things: "already", not "all ready"; "insinuated", not "insulated"; and "inarticulate", not "articulate".

YellowLove 2012.07.15 - 08:30PM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
Loved it!

Charlie_of_Slytherin 2009.07.31 - 05:37AM 7: The Muggliest Muggle or You Don’t Really Want to Think of Your In-Laws Having Sex Signed
Time to feed your muse a little! I have just "discovered" this treasure. I have read until here in the past two days, loving it so far and can't wait to see what happens next. I especially like all those little details, the political allusions, the witty telling names, chapter titles (not the usual boring titles à la "Snape under suspicion") and even your disclaimers. It's nice to learn something about the American magical world, which Rowling entirely withheld from us. You're exploiting the usual European clichés about Americans in a refreshingly new, very intelligent and ironical way. And as if that wasn't enough already, you're giving us all the lemons for free. What I meant to say with all this chatter, I'm addicted. Thanks so much for sharing your genius!

atheneblue 2009.02.21 - 03:28PM 4: Why Southern Women Don't Drink (and Why British Men Think They Should) Signed
Very witty again! Love the voice of Dumby in his head ("Would you like a lemon drop?") :D Your Latin is fine. Insofar as JKR conjugates, she does in the "I" form, so your "-o" endings are exactly right. And whatwhat, southwest Virginia!!!!

atheneblue 2009.02.21 - 02:42PM 1: So Many Buttons, So Little Time Signed
I thoroughly enjoyed "Severus Butler". Very sexy foreplay. And what a great sense of humor! Cheers!

Bonocusack 2008.08.13 - 11:39PM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
Very inventive, and very well done. Kind of leaves you hanging though. I really wanted Snape to get his six minutes with "The Brad."

Bonocusack 2008.08.13 - 07:03PM 17: Honor and Remembrance Signed
This has got to be the first story I've read that mentions Percy as a Death Eater, and frankly, that thought crossed my mind many times before the last book came out. I always expected him to be Imperiused though. Just because of his job and the fact that he let himself be followed around by his nose anyway.

Bonocusack 2008.08.13 - 06:00PM 14: A House is a Big Thing to Drop or Better Aim for the Ego Signed
William Reilly and Rumsf-on. lmao I love it, especially the bits about everything being public opinion and media outlets for sale...hm. Doesn't sound like any country I know. And bless whoever got your software (hardware?) for you. Great writing thus far, and I got almost hopeful when he got down on one knee.

Bonocusack 2008.08.12 - 11:56PM 5: Who Is Lynne Fields and Why is Severus Saying Such Bad Things About Her? Signed
I am loving this so far, especially since the minutes required to handle Bradley keep dropping. I can't wait to see what he does when he finally gets the time. Such a sweet story.

sevvy 2008.08.05 - 05:20AM 27: Amor Vincit Omnia Signed
I really loved this story - one of my 'all time favourites'. Having re-read some of it today, I suddenly realsied that I had never actually reviewed it and so have decided to rectify this! Your writing is excellent and your portrayal of Severus spot on. Well done - thanks for writing such great fic!

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