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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Gina Potter 2004.11.20 - 08:36AM 1: Prologue: Renascence Anonymous
And I love to read your responses to my reviews! :) Well, I didn't mean to say that Snape was wrong, just that he chose the wrong moment to say that. As you said, the emotions were running high and what he said was heavy stuff. I feel the same way about Hermione (on the books) she is usually right, but she always chooses the wrong momente and the wrong way to show her opinions; and this piss me off to no end. And I would have reacted the same way as Bill and Remus (emotions, emotions...). Think about it: they both lost so much to the war, especially Remus, who lost all his friends to Voldemort. And then, in a moment they're all grieving and worrying, Severus asks that dread question. I think he probably meant to say that they should be more organized or something like that, but he gave the impression that he wanted to give up the fight and when he refused to look at them it was sort like a confirmation. But is everything really about winning? Snape made a poor choice of words, because I think it's all about fighting for what they believe is right and for the world and people they love. Oh, and I did sympathize with him at the end when he was left alone, but he wasn't a victim (none of them was). One more thing: you're totally right about me, as I'm sure I alreadey said, I'm not a Snape fan (not even close), but I'm convinced that he's a good guy. He just isn't a nice guy. And that's the reason I love your story because you write him as a hero, but with flaws (lots of them actually). Please, I usually don't write a review this long, especially when I have imense difficulty in express myself in english (I'm brazilian), so don't be mad at me for trying to explain what I meant early.

Author's Response: hehe.. No worries, dear! I argued with everyone who responded to that chapter. ;)

S.K. 2004.11.19 - 10:05PM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Anonymous
I can understand why they were upset, but I can't help thinking that they didn't judge Severus fairly. He had the courage to point out things that needed to be brought into the open and at least considered. Sometimes it's hard to be the one who says what others don't want to hear. Looking forward to more! I hope they (in particular Remus, since he and Severus have just started getting close) cool down enough to remember how much Severus risked throughout the previous stories in this series and at least listen to what he has to say. Great chapter!

Author's Response: But can you really blame anyone for doubting his allegience? I mean, he gives no indication of being loyal to anyone or anything. Of course you can say 'he's been a double agent for so long that he has to be careful what he reveals' but even there... how do you really trust the loyalty of someone who has already joined the enemy, then claimed to be on your side?

ANd he really does have all the tact of a slug.

Thanks for the review! I hope you'll enjoy the coming chapters equally.


Anrell 2004.11.19 - 07:45PM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Anonymous
Ouch ! That hurt! Poor Severus....he seems to always say the wrong things to the wrong people. What did he really mean? They did have a good question and I could see why they made the conclusion they did. The scene with Dumbledore at the end was well played out. Espically with Severus' thoughts on how each person was responded to...him being the last when all the others were gone. Wonderful chapter, thanks for the quick update...I can't wait for the next installment.

Author's Response: A bit like the sibling rivalry thing, wasn't it? "You like him better than you like me." And a bittersweet realization-- that he can always fall back on Dumbledore, but only when everyone else has gone. Would it have killed Albus to put that hand on his shoulder when the others were still there? To order Bill to sit back down, that the meeting wasn't adjourned, to say he'd like to hear what Severus had to say?

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you're enjoying.


Gina Potter 2004.11.19 - 06:33PM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Anonymous
Uau! That was a great chapter! I know Severus sometimes wants to be the voice of the reason, but he was, to say the least, insensitive. How could he say that? They are fighting for what they belive and I would have reacted the same way Bill and Remus reacted.

Author's Response: Ah, yes, they are fighting for what they believe, but what will the accomplish by throwing themselves blindly after a lost cause? There comes a time when you abandon the effort of moving the mountain and start to concentrate on how you're going to get around it. Severus is a smart man, you know, and probably (VERY LIKELY) less blinded by his passion than the others are.

And, if you want to talk insensitive... Severus took three Cruciatus Curses to save Ginny's life. He's been risking his life for years for the Order, putting himself directly in harm's way and exposed his betrayals to save the kids... Bill's reaction was pretty ingrateful if you ask me

AND, what about Remus?? Remus is the one who's been preaching unconditional friendship. Where did all that rhetoric go suddenly? He has to realize how much of an impact he's had on Severus, and even if he disagrees with him, Remus could have probably talked some sense into the man. But no... he had to go and blast Severus as well. Fine friend that is.

