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Reviews for Un Livre des Herbes Foncées, A Dark Herbal

ggnad 2011.03.28 - 06:32AM 1: Thornapple Signed
DAMN!!!!! I want more..... Love this story....

revolsepans 2010.05.30 - 07:17PM 1: Thornapple Signed
I heard you on an oldoldold snapecast. Do you have more of this fic? Have you written other stuff? I love this! I need to know more! please....

Melpomene Erato 2010.04.09 - 01:26AM 12: Doll's Eyes Signed
Please continue!!

chrischrisay 2009.11.10 - 07:58AM 1: Thornapple Signed
Please, PLEASE update this fic. You write so beautifully, this story takes me somewhere dark and frighteningly sensual, it's so refreshing and unusual and wonderful. Please? It's the best fic I've read in such a long time and we would so love for you to update.

Masque 2007.10.11 - 06:54PM 1: Thornapple Signed
Please keep writing. I truely want to find out what happens. It is one of the most fantastic stories that I have ever read. Its interesting.

eulamay 2006.09.03 - 04:14AM 12: Doll's Eyes Anonymous
One of the most well written fanfics I've ever read. Please...please continue? I'm sorry, I'm trying to restrain myself but you simply must continue writing this. No pressure. Please??

pudella 2006.08.29 - 11:02PM 12: Doll's Eyes Signed
Wow I just finished this and I wanted to say thank you thank you thank. I hope and pray there will be another update one day! The darkness of this story is amazing. I really want to know what is going on, I have some theories but there's no way for me to know for certain! PLEASE continue this someday?!?!

pudella 2006.08.29 - 08:23PM 9: Wormwood Signed
I never knew about the absinthe preparation, that was very interesting to learn about.

pudella 2006.08.29 - 08:26AM 5: Bloodroot Signed
After the way Severus treated her in the last chapter (his invasion of her personal space was such a control trip!), I was starting to become more inclined towards a Remus/Davina ship. However, when she pulled out the green and silver robes (the Slytherin colors), I took that as a sign to tough it out for her and Severus. I'd prefer though that she have a healthy relationship, rather than one which causes her to have ill side-effects (despite how magnetic it is).

pudella 2006.08.29 - 07:43AM 3: Vervain Signed
You write the description of scenes and imagery beautifully. I could really imagine the details of Hogwarts. Davina certainly enjoys her spirits and I expect her to be sharing some with Severus in a later chapter.

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