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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Gina Potter 2004.10.26 - 07:43PM 11: Chapter 10: It Rains Anonymous
Snape and Autumn are perferct! I liked this chapter a lot. I only found disturbing the scene where Hermione leans against Harry. Sorry, but the idea of them together makes my skin crawls.

Author's Response: No worries-- that was a friendly lean only. Since I personally couldn't care less what happens to the trio as far as romance goes, their little triangle doesn't make it into my fics ;)

Gina Potter 2004.10.25 - 08:46PM 9: Chapter 8: Doors That Remain Hidden Anonymous
I loved this chapter. I really love the way Snape acts around Autumn. But for the first time I found Snape's characterization OOC. He certainly isn't a fair teacher, far from it; and he always looks the other way when one of his students is the wrong one and this is so obvious that I can't believe he thinks he's being a fair teacher.

Author's Response: Hrm. Interesting. I have to say I respectfully disagree with you-- I think he's one of more 'fair' of the teachers we've seen really. The only places where I've ever truly disapproved of his treatment of the students have been his comment about Hermione's teeth in GoF and some random comments to Neville. For the most part, though, he is demanding and harsh, but not 'unfair'.

I actually added up the points that he's taken from Gryffindor, versus the ones he's given to Slytherin, vs the ones Minerva has given to Gryffindor and the ones she's taken from Slytherin, and I'd say she's the biased one.

In fact, I think that the way Dumbledore and McGonagall award points to the rule-beaking trio is ridiculous. Severus takes them away five and ten at a time, and then Minerva and Albus come along and bestow upon them fifty for not getting killed.

So, I do think that Severus is a reasonably 'fair' teacher, certainly more so than most of the teachers, and I feel that he certainly feels he's being fair whether anyone else does or not.

Thanks for the comment though, and thank you for the review!


LariLee 2004.10.25 - 12:50PM 10: Chapter 9: A Place in the Heart Anonymous
Oh! I felt so sorry for him! What a great addition to canon and yet original! And I could smack Minerva for interrupting them. And I like Minerva, really... ~Lisa

Author's Response: LOL! In a fit of impishness, I've decided to make that a theme in this particular story. ;)

Floris 2004.10.25 - 12:48PM 9: Chapter 8: Doors That Remain Hidden Anonymous
He's trying to do her chart? I'm not sure if that's a good idea or a bad idea...I like how Auntmn is leading by example.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm finally beginning to like Autumn; it helps to like the characters you're trying to set up, I've found

Jessica 2004.10.24 - 08:16PM 9: Chapter 8: Doors That Remain Hidden Anonymous
I loved the descriptions of the houses! Extremely Snapish.

Author's Response: Thank you! I enjoyed writing that scene.

LariLee 2004.10.24 - 06:38PM 9: Chapter 8: Doors That Remain Hidden Signed
I think she's learning how to handle him. :-D Very good emotion and explanations of Severus here. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you. I'm hoping she figures out how to handle him soon; I'm getting tired of them dancing on egg shells with each other. ;)

Floris 2004.10.24 - 02:06PM 8: Chapter 7: The Fruits of Hades Anonymous
From your previous comment: "It's also worth noting that he knows next to nothing about anyone else, really." I totaly see that. He's so protective of himself that maybe he assumes everybody else is like that too? Or that if he takes, he must also give? Also "I thought it might have even been an apology for Autumn, but I'm not sure." I hadn't even thought of that. I think apologizing to a lot of people might be good for Severus. It's like he needs a 12 step program and he's not even addicted to anything!

Author's Response: Regarding what he knows/doesn't know about others-- you've hit on exactly what I was going for. I think he sees himself as being respectful of others by not digging into their pasts, because he's so protective of his own.

As for twelve steps... Now that could be another fic all together ;)

LariLee 2004.10.24 - 01:11AM 8: Chapter 7: The Fruits of Hades Signed
Jen, you never fail to amaze me. I so enjoy your Lupin, he's so alive and just like I've always imagined him to be. I love it all. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad to hear that I don't have Lupin too far off base. I personally get tired of seeing him portrayed as an overly emotional, angsty wimp. Based on canon, I'd say he's the most emotionally stable character JKR has written, and he's very handy as a grounding force. Thanks for the review!

Gina Potter 2004.10.21 - 10:20AM 7: Chapter 6:To Set the Soul Free Anonymous
You are absolutelly brilliant! This chapter was touching. Severus needed to hear those things and Willow reminded me of Remus, never letting Snape sink in his own grief.

Author's Response: Thank you! I thought that he needed a good swift kick in the arse, and I didn't think Autumn was the one to do it. I think she would have just sunk with him.

Floris 2004.10.21 - 01:02AM 7: Chapter 6:To Set the Soul Free Anonymous
Owch! Willow pretty much shattered Sev's idea of reality. I'm tempted to say that missing what turned out to be an idea of a person has to hurt less than missing the actual flesh and blood embodiment, but Sev loved someone he *believed* he really knew so I don't know how much comfort that could be. But was his "I'm sorry" to Willow or to Aislinn? Hmmm... I used to think the idea of someone on their deathbed telling their spouse that they *must* remarry was weird but now I understand it. Did Aislinn not think Severus would be shattered at her death? There were a lot of things she should have told him before the end.

Author's Response: Aislinn, for all she only existed for a very short time in words, was a very complex and real and *whole* character to me, and I realized somewhere in Bittersweet that Severus barely knew her. Willow was right: Aislinn was NOT Severus' type, and I firmly believe that had she lived, it would have never worked out between them. He would have begun to find the things he loved about her irritating, for one thing. And I was really reaching for the irony, though it was a stretch; in Bittersweet, Severus tries to make Aislinn more human for Amber, thinking it would help her to believe that her sister was a person rather than a goddess to be reached only by prayer, and somewhere between that scene and this, he deified her. It's a recurring theme in his life as I see it-- not being able to see things through. Aislinn died when Severus had known her only a few months, and they'd only been 'together' for *considers* two months, give or take a week. I know that in the relationships I've been in, those first two months tend to be so giddy that I've been blind to 'reality' during them, and then the following six months are a rude wake-up call of finding out that all the things that are irritating and deciding if they're worth it. I don't think Severus loved Aislinn. He thought he did, which was an important step. She shattered his defenses in a way that few could have, but in the end, I don't think he 'loved' her. Not really. He was infatuated with her, drunk from her vitality. And, it's also worth noting that he knew next to nothing about her. It's also worth noting that he knows next to nothing about anyone else, really. As far as the apology-- I don't know who he was apologizing to. He wouldn't tell me. But he was very adamant about doing it. I thought it might have even been an apology for Autumn, but I'm not sure. He's really very close-mouthed about a lot of the things he does. *shakes head*

Author's Response: ugh. and what do I have to do to get paragraphs to divide up?

*tests html*

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