And, of course, I'm playing devil's advocate here. I agree with you and everyone else actually-- there was a lot going on in that chapter, and everyone was right and everyone was wrong, and the entire situation was handled badly.

Thanks for the reviews! I love seeing your reactions because you're one of my few readers who is not a Snape-phile, so you have the dissenting opinion most of the time ;)

LariLee 2004.11.19 - 03:41AM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Signed
Oh wow! To not fight would be unconscionable... It would mean basically turning Autumn over to DEs because we all know Voldemort's feelings on Muggles. Also, the prophecy says Potter or Voldemort will survive after a face-off, not the MoM or that the MoM will even be needed. Let me talk to Severus for a few minutes... Please? What an excellent dark chapter. Though Severus should also understand that his death warrant is already signed and if you're going to die, take a few of those bastards with you! Sorry Razz, you've really stirred me up with this one. Total excellence. ~Lisa

Author's Response: LOL

Thanks for your take on it. Of course, you left out a few things-- what happened to friendship? Where did Remus' 'we're all family' attitude disappear to? Is Severus' deat warrant already signed? Is Voldemort the only threat? The prophecy also says nothing about the end of the conflict, just the demise of Voldie...

Goodness! I have a lot of questions to answer, don't I?

And I'm glad I stirred you up. I enjoy doing that. ;)


Floris 2004.11.19 - 03:20AM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Anonymous
I love the turn this is taking. I could *feel* the shock and despair in that room. I can't believe they don't have enough respect for Severus's experience to a least make him articulate his thoughts further. They just assume what he means and walk out. Nice way to plan strategy.

Author's Response: In their defense, emotions were running high, and Severus didn't exactly rush to explain himself, did he? I like fallible characters. I personally think they were all fallible in this chapter. It was almost a comedy of errors.

And thank you for the review! I love to hear that I've evoked an emotional response from my readers ;)


K~Marie 2004.11.19 - 01:11AM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Anonymous
really great chapter. nice and serious. poor sev. where will he go? haha. that didn't sound lame at all...'awe poor sev'. anyway. can't wait to see what happens next!!

Author's Response: I have to say that I just love the range of responses I got to this chapter. From your 'poor Sev' to someone else's 'I'd have reacted just like Bill', I love h ow different people picked up different things.

And don't worry. You'll find out where he went. Eventually.

EllieK 2004.11.19 - 01:10AM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Anonymous
Things are taking a dark turn here, aren't they? If it isn't the known Death Eaters, then I have a an idea who it is, but I shall not write it down. Everytime I think I know where this story is headed you surprise me by inserting amazing plots. I hope Severus doesn't stay away for too long and I hope he doesn't do anything too rash while he is out and about. I loved Bill's little speech in the kitchen. Remarkable job.

Author's Response: I'd love to hear what you think will happen! Email me? dazzleberry_razz@yahoo.com just because I'm curious ;)


Jessica 2004.11.19 - 12:20AM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Anonymous
I've been away on vacation and came back - to your marvellous stories! I really missed reading them! This is definitely a chapter that left me wanting more!! By the bye, I have just read your other story, Desert Rose, and it really is excellent - in fact, I should probably head over there and leave a proper review in the right place!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! It's quite gratifying to know that you actually missed my stories. Jen

Anrell 2004.11.18 - 08:20PM 20: Chapter 19: Rats! Foiled Again Anonymous
I have just caught up with this story after reading Bittersweet. Great job of picking up where you left off. Yes, there have been quite a few "fluffy" chapters but your writing is still wonderful and each chapter gives us a little more insite to each characters personality. The only flaw (and maybe I am incorrect) is that Severus never showed any adversion to flying in the cannon books. In fact, I think it was mentioned that he played Quiditch (sp?) while in school and he was a referee in one of the books and mentioned that he was on a broom (or so I thought...like I said I could be wrong about that). Anyway, this story is unfolding quite nicely. Keep up the good work - I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Sorry I didn't reply earlier. Sometimes I don't know where my head is.

Thanks for the comments. Regarding the flying bit-- I know that some construe the flying bit as OOC for Snape, but I have to say that I did it because I needed a good excuse to have him Apparate instead of flying and that was handy. He did have a tight expression on his face after refereeing the match, and we did see the bucking broom scene in the pensieve... I could go either way in honest beliefs about his opinions on flying. As far as it being out of character, perhaps, but given the number of things I simply made up for the purpose of the story, I think that one's kind of mild. ;)

Thanks for the review!


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