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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

LariLee 2004.10.21 - 12:41AM 7: Chapter 6:To Set the Soul Free Signed
This was one of the most deeply moving things I've read on dealing with grief and death. I'm awed by the truth of the words. ~Lisa

Author's Response: I'm glad you appreciated it. I have a real problem with glossing over the worst parts of life-- one cannot experience the highs of ecstasy until one his plunged to the depths of despair. It's very much like Plato's Allegory of the Cave-- if one never saw the distorted shadows on the wall, one would never appreciate the beauty of reality, and, having seen the beauty of a brilliant truth, one can never again find joy in distorted shadows.

Believe it or not, I'm setting him up for happiness.

EllieK 2004.10.20 - 10:09PM 7: Chapter 6:To Set the Soul Free Signed
Beautiful job. I think I need a tissue.

Author's Response: *pats self on back*

I tend to think I've done well if I can make people laugh, cry, and want to throw something in frustration before they finish reading something I've written. Don't worry, the mood will lighten. ;)

Jessica 2004.10.20 - 09:29PM 7: Chapter 6:To Set the Soul Free Anonymous
Willow really is marvellous isn't she? Can't wait for the next update!!

Author's Response: I don't know. She gets on my nerves sometimes. I don't see why everyone wants her and Remus to get together.

EllieK 2004.10.20 - 01:31AM 6: Chapter 5: Sifting Through the Past Signed
I don't know why, but for some reason I am a little angry with Aislinn. Poor Severus...I hope things improve for him, just a smidge of course.

Author's Response: You're supposed to be a bit angry with Aislinn. She was a coward of the first order. I spent Bittersweet and Still Waters painting her in a very positive light, but no one is ever quite that perfect. Reality bites. Hard.

annie 2004.10.19 - 10:52PM 1: Prologue: Renascence Anonymous
yay yay yay. and the story goes on! i get that happy feeling inside when i read these. hahaha.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing.


Jessica 2004.10.19 - 10:51PM 6: Chapter 5: Sifting Through the Past Anonymous

Author's Response: *offers kleenex*

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


gigi 2004.10.19 - 10:45PM 3: Chapter 2-- The Celtic Cross Anonymous
how do you come up with this stuff? 'the ten of cups, reversed'??? it's bloody brilliant!!!! wow...i sounded a tad bit english there...scary. haha. keep up the good work!

Author's Response: a lot of research ;)

Actually, I have a lot of useless knowledge tucked into my mind and fanfic gives me a place to put it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


annie 2004.10.19 - 10:42PM 2: Chapter 1: A Prison of His Own Making Anonymous
this is the best snape fanfic i've read in a long time. i love bittersweet. it was so great! i can't wait for snape to confront the golden trio again...especially the weasleys. i hope you keep on going! this fic is the best!!!! update update update! haha.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing.


LariLee 2004.10.19 - 07:21PM 6: Chapter 5: Sifting Through the Past Signed
You are still amazing me with the depth of characters. Grief is a multi-stage process. Thank you for not glossing over it. I think you are truly in Severus' head on this. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thank you. Another review I should have responded to two months ago.

I really did feel that I was walking a fine line between angst and a natural and expected reaction. I was trying very hard not to let it get too maudlin, but at the same time, I did want to do it justice.

I'm glad you think I succeeded in some measure.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


Floris 2004.10.19 - 06:27PM 6: Chapter 5: Sifting Through the Past Anonymous
Seriously, that made me cry. I keep thinking of what it would take to get through to Severus; to make him break down and get angry and cry and get it over with so he can move on but you've written him so that he's just so...*Severus* and "normal" ideas and methods just don't apply to him. I'm loving this story!

Author's Response: *agrees* I've had a really hard time breaking through, and I have to admit that the times I have, I've felt horribly sorry for him. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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