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Reviews for Fairy Tale Come True

Besina 2012.01.18 - 08:49PM 2: Part 2 Signed
One of my absolute favorites! I adore Snape's shocked response. Please consider xposting it to fanfiction.net too!

HalfordsDoll 2011.05.30 - 10:46PM 2: Part 2 Signed
Just wonderful. I enjoyed every word!

tangerine dream 2011.03.12 - 05:28PM 2: Part 2 Signed
Absolutely wonderful story!!

Herbologist 2009.11.30 - 07:59PM 2: Part 2 Signed
I really enjoyed this story, a very charming read. I thought it was hilarious how Hogwarts tried to hide from the muggles, as if some major threat was imminent.

sarahetc 2009.02.06 - 08:01AM 2: Part 2 Signed
This was very exciting! Thanks.

Lill Snape 2008.09.20 - 10:20PM 2: Part 2 Signed
Yeah, so like, June & Floris (2004) requested a sequel. It's 4 years later, any chance - hint, hint - lol. I see Severus being pestered by dreams of the beautiful lady, etc. Going to be difficult to locate his Cinderella due to that was not her period dress (and she did not leave a useful - slipper) BUT she does have a button that she made into a necklace - does she not. Also was she not a muggle university student at the time, and now she is doing her post graduate work on castles, etc. I believe Severus still goes into the muggle world to obtain certain plants for potions, they could re-meet at a structure/crumbled castle where she has been sent and he must harvest, etc. Oh well, just me being difficult in me corner, lol. I did enjoy this endeavour, thank you for sharing.

Bonocusack 2008.08.12 - 09:06PM 2: Part 2 Signed
That was great. Great writing, really original, and well done on his character. Sneaky Slytherin to the core and she even got to take a little of him with her.

Antagonist Len 2006.05.15 - 10:02AM 2: Part 2 Signed
Ooh! iiIinteresting...

villarosso 2005.08.16 - 05:41PM 2: Part 2 Signed
Very good read, very snape

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed.

mala 2005.07.25 - 06:34PM 2: Part 2 Signed
Good story, too bad it had to be over so quick though.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had quite a lot of fun writing it, really.

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