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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Button 2004.10.19 - 04:27AM 5: Chapter 4: Silence Speaks Anonymous
Still loving this story. And the version of that line you chose for the poem is fine, one of the accepted renderings (writing my dissertation on Byron. Grrr.)

Author's Response: One of the accepted renderings? Oi. Thanks for easing my mind tho, and thanks for reading and reviewing!

Gina Potter 2004.10.18 - 04:40PM 5: Chapter 4: Silence Speaks Anonymous
I don't know if I feel sorry for Snape or if I get annoyed with him. I do know that I'm really sorry for Autumn, it must be hard to be in love with a man can't put his past behind him. But I understand him, when somone you love die something inside you dies too, and it's hard to accept that life goes on.

Author's Response: I stay annoyed with him, personally. I want to shake some sense into that greasy head of his. I'm glad he's multi-dimensional enough that your opinion of him keeps shifting. Thanks for the review!

Jessica 2004.10.17 - 09:53PM 5: Chapter 4: Silence Speaks Anonymous
I love how you update so often and so quickly!! This is especially nice because your writing is so wonderful and we are never left hanging!

Author's Response: lol. Just goes to show I don't have a life, huh?

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


Jessica 2004.10.17 - 02:25PM 4: Chapter 3: Questions of the Heart Anonymous
Marvellous - an update!!! And a really good one too - I love the tarot - and poor Snape!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing.


LariLee 2004.10.17 - 06:26AM 4: Chapter 3: Questions of the Heart Anonymous
Excellence, again. I should have read this chapter before leaving my other comment. After reading your detailed chart from the prequel, I should have realized how well you would know the Tarot. ~Lisa

Author's Response: And another one I really should have commented on. I'm glad you found the tarot believable-- I was so totally winging it on that one. I am an astrologer and have been studying astrology for ten years now, so that came very easily and naturally for me, but the tarot was from a book and a website. Took me hours to decide on the spread and figure out how to interpret it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


LariLee 2004.10.17 - 06:14AM 3: Chapter 2-- The Celtic Cross Anonymous
Luckily it wasn't "The Tower". Death is actually a good card. Every time a bad relationship ended for me, Death appeared in my reading. Of course, Rebirth follows. Rather like the phoenix rising from ashes. Oh, sorry. Small tangent. I should get another Tarot deck soon. You've reminded me in your compelling story, just how much I enjoy the Tarot. Almost as much as I love this story. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Funny you should mention the Tower. In my original layout, I had the Tower as one of the cards. I've forgotten which one, but it was there. I decided I wanted to take a less sinister direction with this story. I spent a LOT of time thinking about the Tarot layout, actually. Several hours. Thanks for the reviews, and if you have comments on the reading, I'd love to hear them. Tarot isn't my strongest point.

Floris 2004.10.12 - 01:50AM 3: Chapter 2-- The Celtic Cross Anonymous
Drat that Willow for interrupting them! And I'm surprised at Willow and Ginny for thinking that giving Severus -of all people- a reading in PUBLIC (if at all) was a good idea.

Author's Response: Oh, trust me, Ginny didn't think it was a good idea at all. When I get the next chapter up, you'll see that. Willow, on the other hand, is extraordinarily oblivious, and she really and truly is not afraid of Severus. And, in all fairness, neither Willow nor Autumn knows what he is capable of. He's much more ammenable to MANY things around Autumn, thuogh I haven't figured out why. He won't tell me :(

EllieK 2004.10.11 - 10:55PM 3: Chapter 2-- The Celtic Cross Signed
Oh, my! Are you going to make me cry again?

Author's Response: I'm sure I can manage that :) It's always been one of my specialties.

Jessica 2004.10.11 - 07:47PM 3: Chapter 2-- The Celtic Cross Anonymous
The few times I have had the tarot done for me, I was told that the death card didn't necessarily mean death it simply meant "change" (or the death of a direction your life is taking), and that a great deal depends on whether the cards are right side up or upside down.

Author's Response: Very good observation. No worries, though, to everyone who is concerned. The next chapter will have the interpretation.

Gina Potter 2004.10.11 - 07:08PM 3: Chapter 2-- The Celtic Cross Anonymous
Great! Another update. What is the meaning of the tarot reading; I didn't understand. I was so happy to see Severus and Autumn together and also to be able to see some interaction between him and Ginny. But please, please, please don't kill him! I'm really enjoying this story and it would be so painful to everyone if he died. And he deserves a chance to be happy.

Author's Response: Patience, m'dear. Patience. All will be revealed in time... *pulls a Trelawney*

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