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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Gina Potter 2004.11.15 - 03:00PM 20: Chapter 19: Rats! Foiled Again Anonymous
Poor Severus! Please let Autumn cease his pain! But I don't know how Autumn could do it, you know. I know I couldn't!

Author's Response: You know, there are so many ways to take that particular review at this juncture... *eg*

There is hope, I think.

Thanks for the review!


EllieK 2004.11.15 - 04:41AM 20: Chapter 19: Rats! Foiled Again Anonymous
Oh HELL no!!! If I had only fifteen minutes with Severus, nothing short of death could keep me from shagging the blazes out of him...all the way to completion..again, and again, and again...Oh HELL no.

Author's Response: I'm so late in responding that it's kind of a moot point by now given that you've seen where I was taking that particular line... but it's more fun to torture them than it is to let them have fun ;)

Thanks for the review!


Floris 2004.11.15 - 02:56AM 20: Chapter 19: Rats! Foiled Again Anonymous
She made him stop in the middle like that? WTF? What possible difference would a few minutes more have made? And he was holding back for *her!* No one is around to interrupt my husband and I anymore, but back in the day a simultaneously shouted, "We're busy!" was all it took to make whoever it was go away. I thought Ginny was dense after the tarot experience but this beats all. And Molly? Sending her daughter up to hurry along a grown woman sleeping in her boyfriend's room? Oh, and...Good chapter:) Me likey.

Author's Response: Couple of things going on with the chapter. For one, I'm having fun being cruel and not letting them get anywhere together. Second, I visualized the interruption as being very much like a bucket of cold water. I'm posting the story simultaneously on FFnet, and sometimes I forget that I have more freedom here to go into detail, but my idea of the whole fiasco was that having Ginny Weasley standing outside the door was as much of a mood-killer for Severus as anyone could have possibly conceived of.

ANd I think Molly is extraordinarily dense at times, and more than extraordinarily intimidating. Thanks for the review!


LariLee 2004.11.14 - 06:34PM 20: Chapter 19: Rats! Foiled Again Signed
This was such a cruel chapter! Poor Severus! Poor Autumn! More lemons soon? Please? ~Lisa

Author's Response: yes, by now I think it's well established that I'm a cruel and heartless B*tch ;)

It's fun

Floris 2004.11.14 - 05:27PM 19: Chapter 18: What is Accomplished Anonymous
Good on Lupin for multi-tasking! He knew Severus wouldn't buy Harry a present so now Harry will be happy. And he knew Severus would probably never hear about the book otherwise so Sev's happy. Sneeky. Maybe he and Sev are rubbing off on eachother.

Author's Response: I think it was more the former than the latter. And I do think they're rubbing off on each other :)

LariLee 2004.11.14 - 02:07PM 19: Chapter 18: What is Accomplished Signed
I love the interactions between the characters... I especially love the birthday gift. Heck, I just plain love all of it. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing.


EllieK 2004.11.14 - 01:42PM 19: Chapter 18: What is Accomplished Anonymous
It is so wierd to see the two of them collaborating. I think you did it nicely.

Author's Response: Thank you for the comments. I'm sorry I didn't answer this review earlier... they just slip away sometimes.


Gina Potter 2004.11.13 - 09:23PM 18: Chapter 17: Picking Up Pieces Anonymous
I liked this chapter a lot! It's great to see how similar Harry and Snape are, and yet they're so different.

Author's Response: I enjoy playing with that theme, actually. And exploring how much of themselves they see in each other.

K~Marie 2004.11.13 - 07:21PM 18: Chapter 17: Picking Up Pieces Anonymous
snape and harry being nice, aw! how sweet. wonderful chapter. made me so angry at the dursleys :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing.


LariLee 2004.11.13 - 02:21PM 18: Chapter 17: Picking Up Pieces Signed
Do you get tired of me typing "wonderfully done"? Because this really is wonderfully done. I think you've really captured Snape and Harry and the Dursleys (who deserve to be captured and displayed in a zoo)... ~Lisa

Author's Response: a zoo...

evil evil evil idea you planted into my head...

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